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  1. NT1078

    Air ride compressor runs, no inflation?

    Hi all, This literally just occurred. Came outside to find my Envoy XL, 5.3 on the rear bump stops. Normally the rear air ride has been functioning great. When I stsrt it, the compressor runs but bags do not inflate. I have tried standing on the bumper to coax it, but no luck. Any suggestions...
  2. NT1078

    AC Compressor clutch?

    Hi all, I think the clutch on my AC compressor has gone. It was slowly rotating, producing some cold air, then would blow the #30 fuse under the hood. Each time I replaced the fuse, it would blow. Thinking the clutch is gone. Has anyone had success in replacing the clutch only? Recommended...
  3. NT1078

    TBSS Wheels are on!

    Zoowee mama what a difference appearance wise they make! Now I just need to find some GMC center caps.
  4. NT1078

    How to release air from rear air bags?

    Hi all, 2003 Envoy 5.3 XL here. I would like to drop my rear air suspension by 2". I read it's easy to do by pulling the fuse so it learns the new height, however you need to release the air first. Anyone with experience with this? I do not wish to replace the air, it works perfectly (at the...
  5. NT1078

    TBSS Wheels on my Envoy

    Hi, This might have been asked many times but I failed to see anything in Search. In the spring I will need new tires for my 2003 Envoy XL with 5.3. I have found a good price for TBSS wheels. Will I have any issues? Rubbing? Speedo? My vehicle sits at factory height with functional air...
  6. NT1078

    Doors the same?

    Hi all. Do 5 and 7 passenger Envoys have the same front and passenger doors? Thanks, Adam
  7. NT1078

    Waterpump leak? Video within

    Hi all, I believe this is a sign my waterpump is on the way out. Please review to confirm my suspicions. Thanks, Adam
  8. NT1078

    Periodic rough idle, codes within thread. Plz help!

    Hi all, I am experiencing a periodic rough idle however when given some gas it runs fine. It drives good, no loss of power however the curb idle performance varies- sometimes fine, other times quite rough. Earlier today I removed the MAF sensor to clean it and checked the air filter. I cleared...
  9. NT1078

    Bose stereo CD changer compatibility

    Hi there. My new to me Envoy has the discs stuck in the changer problem. I have tried the various suggestions to remove them with no luck. I have seen it is pòssible to swap a changer system from a donor unit. My question is does the donor also have to be a Bose unit?
  10. NT1078

    To V8 or not to V8? That is the question

    Hi all, I realize it has been ages since being on the forum, but that is because our 6cyl Envoy has been remarkably good to us. I am wondering something: My Envoy is a bit sluggish when pulling our trailer, naturally. I have a weight distribution hitch, and it does fine in a straight line, but...
  11. NT1078

    Engine fan wobble

    Hi All, Been a while since I have posted. Been lucky and my Envoy has been treating us well as of late. The past two days, however I have heard an intermittent high pitched squeak from under the hood. When observing the cooling fan, it seems to be wobbling, and I can move it by hand back and...
  12. NT1078

    Rear trunk lid compatibility

    Hi Folks Can anyone tell me whether or not the trunk lid / hatch is the same from a five passenger Envoy to a seven passenger? Thanks, Adam
  13. NT1078

    Bumpers same?

    Hi all, just wanted to confirm: Are the front bumper covers from a short wheel based Envoy the same as a seven passenger long wheel base?
  14. NT1078

    Transmission compatibility question

    Real quick question, guys: Is the transmission from a 2002 short wheel based Envoy the same as a 2003 Envoy with extended seven passenger wheel base??
  15. NT1078

    Front passenger door removal

    Hi All, My Envoy has a pretty nasty dent in the front passenger door. I have an opportunity to purchase one, exact same colour in excellent condition for far less than the cost of fixing the dent and repainting. I am wondering how difficult it is to remove the entire door. Has anyone done it? I...
  16. NT1078

    Broken Fuel tank inlet? Simplified repair idea

    Hi All, I am an avid observer and reader of this fine site, so I thought I should contribute something. Like many of you, I missed the special coverage GM offered for the famously broken fuel tank inlet which expired last year. Fuel tanks in Ontario Canada for our vehicles was dealer only with...
  17. NT1078

    Reverse to drive stalling

    Hi All, Since owning my Envoy I have had this annoying and potentially dangerous problem: I back out of my drive way. Shift from Reverse to Drive. Rev's drop, shutters and the engine dies. It will start back up again, from Park to Drive and Park to Reverse it takes off no problem, this seems to...
  18. NT1078

    Throttle Body Cleaned, now reduced power light?

    Hi All, Hopefully this is an easy one. Today I cleaned the Throttle Body on my Envoy. I disconnected the positive terminal from the battery during the entire process. Just took it for a test drive and it ran great for a few minutes, then the Reduced Engine Power lamp came on, with a Check...
  19. NT1078

    Fuel Leak, top of tank?

    Hi All, Started noticing a smell of gas over the past few days. Peeked under the truck and found the bottom of the fuel tank to be wet, dripping infrequently. So I have read there could be some recall coverage out there, but I fear my 2003 SLT 7pass. with 235,000km might be out of luck? Is there...
  20. NT1078

    Envoy Power Steering pump question

    Hi All, Something just happened today at lunch. My power steering ceases to work at lower RPM. When slowing down to turn a corner, the power steering is non existent. When the rev's are a bit higher, power steering function returns to normal. Do you think its' the pump? That is my #1 suspect...
  21. NT1078

    New to the site, quick maintenance question.

    Hi all, Just joined and I am looking forward to being a part of the community. Just picked up an 03 Envoy SLT 7pass. Really like it so far. Took care of the most annoying thing so far, rear door speakers that didn't work ;) Truck just had an oil change, trans flush and filter, diff fluids...

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