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  1. nagyiii

    Anything tricky about replacing a fender?

    Some JackHole decided it would be cool to back into my front left fender then flee the scene. I found a color matching fender for $100. How difficult is it to swap out the old with the new? Anyone near NE Ohio interested in doing it, let me know. I will compensate you or your time. I'm having...
  2. nagyiii

    Wheel Spacers

    Who's got them, and where did you get them? Why did you put them on? What vehicle are they on? Got pics?
  3. nagyiii

    I want to relocate spare to cargo area

    just as the title says, have any of you relocated the spare to the cargo area, and if so, how did you secure it?
  4. nagyiii

    swapping 16's for 17's?

    I found a good deal on wheels and tires for my 05 TB. Can I just swap the current 16" wheels and tires with the 17" ones that I found?
  5. nagyiii

    bypassing plug in for trailer lights

    Just wondering if it was possible to run new wiring for the trailer connection? Mine doesn't work correctly, never has since 2008. It has a ton of corrosion thanks to our lovely Ohio winters and road conditions. Am I able to just tie into the wires behind the current plug in, or is there some...
  6. nagyiii

    Question about changing power steering fluid and brake fluid

    I was wondering if it's ok to just suck out all I can out of the power steering fluid reservoir, and then replace with appropriate fluid, or do I need to drain the entire system? Will sucking it out of the res. cause air entrapment in the lines? Can you do brake fluid the same way or should they...
  7. nagyiii

    P0410 troubleshooting

    I hear my pump run on start up for about 30sec. I just started getting this p0410 code a week ago. should i start with the check valve as my first place to diagnose the problem?

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