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  1. Ilikemy3s

    Body part name and availability ?

    i was always told .. "Google knows all, it just depends on how the question is asked" well i tried dozens of combinations of how to describe or ask about a part and cant find it. Here is is what i am looking for .. 2005 Trailblazer SWB.... Rear hatch ... black plastic piece on side of...
  2. Ilikemy3s

    Trans fluid color ?

    Wanted to check with the brain trust here. Had a trans service / fluid change on 2/26 .. so about a week and half ago and about 500-600 miles mostly highway. No noises or issues with trans shifting or power .. but just for heck of it, i check the fluid today after getting home from work...
  3. Ilikemy3s

    TB LT headlight lenses ?

    Hope this is the right place for this as I have searched but can find a related thread. I keep hearing there are differences with the TB LT headlights vs others. I have an 05 LT and thinking on replacing the lenses. But what exactly is the difference between LT and non LT lenses? Does...
  4. Ilikemy3s

    Battery Terminal advise ?

    Greetings collective brain trust group. Looking for some advice since I was unable to find info via search and or reading various posts. I have an 05 TB-LT. Have a newer battery only about 9 month old and no issues there. Side terminal connections and still use the factory cover over...
  5. Ilikemy3s

    Front Bumper cover attach

    Did not see this elsewhere to figured to try here. I noticed the passenger side front bumper cover, near the wheel well did not look right as it was sticking out a bit. When i looked closer, I noticed the cover had seperated from this. This part was still attached to the grommet/clip on...
  6. Ilikemy3s

    SOLVED! Drive train hum under load

    Searched the forums but did not see any about this, but may have missed it. 05 TB LT w/ 200k miles. Once warmed up and around 1200 RPMs or higher, I hear a hum from the drive train. But only under load. If i take my foot off the gas and the RPMs start to drop even a little bit, the hum...
  7. Ilikemy3s

    SOLVED! Battery / Alternator questions and feedback?

    Have a few concerns I am looking to address and wanted some feedback on my 05 TB LT w/I6 1. Truck sat for a week while I was away. Come back and battery is dead. No interior lights, not anything. This has not been the first time in 2 plus years the truck had to be jumped. All times were...
  8. Ilikemy3s

    Thoughts to correct marks on paint

    Greetings all. Got an issues I am trying to solve and after searching the various posts and Threads with no luck, I figured to reach out here. My kids wanted to be nice and clean my truck for me while I was out. But in there over jealous attempt to get some road tar off my door, they used...
  9. Ilikemy3s

    SOLVED! Intake vacuum

    I have a 4.2l 05 trailblazer. Got a P0304 error while driving the other day. Truck ran rough while pulling out but not to bad on highway home. The CEL alternated between off, on and flashing I figured since the highway was clear and no traffic and the truck was running better on...
  10. Ilikemy3s

    F11 Top Coat?

    I did a search but did not find any mention, so figured to as here. Has anyone tried a product called F11 Top Coat. Of course I am skeptical with it supposedly being water based. But there seems to be a ton of good and positive reviews. I ask because the TB's paint is showing its age...
  11. Ilikemy3s

    Looking for member ?

    I know I have not been to the site in a while let alone not as much as I should have, but I was looking for Roadie and cant find him. Did a search and nothing but old posts? What happened to him? Is he still a member? Change his site ID ?
  12. Ilikemy3s

    Eiko lights?

    Anyone have any experience with Eiko light bulbs over Sylvania or Phillips? Found some info and they are supposed to be better in brightness and life span.
  13. Ilikemy3s

    Onstar Mirror

    Hey everyone. I did a search and could not find an answer so I figured to post .. I just purchased a 05 Trailblazer LT. I has OnStar with the buttons on the mirror. I just like the mirror I had in my 04 Envoy which had the auto dimming feature with clock and compass. Are the mirrors...
  14. Ilikemy3s

    Thoughts on new ride

    So finally getting around to replace my dear departed 04 Envoy XL. Found a nice 05 Trailblazer for 9800.00 with the following options 82k on odometer Pwr seats, windows Heated per mirrors Bose Onstar DIC Fog lights Rear step bumper Tow package Front tow hooks Clean Carfax Sliding sun roof...
  15. Ilikemy3s

    G80 locking Rear

    Hello Everyone .. long time no log on since I am still looking for a replacement to my Envoy XL. Anyway, I searched the forum and could not find an answer, Outside of a dealer/seller listing the G80 option .. is there a way to tell it is in fact there? Something I can look at or test...
  16. Ilikemy3s

    OnStar upgrade

    I remember having to get the onstar system upgrades or changed out from Analog to digital a few years back. Never had a issue with it. So I find myself looking for another used GM truck and was wondering if there is a way to determine if the OnStar system in a vehicle was updated as I...
  17. Ilikemy3s

    Thoughts, reviews, what to watch for ?

    Greetings everyone.. Not sure where to put this but figured this would be a good start. I have had my 04' GMC Envoy XL for almost 9 years now. Been a member here since it started and left the old site to come here. Made some friend and respect allot more. My envoy decided to share the...
  18. Ilikemy3s

    possible end to the Envoy

    Well after 9 years spanning over 190k miles (bought at 32k) countless family trips, soccer games and commutes to work, my 04' Envoy XL tried to share the same space as a utility pole during the last snow storm her in New Jersey on 3/5 (pics are included) For all the winter driving i do and...
  19. Ilikemy3s

    Possessed Door locks?

    Tried searching for any info but nothing close came up. (maybe I am not using the correct syntax or string of words) But I started having a wierd issue. For no reason and at totaly random times, my power door locks will start operating on thier own. Like if someone is playing with...
  20. Ilikemy3s

    Coil Packs replacements time?

    I searched this section and actually the site but did not see what I thought was related. So if this was answered already I apologize. But here is my info.. 2004 Envoy Xl with I6 Bought with 32k on it now has 190k mostly highway daily with 80 miles round trip each day for work All service...
  21. Ilikemy3s

    Erratic fuel gauge : bad float/sender or stepper motor?

    Not sure which the cause of an issue is more likely the case, so figured to check here and then ask for opinions.. 2004 Envoy XL 175k on odometer Recommended service done since 36k Drive 80 miles round trip each day for work mostly highway Few weeks ago I noticed the gas gauge was not moving...
  22. Ilikemy3s

    Power inverter Ideas?

    Fist .. I hope everyione is having a good day. Second .. I hope this post is in the right place (if not please let me know) Anyway, I did a search but found very little info to a question I have. I know some of us are running power inverters for various reasons. But I was curious as to...
  23. Ilikemy3s

    Vibration after tapping a Pole

    Hoping some might have some insight or thoughts .. Late Saturday night I went to pickup my daughter at her friends house and head home. Pulled into an unfamilar CVS (24 hour pharmacy /conv store) to pick up some last minute Easter candy. I was paying attention to the pickup starting to move...
  24. Ilikemy3s

    Non GM tech question

    Sorry everyone .. Need some advice for my wife's non GM minivan and since I know of many knowledgable folks here I figured it worth a shot. 2001 Ford Windstar SE 3.8 liter V6 About 168k on the clock Getting PO302 and PO305 codes intermittently which tells be misfire in the # 2 and #5 cyl...
  25. Ilikemy3s


    HAd a friend send me this .. I thought I was pretty damn cool idea Track N Go - YouTube
  26. Ilikemy3s

    NDAA 2012

    Is anyone else worried this bill will pass and become law or am I paranoid?

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