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    Best ELM327

    I know this is an old thread but I'm wondering if anybody has had any issues with these type of adapters causing failure to communicate over the bus? Last few days it's been super cold like negative 15 or so and everytime I start my truck I end up with a failure to communicate with the TCM...
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    2008 TB 4WD SWPS

    The brushes/traces inside the steering wheel position sensor tend to wear out over time. I had to replace mine shortly after I purchased it about five years ago. Lately every once in awhile it throws me a code. it's a 20-minute job to install not very difficult just need to cram yourself into...
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    Front Diff Pinion Flange Removal Tool

    When I did mine I just use the impact to remove the nut,. Then a flat bar with 3 holes drilled in it and a ling 1/2" bolt nut combo. The bolt through center hole with nut on end,. Then use two side holes to thread in yoke strap bolts and rotate 1/2" bolt and nut to extract yoke. I used a...
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    Novice Attempting TC & Disconnect Service, Help?

    I thought the clones didn't work with 2008+ due to can bus?
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    Rental equipment

    Funny story... I went to a rental equipment place to rent a portable boom lift to cut down a tree near my house... The rental place would not let me tow it home with the trailblazer even though the lift was only 4800lbs... He claimed I needed at least a half ton truck to tow it due to...
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    Secondary Air Injection Pump - Whistle

    Does the sound change with rpm or brake application?
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    4WD Axle Actuator Housing

    Just I just installed one on my truck Sunday
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    4WD Axle Actuator Housing

    That's the awd version,. If he has the selector switch he needs the more expensive one.. $285 or so...
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    NEED HELP 2004 trailblazer 4.2 cranks but no start

    I It comes cut like that from the factory..
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    NEED HELP 2004 trailblazer 4.2 cranks but no start

    Brake controller wiring.
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    Front Differential seal

    I'm wondering if it even goes to the truck... It's too clean,. Not oily or rusted...
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    Front Differential seal

    Ok, finally all back together... But I have an extra piece... See pic not sure where it goes...
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    Front Differential seal

    finally got the ECT sensor swapped... what a bitch that was. If the secondary air tubes weren't there it would have been much easier. Most of the truck is back together. Just waiting on the disconnect to arrive and i'll be all finished... quite a pain in the ass.
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    NEED HELP Wont start after engine swap

    I would also check if you have power to the coil of the starter relay when in park and neutral.
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    Backup Lights out ; rear fuse #32 blown

    Have you checked the amperage draw through them? It may be more then 7w (.6a). The limiting resistor may have shorted
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    2007 Chevrolet Trailblazer Lower Control Arm Bolts

    part number 11518576.. about $5 ea at the dealer BOLT,FRT LWR CONT ARM FRT(M16X2X70)(08.900). BOLT,FRT LWR CONT ARM RR(M16X2X70)(08.900).
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    Front Differential seal

    I found a picture of where it should be I just can't visually see it. If the weather cools down enough I'll try again tonight to get it swapped out.
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    Front Differential seal

    Making progress... Diff is back in with all new seals and yoke.... Just have the rad and fan assembly to put back in to the engine bay and that end is done. Suspension still needs to be reassembled but the stupid company I ordered my disconnect from said they would ship it USPS didn't... It...
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    Front Differential seal

    ohh yea, definitely will...
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    Front Differential seal

    Oh yeah,. I was pretty annoyed at how hard it was to get out... What helped the most... A hatchet... I couldn't get my chisels to wedge in between the bolt holes because it was so stuck,. Used my hatchet and a sledge an it worked like a champ.
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    Front Differential seal

    EUREKA! IT FINALLY CAME OUT! what a mess.... could only find a very trace amount of original sealant on the case halves. Right now it's setting with the rtv seal, going to be torquing in 20 mins... then tomorrow it'll be new seals in the dif and a new yoke. supposed to rain so not very...
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    Front Differential seal

    Ok,. New dilemma... Busted the disconnect removing it, got all the pieces out and got the shaft out of the pan... Now I can't get the damned diff to separate from the pan... All 4 bolts are out, axle is out,. But the damn thing is seized to the pan... Any tips and pointer for how to proceed...
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    Front Differential seal

    Ordered all the seals and a new yoke yesterday... The fun begins next week...
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    Front Differential seal

    Sweet,. I know it was aluminum so couldn't be too bad. I almost ran it dry this year, so Def need to fix it.
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    Front Differential seal

    funny guy :blinkhuh: gonna be tackling this next month most likely... just need a few days off to get er done.... might have to register my motorcycle just to be sure i have some kind of transportation....
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    Front Differential seal

    I've seen a few videos online about how to remove it some say you can take it out by just moving the engine over a few inches other say you have to pull it out the top. I know the first thing I got to do is get that darn disconnect off the passenger side. I don't think it's ever been removed...
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    Front Differential seal

    Ok Guys, i have a bit of a dilema... replaced my pinion seal a few years ago and it never fixed the leak on the front differential. I now believe it is a bad case sealant in the 2 diff halves. Has anyone had to reseal their cases? Wondering how much trouble it will be to do. Anyone...
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    Key fob unresponsive

    Does your rear wiper and rear defrost work? If not you may have a cracked wire in the lift gate boot.
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    NEED HELP Wiring aftermarket head unit

    his dual head unit does not support vss... as denoted earlier (post #12)

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