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  1. MRRSM

    3D Printer Files: 2011 LB Silverado and 6L80E Transmission

    For CAD Designers and 3D Modelers with an interest in GM Products:
  2. MRRSM

    A Technical Paper on VVT-CAS

    This is well researched technical paper on GM's Variable Valve Timing Strategies. There always seems to be more to learn about this topic:
  3. MRRSM

    Therapy for the GM Mechanic's Mind: From Rust to Running 1950s Chevrolet Truck

    Grab your Pizza and your "BOC" (Beverage Of Choice) and sit back while enjoying the views in Time Lapse of a 1950s Chevrolet Pick Up Truck during its (6) Cylinder Engine Resurrection ...and all of the "Rest of the Restoration":
  4. MRRSM

    Amazon Product 1999-2014 Silverado-Sierra Mishimoto All Aluminum Radiator

    If you drive a Chevrolet Silverado-Sierra 1500 (1999-2014) and live in Mountainous Regions, perform Long Haul Trailer and Motor Home Towing and/or frequently suffer from sketchy High Temps for your Engine Coolant and Transmission… it might be worth getting SERIOUS about getting a SERIOUS Upgrade...
  5. MRRSM

    3D Printer Files for 2007 Silverado Folding Mirror Nylon Gear

    This linked ZIP file contains the requisite sub-files for Members having a 2007 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 in need of a Replacement Nylon Gear for the damaged Folding Mirror(s):
  6. MRRSM

    5.3L TB v.s 6.0L TB ---> Exhaust Mod "Sound Off"

    One more chance to see Two LS Engine Powered Trailblazers being worked on:
  7. MRRSM

    Waveform Analysis for GM Vortec Atlas In-Line and LS V8 Engines

    If you've decided to use any of the Automotive Diagnostic Oscilloscopes such as the Hardware available from Autel, Snap-On Verus, PICO or Hantek, having a ready Base Line of Known Good (and Proven BAD) Waveforms charted to some degree could be very helpful in figuring out the Unique Device...
  8. MRRSM

    Invoking the "F" Word in In-Line Sixes... "The Barra"

    There is so very little ever mentioned or covered on this unique Cast Iron Monster that this article might help to fill in some of the blanks on what the 400 HP Australian Ford Barra is (or more accurately...was) all about...
  9. MRRSM

    Amazon Product Qualfort Bamboo "T" Shirts @ $19.00 ea.

    Recently, I ordered some “Hypo-Allergenic” Bamboo Fabric Band-Aids because of my reaction to the adhesive on the OTC and OEM brands. Long Story Short… these “PATCH” Brand wound coverings worked out… and the ‘silky-smooth’ feeling about them made me opine out loud, “Geez Honey… Ya’ know, I wish...
  10. MRRSM

    Performing an Engine Swap in a 2007 Chevrolet Trailblazer

    From Jay’s Garage YouTube Channel: Performing an Engine Swap in-out of a 2007 4WD Trailblazer A ‘Well-Lit’ Four Act Play at a time when we are seeing more and more interest in doing this sort of R&R: Part 1: Part 2: Part 3: Part 4: ...and if you like LS Engine Swaps and Early Model GM...
  11. MRRSM

    Getting a "Handle" on "Key" Issues for Full-Size Trucks

    Since I absolutely HATE doing anything "by halves"... when @Blckshdw 's mention about Replacement Key & Tumbler being sound advice for the Aging Trailblazers-Envoys and Rainiers, I 'tumbled' and ordered an ACDelco Full Set for my TB for $33.00 (See the attached Images and take notice: There are...
  12. MRRSM

    Amazon Product ACDelco - GM OEM Ignition Tumbler & Key Set... $33.00

    As prompted by a mention in a recent Post by @Blckshdw ...Here are Seven Good Reasons for getting THIS ACDelco OEM Tumbler & Key Set: (1) You've been nursing along a Worn Out Ignition Key ...and having very Sketchy Engine Starts. (2) You've Lost or Broken the ONLY Ignition Key available for...
  13. MRRSM

    The Most Accurate On-Line Ruler...

    We've all been here... Holding either a Part...a Piece of Metal or a Bolt and wondered..."How Large... or Small...How Thick or Thin IS this Thing... Really?" and NOT had the means at hand to make an Accurate Measurement. Well... Bookmark and also Download THIS Page for a "Ready Ruler" that is...
  14. MRRSM

    How To Repair "Front End Crash Damage" on GMT360s

    If you've had the chance to observe the VOP's (Video Original Poster) prior contributions of his LS Engine Cammed Performance Build, then you already know and can appreciate his particulary patient nature and his very thoughtful work as a Decent Mechanic. In this pair of Videos, he shows us his...
  15. MRRSM

    How to R&R the Windshield Washer Reservoir for some GMT-800 Trucks & SUVs

    My 2000 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 does THIS (See the Video) whenever I turn on the Windshield Washer. The VOP (Video Original Poster) shows 'How To Do' this Windshield Washer Reservoir & Pump Repair on his 2003 Silverado. However, these instructions will apply to most GMT-800 Full Size Trucks and...
  16. MRRSM

    Looking for an LS Engine...?

    Check out this Dude's Video on his Tear Down of a 6.2L Engine... But more importantly... Take a look around his Warehouse at All Those LS Engine Blocks. He mentions his Phone Number at the beginning of the Video and it might be worth giving him a call if you need various Hard To Find Parts and...
  17. MRRSM

    Silverado - Sierra Engine, Tranmission-Driveline Torque (TTY) Values

    Silverado and Sierra Fasteners Drive-Line TTY Torque Tables : lb ft = Foot Pounds lb in = Inch Pounds 4L60-E Transmission Torque Specs: Accumulator Cover to Case Bolt 6-10 lb ft Case Extension to Case Bolt 31-35 lb ft Case Extension to Case Bolt (4WD Shipping) 8.3-16.7 lb ft Converter Cover...
  18. MRRSM

    A 2005 Cadillac Escalade "Escapade"

    For those of us driving these GMT-800 Jumbo-Sized Cadillac SUVs... This Video is an educational treat filled with some interesting facts and comparisons about the platform and brought to you with the added bonus of a VOP who sounds and behaves EXACTLY like Dr. Ian Malcolm (AKA Jeff Goldblum)...
  19. MRRSM

    Amazon Product Directional LEDs $7.00 a Pair (Cabin, Tag & Glove Box)

    When I saw these, I thought, "Carleton (@Blckshdw) will know if these will work right ...or not.". Inexpensive, Long Lasting, Weatherproofed AND Directional 12 VDC LED Lamps, HW included:
  20. MRRSM

    eBay Listing Complete 02-05 BCM & Interior Fuse Block Unit: $90.00

    Removed from an Oregon Based 2004 Chevrolet Trailblazer (With ZERO RUST) @ 110,000 Miles: (10 MORE Images on the Linked eBay Listing)
  21. MRRSM

    4L60E Technical Reference Document PDF

    This Informative PDF may be 'Add-Worthy' to the existing supporting files at GMTN on the 4L60E Transmission:
  22. MRRSM

    "Because... SCIENCE!" Short Videos that make You Think, "WOW!"

    The Chinese have created a Microwave Plasma Electric Jet Engine: The Abandoned Nuclear Powered City… Under the Ice of Greenland: (THIS would be my choice of settings for the Newly Discovered COMPLETE MANUSCRIPT believed to be the basis of "The Thing From Another World" (AKA "Who Goes...
  23. MRRSM

    Overcoming 'Long Bed' Issues for QuickJack BL7000-EXT Lift Owners...

    Part One of Two Parts: Over in my "Hoping for Loping" LM7 Engine Performance Upgrades Thread... I mentioned this issue as described in detail in this excerpt: "Continuing on the Theme of the S/S Exhaust Installation... I spent the afternoon dragging out the (3) Very Heavy QuickJack Hydraulic...
  24. MRRSM

    CAN Bus "Mileage Spoofing" Device Revealed...

    For anyone purchasing Late Model Trucks and SUVs, it might be interesting for us to be very aware of what is shown in this Video as a CAN-Bus "Mileage Intercept and Spoofing" Device that was apparently removed from a Mercedes-Benz "E" Class Vehicle, but nonetheless is universal enough in its...
  25. MRRSM

    Real Time Satellite Images from ZOOM.EARTH on Hurricane Eta

    These two images are screen prints from a LIVE Satellite Image of Hurricane Eta moving over the North American Continent and then heading out into the Atlantic Ocean. If you need to see something like THIS immediately... ZOOM.EARTH is a Very Good Place to LOOK FIRST. The *Click* ability to...
  26. MRRSM

    "Just a Car..."

    Those of us who think a great deal about the workings of Mechanical Things on Wheels can often become 'jaded by the mundane' of always dwelling on the Basic Question: "How am I going to Fix THIS?" Nonetheless... every once in a while, it's refreshing to see A Working, Unbroken, High...
  27. MRRSM

    Carbon Busting with Berryman's ChemDip: "The Proof is in The Pudding"

    A while back, I made a suggestion to those of us who discover the problem of suffering from EXTREMELY Low Oil Pressure in our GM 4.2L VHME (Very High Mileage Engines) that suddenly present with the Horrible Sounds of Clattering Rotating Assembly Components ...signalling the impending Death Of...
  28. MRRSM

    Access 'Service Information' @ $20.00 a Month per Vehicle via Mitchell1 DIY

    Paul "Scanner" Danner mentioned that, "Instead of having to "Pay Through The Nose" for his Snap-On linked access to the myriad Mitchell Online Automotive Repair Database... Follow this Link to the site where for $20.00 per Month Per Vehicle (or...Better Yet... Only $30.00 Per Year)" where you...
  29. MRRSM

    Japanese Authorities at Fukushima Set to Release 1.23 MILLION Tons of Untreated Radioactive Waste Water into the Pacific Ocean.

    It has been a decade or so since I picked up a Working 1950s Era Civil Defense Era, Honest to Goodness "Yellow Geiger Counter" for $40.00 via eBay trying to win a bet about Whether or not Bananas are actually Radioactive. Long Story short... They ARE… (See the Link about “BED” or “Banana...
  30. MRRSM

    Best Complete Diagnostic & Repair Videos for IPC PRND123 Issues on 1999-2002 Full Size GM Trucks

    We've all heard the expression "Stepper Motors and LEDs" whenever problems with Instrument Panel Clusters (IPC) raise their Ugly Heads. The same thing goes for the "PRND123" Displays, too as per problems with them "Dimming" or when they inexplicably TURN OFF. But for those of us who own Full...

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