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  1. limequat

    Corvette PWM Fans?

    IMHO the best fan option for GMT360s is the stock mechanical unit from 2008-2009. That said, some of us are masochists, or have swaps, or other mitigating circumstances. It just occurred to me that the P10 PCM from MY 2002-2005 could probably drive a corvette PWM Fan control module. The...
  2. limequat

    Hot Rod Garage built a turbo 4200

    You'll need Motor Trend Ondemand to watch, but Tony Angelo and Lucky Costa built a 400 HP 4200 using a junkyard 4.2, and lime-swap and emtech parts. I don't know if this link will work, but I'll try:
  3. limequat

    Theory: Atlas lubrication system is marginal

    Here's another just-for-fun thread. I'm working on a theory and would like input and anecdotes from our local denizens. First the background. After several years of abuse in my Supra, my 2006 4.2 finally gave up by spinning the #6 rod bearing. After tearing it down, I found that all rod...
  4. limequat

    Need engine: Pull from PickNPull or Buy already pulled?

    Here's a fun question I'd like to open up for debate... My Supra is upgrading from a 2006 engine (after spinning a bearing) to a 2008 or 2009. This gets me the better control system, which will make turbo life easier. I'm just about ready to get the engine, and I'd like your input on a couple...
  5. limequat

    Turbo Up-pipes now on sale!

    304 SS stainless construction. 1/2 laser cut flanges. Bolts a Holset HX40 to a stock 4200 manifold. $375 shipped. Here it is mocked up on a Vega swap:
  6. limequat

    Lime-Swap Turbo Up-pipe Prototype Complete

    We're working getting several of these produced. This is the first prototype. This will mount an internally gated Holset HX40 to your stock manifold. Mockup:
  7. limequat

    Top 4200 Dynos

    Hi All. I started a top Vortec 4200 dynos thread over on • View topic - Top Vortec 4200 Dynos Does anybody have a dyno that would like to be added to the list? Trying to round out my top ten. Rank HP User Car Link to dyno sheet 1....6...
  8. limequat

    Turbo 4200 Camaro

    Just put down 414 HP at the wheels. That's somewhere north of 500 at the crank with no internal mods. Just turbo, intercooler, and a tune. Read the whole project here: • View topic - Vortec 4200 Turbo engine swap into an IROC Z
  9. limequat

    IDing P12 Processor, anybody work at Delphi?

    I've torn down a P12 PCM and am trying to ID the processor. I think the markings include a Delphi part number. The processor has the form factor of a Freescale PPC MPCxxx series. Can anybody run Delphi numbers? Here are the markings: 185 09394824 <= Delphi Number??? k62k UQQXG0349C And...
  10. limequat

    P10 PCM Connectors

    We have a couple P12 swaps going on here. Anybody wanna sell me some P10 connectors? Stubs with about a foot of wire would be perfect...
  11. limequat

    New Header Poll

    After talking with Kooks, I have a better idea of how the pricing and gains would work out. For these headers to be profitable, I'd have to sell them for about $1000. Gains would be > 20 hp that would be proven out on the dyno. The system would replace your existing manifold dowpipe and cat...
  12. limequat

    New Trailblazer Manufacturing Underway

    Chevy Trailblazer production underway in Thailand Chevy Trailblazer production underway in Thailand Jonathon Ramsey RSS feed Posted Jun 11th 2012 11:29AM The handsome-and-not-for-us 2013 Chevrolet Trailblazer has begun driving off the lines in Thailand at the General Motors plant in Rayong...
  13. limequat

    4200 Turbo Supra

    IC pipes finally back from the powdercoater. Now to get that damn bumper back on.
  14. limequat

    2002 - 2005 Turbo Tune Now Available!

    Hey guys, this is great news! I've been talking with a couple of great guys about a turbo tune for the 2002 - 2005 Trailblazers. Until recently, this was thought to be generally impossible due to the limitations for the P10 PCM. Then, this happened: That's Jeff Wieser's Firebird with a...
  15. limequat

    Cams and other hotrod parts for the 4.2

    I guess most people aren't tracking all the cools stuff that IS available for the atlas engines. Steve Polhill makes all sorts of sweet billet products including cam cores starting around $200. Click here for more Of course I have stand alone wiring harnesses, injectors, conversion...
  16. limequat

    Interest in MY06 3" intake?

    The My06 stock intake tracts neck down to 2.5" for a reason that only some obscure GM engineers know. Most of the intake is 3". There's only a couple of aftermarket offerings and they all keep the neck so that recalibration isn't necessary. Is there any interest in a true 3" intake? I would...
  17. limequat

    LimeSwap: Reflashes, 4.2 stand alone harnesses

    LimeSwap offers reflashes to accomodate engine swaps, tire size changes, VATS disable, fan turn on temps, etc, etc for only $99. We will also trim your 4.2 powertrain harness for stand-alone swaps for $449. Home - LimeSwap

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