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    Semi-aggressive street tire?

    Going to be needing tires sooner than later (now). Dealer originally gave us some money off towards new tires and I was hoping to get through this winter with them (they are already at the wear bars) but our first "real" snow of the season left the wife sliding around in 4x4. She also said she...
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    NEED HELP Help me love the front end of the Yukon..

    As some have already read in the Tech section, "we" recently acquired a 2011 Yukon XL. Aside from missing several things compared to the Suburban we looked at, I can't help but not like the front of these things.. I've dubbed the truck 'Herbie' since it looks like it's staring at you with big...
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    Suburban vs Yukon XL vs... :/ Expedition

    Hello all I've been gone for some time once we got rid of our last gmt (2003 Suburban) and have returned looking to get another one. We had the 5.3 which did everything we needed to and looking at them again but I'm wondering if having the 6.0/6.2 is worth considering. I loved the E85 option...
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    12K 5th Wheel

    Thread was started here- While we were looking at campers, there was no immediate rush. We found a good deal on one that just needs a gooooooooood cleaning. What's the problem you ask? We don't have anything to tow it. Our...
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    Any diesel owners here?

    Long story short. Was looking to get a 1500 Pickup(sierra or silverado). After seeing prices, diesel was not too far out of reach. I brought up about looking at burbs again but the wife shot it down. We took an 04 F250 for a test drive yesterday and I am hooked. I want a diesel now! I've...
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    04 EXT North Face v8

    Not sure if these are still sought after. I found this while browsing around. I have not looked at in person or bought from this dealer before but thought I would share. *edit- sorry if this was suppose to go in the FS section.
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    Too close for comfort?

    Anybody who remembers way back when I was comparing the TB to the Yukon. Please don't add insult to injury. I'm already regretting getting rid of both. Long story short. If we were in stocks, we would have cashed out at the right time. We got rid of our Yukon just before the gas prices dropped...
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    A/C Service Valve defective

    Hey there. Been a while since my last post. Quick story- Bought truck in winter, didn't really test A/C Used A/C first time today (per wife), no cold air. (checked fuse, relay... good) Found no refrigerant in system There is 2 valves, 1 looks like a tire valve steam, the other a weird rubber...
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    Suburban/Yukon XL vs TB EXT

    It looks like there have been several questions asked but I didn't find a lot of what I was looking for. We currently have an 03 TB EXT LT i6 (what i will call the base model). We are to the point of purchasing a Suburban/XL within the next month or so.. We have been doing more camping lately...
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    EXT Northface for Sale?

    I am not endorsing the site or dealership selling it, but from the "other place" it seems they are few and far between. I found what looks to be a North Face Edition EXT. Used 2003 Chevrolet Trailblazer For Sale | Milwaukee WI . I thought I would post this for those that may be looking for the...
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    TB I6 vs TB V8 vs Suburban

    Just as the title says. I am looking at the differences, both good and bad to see if an "upgrade" would be worth it. Right now, we have a TB LT EXT I6 4x4(is there any other way?) We did some light camping with family and friends this past summer and I noticed we ran out of space fairly quick...

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