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  1. MAY03LT

    Would you drive through this?

    This morning the only entrance/exit to my neighborhood looked like this. Based on the water levels on the vehicles that tried to make it, it was at least 18" (although over 24" is possible). While the tow trucks were busy unsticking cars, and neighbors were talking about the situation, a state...
  2. MAY03LT

    Testing the I6 oil pressure without the J-42907?

    I removed the oil pressure switch to test the oil pressure and none of the adapters in my otc set worked. So I fired up moosemans manuals and found this: Found the J42907 on ebay: Chances are my gauge would work with this adapter but $100 to test the oil pressure aint gonna happen...
  3. MAY03LT

    I6 stock alt maximum output

    Before I dropped my mechman alt back in today I decided to see what my factory alt could do. I don't have an "official" load tester like a vat45 so I just loaded the system with what I have. With the mechman alt I clamped it at 250-ishA so I knew I could spank this alt pretty good. They claim...
  4. MAY03LT

    Snap On modis eems300 vs tech2 (first impressions)

    The other day I spent some time with my new to me modis and went through my trailblazer to see what the modis can do compared to the tech2. So let's begin! 1) Modules - Right out the gate I noticed no onstar or radio selections. Normally with audio problems I get codes from the radio first...
  5. MAY03LT

    Two cars with next to no oil, two close calls

    Case #1 - 2013 Civic - Customers states burning oil smell through vents and low oil warning message, check and advise. Before I drove this thing inside I wanted to check the oil level. Within a few seconds of opening the hood, I saw something wasn't quite right. Do you see it? The oil cap...
  6. MAY03LT

    07 Silverado 5.3 oil pressure switch without removing the intake manifold

    I heard there was a shortcut for snaking out the 5.3 oil pressure switch instead of pulling the intake off and damn if it didn't work. I was also able to get the screen out to check for debris. You see two 3" extensions - one was connected to the swivel when I pushed the socket straight down...
  7. MAY03LT

    07 Silverado high idle in park after battery replaced

    I'm not too familiar with the newer style silverados (the 07 and later body) and this is too good not to share. Today I had a battery die on me during some koeo testing. It was the original from 07 so no surprise there. So I put a new battery in. I went on a road test to make sure that the...
  8. MAY03LT

    eBay Listing Toolguy1954's 4.2 I6 water pump pulley holder I bought one of these to hold the pulley while I broke the fan clutch nut loose on my Trailblazer and it worked better then similar tools that cost 4 times as much - even the J-41240-1 from Kent Moore! This...
  9. MAY03LT

    Which brand of HIDs should I get?

    Had a ballast crap out on the wife's Tahoe so it's time to do some shopping. Back in my day the popular choices were ddm or vvme but I seem to remember reading that one of them ain't what they used to be. Just looking for 35w joints for the lows and might as well do fogs and do auto fogs and 6...
  10. MAY03LT

    Photo Contest #36: Voting

    dmanns67 BC backroader SnowBlazer Good luck everyone! :cool: Also, voting ends May 26 at midnight.
  11. MAY03LT

    My ms paint masterpiece is so awesome it got stolen!

    Hehehe I was on ebay looking for a new warsher nozzle and said "man that pic looks familiar" LOL. This is as bad as VS putting ad overlays in my pics. I made this for peeps who wanted to see the difference in the old/new style wipers, not for a guy selling dead stock overpriced parts out of...
  12. MAY03LT

    Who be an amsoil dealer?

    I need 5 quarts of this stuff for my tahoe. Rather then get assigned some random dealer I'd rather deal with one of you guys. I'm not looking for a hookup on price I know that stuff is pricey ($16/qt). Hit me up here or through pm. Thanks!
  13. MAY03LT

    Trailblazer/Envoy ignition switch diagrams

    Here are the diagrams for the ignition switch in the 360/370s. My diagrams only go to 07 so I can only confirm this for 02-07. If I run across the 08-09 SI I'll update this thread.
  14. MAY03LT

    2003-2006 Tahoe ignition switch inputs/outputs diagrams

    Here are the ignition switch diagrams for the 03-06 Tahoes. This may be the same for the Tahoes cousins (yukon, avalanche, escalade) but as of right now I don't know if it is for sure.
  15. MAY03LT

    How the keyless entry works in the 2003-2006 Tahoes

    I'm getting together some info for my Tahoes remote start install and came across this for how the keyless system works in those trucks. Instead of the LGM receiving the RKE signal like the TB/EVs the PDM (passenger door module) does.
  16. MAY03LT

    My experience with opening TB headlights (in progress)

    Over the past week or two I've posted my progress on the headlights in the what did you do thread. I got some great advice in there and the knowledge shouldn't get buried. :cool: The mission here is to open the headlights, swap out the amber lenses for clears, paint the plastic bezels, and seal...
  17. MAY03LT

    Wifes new ride 2004 Tahoe z71

    Well after looking for one of these for the past year and a half my wife finally found a tahoe that was in good condition and reasonably priced. 109K miles and overall in decent shape. It has a couple of small boo boos but that can be expected in a 10 year old vehicle. It had hideous head...
  18. MAY03LT

    Under the hood electrical refresher upper

    Before After My time over the summer was very limited but I managed to make some much needed changes under the hood. I posted pics here and there in the what did you do thread and now here they all are in one place. The first pic was taken in 09. In between that pic and more recently, the...
  19. MAY03LT

    Make a post, win some snap on tools (We have a winner - congrats Sparky!)

    My youtube channel turned 5,000 subscribers so I'm doing another giveaway, What's better then free tools? Well lots of things lol but free tools are kinda cool. Here's what I'm giving away to one lucky person...
  20. MAY03LT

    Drivers seat trim kept breaking - time for overkill

    I've been battling this issue for YEARS. I've replaced the bezel several times, repaired them, reinforced them, tried climbing in/out of the truck ninja style, and no matter what those two long tab thingys would break off. As Rick Latimer once said, "NO MORE!" I had the drivers seat apart to...
  21. MAY03LT

    My first mod - upgraded after all these years

    I didn't even have my TB a week before I ditched the craptory radio for my alpine 9857 and ipod. This was the only deck that I owned that had a cd player that didn't skip with bass. I swore that if the deck ever skipped, it was going to get upgraded. Fast forward 7 and a half years to a month or...
  22. MAY03LT

    Someone did triple alts in an I6

    From this thread on SMD - more pics there including showing the belt on. Dang. Says the bracket was custom built by a member there. This is the coolest thing that I've seen all day week month year...
  23. MAY03LT

    How I ground high current stuff in my TB

    Grounding equipment is one of the most frequently axed questions that I get. Since I'm in the middle of refreshing some things, I'm making this thread so I might not have to keep typing the same thing over and over lol. First things first, my opinion is the frame is the optimum ground and...
  24. MAY03LT

    I wonder if someone really died from no chimes

    I wonder if someone was seriously injured or died because they didn't have the "audible safety alerts" (chimes). Something musta happened for Crutchfield to include this waiver or whatever it is lol. Let's see what the chimes do in my 03. My best guess is someone might have drove off with a...
  25. MAY03LT

    Your thoughts on DIY A/C repairs

    As our Trailblazers/Envoys and their cousins are getting older, we're seeing a lot more A/C threads pop up. I have a feeling that this trend will only get bigger as time goes on. I've made a few posts about the CONTROL side of A/C diagnostics, but not the CHARGE side. I'm hesitant to post...
  26. MAY03LT

    02-03 TB Cabin air filter door and screw $12.00 shipped

    I snagged one of these in case someone with an 04 or later wants to do the cabin air filter mod. Price: $12.00 shipped via USPS anywhere in the 48 states Condition: Used Payment: PayPal only Returns: Sold as is, no returns About the mod - 02 and 03 GMT360/370s came with a cabin air filter door...
  27. MAY03LT

    Craigslist, Marketplace, Kijiji morons

    I've been looking for a 00-06 gen Tahoe and during my travels I come across a lot of posts like this where people want thousands of dollars for a vehicle but won't fix "minor" things. You do get a free diaguessnostic (this is a term coined by the roadie, gotta give credit where it's due). This...
  28. MAY03LT

    GM eSI was not compatible with latest Java update

    Just a heads up for anyone who uses the online GM Service Information - I updated to the latest version of Java (jre7u55) and afterward, the GM SI wouldn't load. I've done the standard Java updates numerous times since installing the GM SI and never had a problem until now. I couldn't get the...
  29. MAY03LT

    GM Customer Svc [satire thread]

    Hey welcome to the site. I know you got connections so can you help me out? What's the deal with the some of the 02 TBs having SRCK front park light sockets and some having non-SRCK sockets? Always wondered what the deal was. Thanks!
  30. MAY03LT

    97-x with TB front clip He actually put a trailblazer bumper on it as you can see. The price went up $400 in two days.:rotfl: I'm halfway tempted to check it out just to see the body lines from the front clip swap. I'll be up that way next weekend.:undecided:

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