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  1. Me007gold

    Time to say goodbye

    Well the time has come for me to trade in the Trailblazer, just got a new house and very far from work and the 30 min drive combined with my 12/15 mpg just was not cutting it any more. So I picked this up 2013 GTI should get me around 30/35 mpg if I behave
  2. Me007gold

    [SOLD] MDB oil pan skid

    Looking to sell a MDB oil pan ski plate, has rear bolt protectors, its been on the truck but never "used" Location: San Antonio, TX Price $150 shipped
  3. Me007gold

    Why are some people so cheap and lazy?

    need to rant for a second I was in the process of installing a new radio in my car(non trailblazer) I get the dash apart, get the old radio out and find some bozo, wired the old radio right into the harness. Why are some people so cheap and lazy, they cant spend $10 on a harness? now I have to...
  4. Me007gold

    Dash Switches and console cover

    Getting rid of extra parts from my interior swap. All prices are obo 4wd selector switch $25 shipped Will combine shipping, if interested in multiple items
  5. Me007gold

    Z71 rear springs

    Z71 rear springs $65 Shipped Z71 Emblems $75 SOLD
  6. Me007gold

    [SOLD] Suspension Maxx Front End links

    Bought these from a member on trailvoy a while ago, and never got around to using them. I dont really see me using them in the future here, so Ill pass them to some one else I am thinking $50 shipped, if that seems to high just make me an offer
  7. Me007gold

    Hayden Transmission cooloer oc-1679

    Brand new in box, never used $55 Shipped
  8. Me007gold

    [SOLD] Volant Intake 06 I6

    This is just a feeler, thinking about selling my Volant Intake from my 2006 Trailblazer I6. Has about 10k miles on it, and I am thinking $150 shipped in the US
  9. Me007gold

    [SOLD] FS: Redline goods shift/ebrake boot

    Looking to sell a set of redline good boots. Black leather with silver stiching $55 shipped
  10. Me007gold

    [SOLD] TB SS cluster with blue needles and LED's

    Looking to sell an TB SS Cluster with blue needles, and white leds. Milage is just a tick under 80k. gauge lens in not included. $175 shipped USPS Priority
  11. Me007gold

    RIP Carroll Shelby

    Carroll Shelby dead at 89 Auto legend Carroll Shelby, father of Cobra, dies
  12. Me007gold

    Need a helping hand

    My radiator skid from BartonMD showed up today, however I need a hand putting this thing on(its heavy) and one around San Antonio, available for about an hour?
  13. Me007gold

    98-05 GM service manual

    Came across this a few weeks ago, and I think some of you might find it useful. Its the complete GM Service manual from 98-05 for all gm vehicles GM Service manual on DVD - Corvette Forum Enjoy!
  14. Me007gold

    Wanted: Purple Carnium Diff Guard

    Looking for a Used Purple Cranium Diff Guard for Trailblazer. If you have one for sale let me know
  15. Me007gold

    Google Search Index

    When some one is searching for something on google, dose it include forum signatures?
  16. Me007gold

    Whats the harness for?

    Harness is on the drivers side, under the panel that has the data port on it. \
  17. Me007gold

    Craftsman Standard or Metric Wrench Sets for $9.99 Free in SDtore Pick up - Sears

    Free in store pickup. Craftsman 10 pc., 6 pt. 3/8 in. Dr. Standard Socket Wrench Set Craftsman 10 pc. 6 pt. 3/8 in. Dr. Metric Socket Wrench Set Craftsman 11 pc. 6 pt. Standard 1/4...
  18. Me007gold

    Changed spark plugs today.

    Sitting at close to 80,000 miles, and along with changing my diff fluid, I decided to change my spark plugs as well. They look original and the part number is 41-981's How do these plugs look?
  19. Me007gold

    Delco 40-103 Rebate $2.00 per plug

    Just a heads up. Autozone is running a $2.00 rebate per plug on the Delco 40-103's With the rebate, it knocks the price down to about $5.00 per plug
  20. Me007gold

    Changing both diffs tommorrow

    I plan on changing the fluid in both diffs tommorrow and want to make sure I have everything I need I've got: 4qts of Mobile 1 75w90 18mm impact socket Impact wrench a bunch of extensions drain pain and a fliud transfer pump Is there anything else I need?
  21. Me007gold

    Amazing Garage

    Saw this on yahoo, and absolutely amazing garage
  22. Me007gold


    Check engine light came on today, and I pulled a p0526 which is the speed sensor circuit for the fan clutch. For about a year now, on start up I occasionally get the "jet engine" roar, but that goes away when things reach operating temps, and I cleared the code and it didnt come back. So I...
  23. Me007gold

    Oracle Lighting

    So I was watching 'the powerblock' on spiketv over the weekend, and they had an advertisement for Oracle lighting. They make projector/halo headlights. They didnt have the Trailblazer listed on their site, so I emailed them to see how much lights would be, I figured a few hundred bucks, but when...
  24. Me007gold

    Bluetooth static

    After I installed my radio, I tried out the bluetooth, and while I dont have any static on my end, the people I talk to say they have lots of static and echo. How do i eliminate the static? I know there will be some echo because the mic will pick up on the speaker. I have the microphone mounted...
  25. Me007gold

    Pioneer GEX-P920xm

    I am going to install my new headunit tommorrow AVH-3300BT with the gmos04, with the p920xm tuner, on the installation instructions it says to use a terminal always supplied with power regardless of ignition switch position. It also says do not run power wire to the battery through the fire...
  26. Me007gold

    Ratain factory xm with aftermarket head unit

    I dont think it is possible, but figured I would ask any ways. Can you keep the factory XM tuner with an aftermaker head unit. I have an Inno, but would rather keep the clean look of the factory tuner.
  27. Me007gold

    Where to buy accessory port pigtale/socket

    Since I installed the Envoy interior, I now have a 3rd accessory port, now comes the hard time of finding the harness. I found it listed on O'Reily's website, but its not available local or for sale on their web page. BWD PT665 - Pigtail/Socket | O'Reilly Auto Parts Any one have any idea where...
  28. Me007gold

    WTB: LED's put in a few switches

    Looking for some one to put some leds in some switches, headlight; 4wd, and rear washer. Willing to pay for your time and shipping.
  29. Me007gold

    License Plate Holder Hitch-Mounted GM 12495709

    Doing some ebay searching and I came across this. It says hitch mount, but for the life of me I cant figure out how it attaches, any one have any idea? 251017763662

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