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  1. burg99

    Rear wheel weel liners

    I'm looking for some help. I have a 1999.5 or 2000 Silverado z71 shortbox stepside and I'm looking for rear wheel well liners. I'm having no luck would anyone have any ideas. The ones I got are all cracked up and missing pieces
  2. burg99

    Instrument cluster

    Today I removed an old pioneer stereo in my 1999 siverado z71. I replaced with a new jvc stereo. When I got it completely put back together I did an oil change and noticed that I have no lights on the instrument cluster or the climate control. Everything works just fine but I have no lights. Any...
  3. burg99

    Oil pressure

    I have a 1999 silverado 1500 z71. I just changed the oil last night and noticed the oil pressure at idle is around 40 and when I do 55-65 it is 45-50 and 70-75 it is 55-60. Just wondering if this NORMAL? I used 6 quarts of 5w30 synthetic blend and a k&n filter. Anybthoughtsbwould be great.
  4. burg99

    E- brake

    i have a rattle when I go over bumps in the rear of my 99 Silverado. This morning I put the e brake on a little and the rattle went away. No figure something came loose. Is there any threads on how to replace e brake pads and hard wear?
  5. burg99

    Tire help

    Hey guys, I just bought a 1999 Silverado extended cab short box step side. It has 265/65/r20 tires on it right now with American racing wheels. If I turn to sharp the front wheels rub on the fender. My question is can I go down to a 265/55/r20 and stop the rub also, is it going to look weird...
  6. burg99

    99 chevy silverado short box stepside

    was wanting opinions on weather this is a good deal. Thanks
  7. burg99

    2006 Silverado Z71

    Hey guys just wanting some options on this truck I'm thinking about buying. It is a 2006 Chevy Silverado Z71crew cab. They say it's in excellent condition and loaded with everything. Asking 8995. They only thing that worries me is it has 200000 miles! Any thoughts would be great.
  8. burg99

    AWD encoder motor

    Need some help. I have a 2004 Olds Bravada. I have basically rebuilt everything in the AWD. New transfer case, new front diff, intermediate shaft and coupler. Anyway everything worked great then the service AWD light came on. Got a used one and the light went off and found I was stuck in AWD...
  9. burg99

    Hot cv axle

    Hi everyone, I have a 2003 olds Bravada and I lost my AWD about s year ago. I just installed a new front diff, intermediate shaft and coupler in the awd disconnect. Got everything together and I have Awd back but, I noticed that the awd disconnect and cv axle are hot. Hot to were I can grab them...
  10. burg99

    Front diff

    Just found out my front diff is out on my 2003 olds bravada. I'm planning on putting in a used one but was wondering if anyone knows what all I need. I've been told just the front diff, I've been told just carrier assembly and I've been told whole front assembly. I can get used front diff for...
  11. burg99

    vibration and rumble

    I have a 1994 chevy silverado z71 that I bought off a farmer. I paid 400.00 for it and it's a pretty good truck. I noticed that in 4x4 at about 30 MPh it gets a vibration and rumble to it. Basically feels like your running on rumble strips. It's not there in 2 wheEl drive only in 4 wheel drive...
  12. burg99


    So 2 weeks ago I changed my transfer case out on my 2003 olds bravada. I still have no awd. I was told by a dealer that I needed a new transfer case but I tore apart the old one and I can't find anything wrong with it. All gears and chain look good to me. My question is how would they know the...
  13. burg99


    I still have no AWD which is nice to have this time of year in Iowa. the guy working on it 2003 olds bravada told me it is a gear that goes from a shaft to the front differential. i also have no ABS which he also says is the problem. question is does anyone no what this is called. he says it is...
  14. burg99


    Ok this is going to sound wierd but i finally found out why my abs light is on and why i have no awd. I took my 03bravada to the shop and the guy told me the gears on the front diff. Are worn and the speed sensor is not reading hence no abs or awd. He said this is not a replacable part but a...
  15. burg99

    opt np4

    Does anyone know what this option is on the transfer case opt np4. I need a new encoder motor and im not sure what this is. Also, where can i find weather or not i have this option. Thanks
  16. burg99

    awd issue

    I'm thankful for MoveHere I had no idea things had moved I thought maybe I was just getting snubbed. Heres my question I know this is not the right place to post this but im in a hurry. This morning i went to go to work and i live in iowa and we got atleast10 inches of snow. Anyways i started...

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