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  1. Me007gold

    Time to say goodbye

    Its just the way it works sometimes. Every car I've had ive been active on those specific forums, but once you move on, you move on to that new forum, learning/reading/searching, Its hard to find time to go back. If I still posted on every forum I was once active on, I would never be able ot...
  2. Me007gold

    Time to say goodbye

    No TDI GTI or GTD as they call it in other country's. If they did I would have gotten it. Really thinking about the vcds, the nice thing is is reasonibly priced, unlike a tech 2
  3. Me007gold

    Time to say goodbye

    Yep, has the heated seats, I use them every single day. The heat helps relax my back one teh way home from work.
  4. Me007gold

    Time to say goodbye

    The plaid is one of the things that helped sell me on the car, I love it, picked that over one with leather
  5. Me007gold

    Time to say goodbye

    Had a pymt, it stayed the same, its just for a bit longer now. Insurance went up by 10 bucks. So instead of spending around $200 a month in gas I'll be well under 100. Also have all maintence/service covered for the next 80k miles
  6. Me007gold

    Time to say goodbye

    Well the time has come for me to trade in the Trailblazer, just got a new house and very far from work and the 30 min drive combined with my 12/15 mpg just was not cutting it any more. So I picked this up 2013 GTI should get me around 30/35 mpg if I behave
  7. Me007gold


    I like meat, are you going to have bacon?
  8. Me007gold

    Game: Best 'fun cars' under $5000?

    No your wrong. NA is the chassis code for the 1st gen miata. NB for 2nd. NC for 3rd :tongue:
  9. Me007gold

    Game: Best 'fun cars' under $5000?

    Great cars, but very tough to find for 5K I know this is :gay: but give me an NA Miata with a turbo and a hard top
  10. Me007gold

    Help finding this part!

    Its all one piece. That part is plastic welded, and isnt seperated very easily. I think your going to have to buy a new console
  11. Me007gold

    Buying online tires need references

    Discount Tire Direct has always treated me good
  12. Me007gold

    Radio info button for Sirus Radio.

    There is still an xm tuner under the panel under the glove box. But what they are saying is, go to chanel 1 on the xmradio dial, get the radio id, and call them and ask what the problem is.
  13. Me007gold

    GMT Nation Scavenger Hunt!

    so pick one
  14. Me007gold

    Tow Mode without the button?

    There is no such thing as "tow mode" on the GMT360's, there is a chance you can turn the overdrive off with the button on the shifter, if your vehicle is equiped with that feature
  15. Me007gold

    [SOLD] MDB oil pan skid

    Looking to sell a MDB oil pan ski plate, has rear bolt protectors, its been on the truck but never "used" Location: San Antonio, TX Price $150 shipped
  16. Me007gold

    Steering wheel swap / upgrade help

    Wheel bolts up, inorder to use controls, you need to add the correct clock spring, as well as do some additional wiring
  17. Me007gold

    Putting in an order for Bilsteins, input appreciated??

    Bds will be fine
  18. Me007gold

    Metra GMOS-100 adapter, Chimes not functioning

    Is the volume turned all the way down? May sound silly, but you never know. And are you sure the 100 is the correct adaptor? I am pretty sure I am using the 04
  19. Me007gold

    Banned or Invisible TrailVoy Members- Check in and tell us why

    Still trying to actually help people?
  20. Me007gold

    Envoy Radio replacement secured?

    The radios that are unlockable with a code look very different and I belive they say "theft lock" on them Old/theft lock New/Vin lock
  21. Me007gold

    2007 Trailblazer - Rear Wiper

    that plastic clip looks like it should come off. They supply a new one with ever wiper blade, just flip it up and push down on the sides, it should slide right off
  22. Me007gold

    max tire height again.....

    What ever is equivalent to roughly 30.5"
  23. Me007gold

    Hankook Dynapro ATM

    I'm running the same tire in 265/75/16, no issues in the past year
  24. Me007gold


    You would have to find some one willing to trade the entire door panels those "inserts" are plastic welded to the door panel, same goes for the center console, the entire console would have to be traded.
  25. Me007gold

    Why are some people so cheap and lazy?

    Its not a trailblazer, its an early 90's Japaneese car. Simple wire job, but its still not the point, the harness would have been under $10. Dash kit on the other hand, I cant find a good one to save my life. They all look like shit.
  26. Me007gold

    Why are some people so cheap and lazy?

    If I could buy a RWD, Manual Transmission, Two door convertible with an available removable hard top for under $2500 it wouldn't be an issue.
  27. Me007gold

    What was your very first mod?

    It was either tint for the front windows or HID's/DRL Killer, cant remember at this point
  28. Me007gold

    Why are some people so cheap and lazy?

    need to rant for a second I was in the process of installing a new radio in my car(non trailblazer) I get the dash apart, get the old radio out and find some bozo, wired the old radio right into the harness. Why are some people so cheap and lazy, they cant spend $10 on a harness? now I have to...
  29. Me007gold

    so who still uses the old site?

    I cant even get new names "approved" My past two accounds are "banned" even though they have never been activated.

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