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  1. redline customs

    05 envoy xl 5.3 parts interchange?

    I just bought an 05 envoy xl 5.3 4x4 for $200 because of a dead miss. Scanning it shows cyl 6 misfire and thats the only code. I have an 02 avalanche as well, and if I can't figure out whats wrong with the envoy, I'm going to scavenge whatever parts I can that will work with my avalanche, and...
  2. redline customs

    02 avalanche codes and low power

    Traded my envoy for an 02 avalanche 5.3. Had a noticable miss when I got it but wasn't too bad and wasn't consistent so im figuring basic tune up. I checked codes and has codes for all 4 O2 sensors and heater circuits, as well as knock sensor code and random multiple. Well today I pulled out and...
  3. redline customs

    02 avalanche full console to 04 avalanche jump seat

    Hey guys, I traded my 05 envoy for an 02 avalanche. My AV has the full center console with rear AC vents, but I need the jump seat. I found a guy who has an 04 av with the jump seat who is willing to trade. My question is, will they be a direct swap and he will be able to use the vents? I...
  4. redline customs

    Anyone else seafoam their intake?

    Anybody else sea foam their intake? Just did mine and can see a definite improvement in idle quality(wasn't terrible before, would just jump a little here and there). Just took it for a drive around the block so I wasnt smoking the neighbors and so I could jump the rpms up so can't comment on...
  5. redline customs

    Who has onboard air?

    I'm wanting to an onboard air system on my envoy. I picked up a 13 gallon tank from a 110 setup which compressor had gone bad. Tank seems to be rated at 150psi which is plenty. I plan on mounting that behind the rear seat and enclosing it with the wrap around console and sub box I'm building...
  6. redline customs

    05 envoy 4.2 annoying little issues.

    Got in my envoy that hasn't been started in probably a week or so. Tried to start it and it just clicked like battery was dead. Second attempt it started fine, no slow crank or anything. Drove it to the store and noticed that the oil pressure was reading 80. Was thinking sending unit, but if I'm...
  7. redline customs

    Post up your hydrodipped parts!

    I want to see what all y'all have hydrodipped in your gmt's. Haven't got to anything on my envoy yet but here is some other pieces I've done. Center caps from gear wheels, bowtie from one of my Silverados, the blue one is vinyl wrapped. Dash pieces of a 1st Gen equinox, first was candy skulls...
  8. redline customs

    05 envoy 4.2 puking oil.

    Alright, so I've been working with this envoy for a bit. Last weekend, I was driving and heard a weird noise. Pulled over and popped the hood, the water pump pulley was wobbling. O'Reilly's was about 10 miles up the road and I was in the middle of nowhere, so I decided to trek on. Made it to a...
  9. redline customs

    05 envoy rapid response vehicle

    What's up guys I'm back. Working with an 05 envoy building it into a rapid response vehicle/mobile command center for SAR operations. Just wanting to check in, get some feedback, and maybe a few suggestions on additional options. Here is what I have so far. 05 envoy 4.2. Already started working...
  10. redline customs

    Building a monster

    Sup guys, been a while since i been on. Someof you may remember me. I had an 03 tb with the 4.2. Long story short, i shattered a rod in the original motor(found about 30 pieces of the rod in the oil pan) and in the process destroyed the oil pan, rod(of course), crankshaft cradle, as well as...
  11. redline customs

    Chasing gremlins

    I've got a 4.2 I 6 03 tb. I just replaced the engine about 2k ago. I've had a few problems that got fixed(loose grounds). A few days ago, I got to work, sat for about ten mins, and the battery was dead. Didn't have anything running. Figured the batt was just bad so I went and got another. Came...
  12. redline customs

    NEED HELP Shifter stuck in park

    Alright guys, some of you know that I've just completed an engine swap when I busted a rod. After fiddling with trying to mate it up with the tranny, I found out that I had an extra locating do well. Had to pull the tranny to get it out. Well after all is said and done, I got er going. Took her...
  13. redline customs

    4.2 swap.

    Alright so here's the back story. I have an 03 trailblazer. A couple weeks ago, my motor had a bad knocking noise. It did not sound like it was coming from the bottom end. I was thinking that it was possibly the timing chain. After a few hundred miles, I developed a bad miss at idle. I also came...
  14. redline customs

    NEED HELP Bad knocking

    Alright guys mY 03 is having a bad knocking sound. I pulled code p0014(exhaust camshaft timing over advanced). Since I have had a code for my camshaft actuator solenoid I replaced that as well as a fresh oil change. Still have the noise but it goes in and out. I'm still getting the same code...
  15. redline customs

    anyway to "body drop"?

    Just wanting to know if there is anyway to body drop a tb. Just sitting here lookin at my beast and I hate seeing the frame. Is there anyway to lower the body into the frame? Or am I stuck using side skirts? This would be fine as well, but I was just thinking again. I noticed that there are...
  16. redline customs

    NEED HELP 03 sounds like its "dieseling"

    My 03 just did something weird 3 times in a row. I got in to drive home from work. Started fine, nothing out of the ordinary. Drive home(like 2 mins) shut the truck off and it sounds like it was dieseling( trying to keep running after I shut it off. At first I thought it was my amp shutting...
  17. redline customs

    NEED HELP Stalls/dies and key stuck intermittently

    My 03 has been having a few problems in the past few months. First problem that came up was the check engine light came on. Scanned it and it was one for the camshaft actuator. I have parts ordered but awaiting arrival. The next thing that came up was my wife drove it to work and it died as she...
  18. redline customs

    anybody make quad guage pods?

    Does anyone on here make a quad guage pillar that would fit an 03? If not on here then anybody know of a good quality maker? I am looking into adding trans temp, coolant temp, oil pressure, and most likely will add a dummy boost gauge. It'd be pretty cool if anybody on here makes some, and if...
  19. redline customs

    lowering question

    I'm looking to lower my 03 and I have a couple of questions. 1: Are there any adjustable coilovers for our trucks. Or really any way to achieve adjustable suspension without dropping 1500+ for bags or hydro's. 2: Failing adjustable, what are some brands you guys recommend for a 2/3 drop. I'm...
  20. redline customs

    NEED HELP Quad highs controlled by shifter.

    Alright guys, I have the quad high headlight mod done. Instead of using a diode, I opted to use a toggle switch mounted in the 4wd switch "plug" since mine is just 2wd. Due to an accident when I was younger that messed up my back, I have to lean to the right and can't drive with both hands which...
  21. redline customs

    what plug

    Hello. I have an 03 tb and I can't seem to find the hitch plug I need to plug my trailer lights in. Ive taken it to O'Reillys and had the guy look at itrand he had no clue
  22. redline customs

    street sweeper build.

    Firstly, sorry if posting in wrong area. I figured I would post a build thread and get some feedback. I have an 03 ls tb 4.2 with 168xxx. I started off with visual mods such as the underflow in the grill and windshield. Blue sparkle vinyl on the grill bowtie,debadging the rear, and some accent...
  23. redline customs

    Slow rev in park.

    What's up guys. New to gmtnation(came from trailvoy) and have a question. I have an 03 tb 4.2 2wd L's. It seems that I have a weird kind of rev limiter. When in park or neutral, it doesn't want to rev. It will rev very slowly to about 3k then just hang there. Like I said, it is very slow and not...

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