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  1. limequat

    NOT SOLVED - Fuse 28 PCM-1 blows randomly

    Here's an example. This one is the injector feed and one of the control lines.
  2. limequat

    NOT SOLVED - Fuse 28 PCM-1 blows randomly

    Lots of good info in this thread. To summarize, on PCM I Fuse 28 we have 6 coils, 6 injectors, and the PCM. The PCM draw should be in the milliamps, as well as each of the coils. The majority of the load comes from the injectors. Each injector will draw approximately 1 Amp at 100% duty...
  3. limequat

    PCM Tuning - can the thresholds be changed?

    In terms of the code is basically turning it on/off and enabling/disabling SES light
  4. limequat

    Corvette PWM Fans?

    LOL, good man! I believe it's the C6 fans that would work. No idea on size, I was thinking more about the electronics. I think the controller could feasibly work with any electric fan?
  5. limequat

    Corvette PWM Fans?

    IMHO the best fan option for GMT360s is the stock mechanical unit from 2008-2009. That said, some of us are masochists, or have swaps, or other mitigating circumstances. It just occurred to me that the P10 PCM from MY 2002-2005 could probably drive a corvette PWM Fan control module. The...
  6. limequat

    Cruise control issues (am I in the right forum?)

    Sometimes the cruise control fault codes are not enabled. It would take a tune to turn them back on. Other DTCs will not turn off cruise.
  7. limequat

    Which way is easier/cheaper?

    For the PCM, yes. But it's true that - if there is a wide discrepency between OEM ratios and the new ratios- the ABS will fault out.
  8. limequat

    LL8 Engine Test Platform Project

    I did the VATS disable, probably should have gotten those codes too. Rick if you want an update lemme know. No charge to kill those two codes.
  9. limequat

    LL8 Engine Test Platform Project

    Looking good :)
  10. limequat

    Can I get more power from my 4.2?

    Yep, follow the link below for more.
  11. limequat

    possible torque converter problems after tune

    Not hard parts, but some electrical parts are not supposed to be run at 100% duty cycle because the current can cause them to overheat and fail. For that reason when "disabling TCC PWM" I actually set the Mininimum pwm to a high value that's less than 100%. It still feels like on/off but...
  12. limequat

    YT: 4200 turbo build

    The 2002-2005 PCM looks unlike any other GM PCM. It's sealed and has 3 large connectors that are the same size. The P12 PCM has a form factor that is similar to many other PCMs. It has a blue, gray, and black connector. The black one is bigger. The E67 PCM was used in 2008 and 2009. It is...
  13. limequat

    YT: 4200 turbo build

    I'm not sure if they got MS3 working for VVT for any sprocket. But it makes sense that you could change the sprockets around for whatever is supported.
  14. limequat

    YT: 4200 turbo build

    Someone who was industrious could theoretically swap out the cam sprockets and build an external 58x reluctor wheel.
  15. limequat

    YT: 4200 turbo build

    Unfortunately there is no easy way for the E67 to control an 06-07 engine. Many people have made this mistake and had to get new engines. Besides the crank teeth, the cam teeth are different too. In fact, many of the sensors and actuators are different and would need to be switched over such...
  16. limequat

    fan clutch and ecm tune questions

    Agreed, the less backpressure the better. Conversely, the cat isn't the restriction in the system, so probably not much impact from removing it. The only thing I do for a cat delete is to remove the codes.
  17. limequat

    07 Silverado lifter or spark knock

    No problem to change the displacment on a PCM. I just copy over the values.
  18. limequat

    First time with HP Tuners, seeking advice for getting started

    This is correct. HPT just never hacked the P10 well enough to find the gear ratio or tire size calibration. The work around is to start with a PCM that already has the gear size you need.
  19. limequat

    YT: 4200 turbo build

    Hi Rick, The P12 PCM is limited in that it can only read 67 lb/min airflow and it only uses the first 11khz of the maf. The E67 can use the full range of the maf and read over 500 lb/min. The P12 spark tables only go to about 2 bar. The E67 spark table axes are calibratable -so you could...
  20. limequat

    Drag racing the GMT360 with the LL8

    13's should be quite doable. Consider the SS had 400 HP, 4:10 gears and did 14s. Couldn't agree more with @Mooseman 's recommendation to the the SS gears in 2WD. Bang-for-your-buck, this probably the single best thing you can do. IMHO, the weak spot of the 4.2 is not the rods or pistons...
  21. limequat

    Drag racing the GMT360 with the LL8

    Curious about the OP's drag racing project. A large BOF SUV is not conducive to drag racing regardless the power plant. If this is a swap, the options open up enormously. Couldn't agree more with the wise insights already posted here. For a DD, get yourself a tune, exhaust, intake and be...
  22. limequat

    Can I get more power from my 4.2?

    I was mostly joking because I'm obligated to recommend my own tune :) The only difference I make for a tow tune is to delay the activation of powertrain enrichment mode. Otherwise your fuel economy could be even worse than normal when towing. One of my old college profs made the statement...
  23. limequat

    Can I get more power from my 4.2?

    Not really the same thing, but I just pulled a ~5000 lb with an explorer for 900 miles. Many miles through mountains. The Explorer is the twin turbo V6, so power wasn't my issue. Stopping was the issue. Like OP, I was narrowly within specification. But tow ratings are largely marketing...
  24. limequat

    YT: 4200 turbo build

    I mean, not the way I would have gone but kudos to him for doing his own thing. The 05 PCM is virtually not tunable for boost. But the 08 PCM (E67) is almost as versatile as an aftermarket ECU.
  25. limequat

    Video of 7k RPM Shift {Tune Log Included}

    This is what you're supposed to be doing with your Trailblazers. A+ for OP.
  26. limequat

    swap 4.2 for 4.2 with gears

    Yup the 3.73 PCM is the way to go. 1) Speedo will be correct (this can't be correct otherwise on a 2002-2005 PCM) 2) No need for CASE Relearn
  27. limequat

    Help 05 trailblazer won't run right after engine swap

    I would guess the internal EGR vacuum line is disconnected. Between runners 3 and 4 on the intake manifold.
  28. limequat

    '06 9-7X 5.3i :: Intermittent Voltage Surge While Driving

    Chicken or the egg? Maybe the spike is caused by the PCM resetting. There's 3 or 4 power inputs to the PCM, all off of different fuses. There's also the possibility that it's internal to the PCM, or a software reset. Back to MRRSMs idea for pinging the could be that a reset is...
  29. limequat

    2002 TB 2x2 strange tranny behavior

    There's been many more successful than me! Maybe check out the facebook group for 4200 swaps, there's lots of great projects there. Of course, I'd be willing to help wherever I can.
  30. limequat

    '06 9-7X 5.3i :: Intermittent Voltage Surge While Driving

    I still believe the PCM is resetting. The PCM drives the speedo and and tach directly. It makes sense that they would start to drift back to zero and then jump back to real values.

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