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  1. Maverick6587

    Looking for an interface for Fords

    I'm in the market again only a year or two later... The GF and her daughter both, now have Fords (I won't be converted). After researching for a few days I came down to narrowing my choices to the MongoosePro, Cardaq, and possibly the Launch. Is there any programming differences between the...
  2. Maverick6587

    Low/no brake fluid to rear brakes

    I was bleeding the brakes and flushing the system to clear out the brake fluid, it was a dark green color. After bleeding the brakes the pedal is softer now than before we bled the brakes. I found out why the reservoir cap wouldn't tighten. It was missing the gasket/seal for the reservoir cap...
  3. Maverick6587

    Does GMTNation get more money from us clicking on site listed ads?

    Just curious with the ads on this site. If we click on the ads does GMTNation get more money? I do plan on upgrading my membership in the next few weeks. I was just wondering if we all could help in small ways from time to time by clicking an ad that might be interesting to us vs directly...
  4. Maverick6587

    2020 Midwest Group Meetup?

    I see @Redbeard and a new member @jdyonker are located in Michigan. I think I remember seeing a few more that were located in southern portion of the mitten? Anyone interested in a GMTNation Midwest meetup at some point, either when there's no snow on the roads to have to worry about while...
  5. Maverick6587

    9-7x 4.2 to 5.3 Swap

    After about 20 days of trying to talk myself out of it... I decided to pull a 5.3 out of an 07 9-7x from a local you-pull-it. The mileage was not listed on the vehicle. However on the oil change sticker on the window said, next oil change at 4,110 miles and the oil change sticker was almost 2...
  6. Maverick6587

    Crank, no Start - U1000 and P0014

    I would normally do all of my troubleshooting first but, my vehicle is stuck at the store right now. So, I just want to make sure that I have all of the troubleshooting steps I need to run in order and I'm not missing anything big. I was at the store last night and got into the 97x to start it...
  7. Maverick6587

    Subwoofer in Place of Spare Tire

    Has anyone cut out the area where the spare tire is/was? They make a few boxes for subwoofers to be placed spare tire holders. I'd like to cut it out and then either put a box with undercoating on the bottom and screw and glue it in place. Or cut out another spare tire holder from a car truck...
  8. Maverick6587

    Body to Frame Cushion/Bushing

    In my efforts to soften my ride as much as possible. I wanted to look into replacing the frame to body bushings. They're discontinued everywhere, except RockAuto and they're $30 there for the pair (top and bottom). Has anyone replaced them and found them cheaper than $30/pair? Here's the GM...
  9. Maverick6587

    ACDelco Product Grades

    After spending a few weeks researching shock and struts. I talked to a lot of ACDelco people and found out their product grading. I didn't even know they had more than the OE, Pro, and Advantage lines. Here's the ACDelco lineup of the grades of their products. In order of best to worst. 1...
  10. Maverick6587

    SS rotors/pads size vs 4.2/5.3

    I bought rotors and pads from Detroit Axle. Or said they fit 2005-2007 97x. I didn't measure before hand even though this is not the first fitment issue I've had. The old rotors are 11 7/8 in. wide. The new rotors are 12 3/4 in. wide. I did however make sure that the steering knuckle was the...
  11. Maverick6587

    Cheap Bi-Directional Scanner - $99

    It's currently $99 on Amazon. I wish I would have found this before I bought the BlueDriver scanner. The only thing this is lacking as a bi-directional scanner is the ability to do a CASE relearn. I did find another scan tool that can but, it's a little more expensive. Link: FOXWELL NT510 Pro -...
  12. Maverick6587

    Saab 9-7x Struts and RPO Codes

    Looking at replacing my struts (2006 Saab 9-7x). As I do not want a stiff/stiffer ride. I'd like to stick with AC Delco and not switch to Bilsteins. My RPO code for the front suspension is 6HA. I looked at a few of the dimensions of a few of struts listed in the picture below and they seem to...
  13. Maverick6587

    O2 Sensor Lean/Rich Question

    This is more of a vent than a question I guess... I think the car has had a knock for about a month. It's my stepdaughter's car and I just have not had any time to look into it at all. I'm still finishing resolving my 97x's issues. We bought an extended powertrain warranty on my stepdaughter's...
  14. Maverick6587

    Radio will not turn off

    This happened once last week. I figured it was random/one off. The radio had not turn off after three drives today. I turn the vehicle off, remove the key, open the driver's door and the radio stays on. There interior lights do turn on so, I assume the switch/latch on the driver's door works...
  15. Maverick6587

    HVAC Blend Door Actuator (Floor to Upper Vents Actuator)

    I replaced this actuator last year with one from the junkyard. I'd like to not have to do that again for a few years. Does anyone know the ACDelco part number for the blend door actuator that switches the airflow from the floor to the upper (face) vents? It is just the center upper vents that...
  16. Maverick6587

    LS2 Rat Rod Build

    I was planning on putting the 5.2 in my Saab this year... That got ambushed by a build "bug" after watching Roadkill Nights 2019. My hopes and dreams are to put the rat rod in a Roadkill Nights race and win at least one race, without blowing up. I'm working on getting a parts list together to...
  17. Maverick6587

    Fuel Pump Strainer

    I could not find anything anywhere about the strainer attached to the bottom of the fuel pump. I replaced the fuel pump assembly last December and now the fuel pressure regulator is bad, CEL is on for it, P0451. I have already replaced the fuel cap and the CEL still comes on. The fuel pump...
  18. Maverick6587

    Independent Rear Suspension (IRS) Possible?

    It was a thought I had the other day so, I figured I would mention in this group and see if it's a possibility for the GMT360's. I assume that no light-duty or heavy-duty trucks have IRS. Does anyone know if any SUV's have had an IRS that might fit the GMT360 frame? I know the Buick...
  19. Maverick6587

    Tech2 - Finding "Series" option for 2008 GMC Sierra

    Just getting started with the Tech2. Getting into all the settings for the 97x/trailblazer was fairly easy to find all of the options I needed to select. Then I was trying to read some codes and run some tests on my parent's 2008 GMC Sierra HD. It asked which series the truck was, with no...
  20. Maverick6587

    97x - Converting AWD to 4WD

    I swapped out my burned out transfer case with a junk yard case. I just left the "new" transfer case unplugged, so it will last longer. I tried to get a few transmission shops to rebuild the broken case. One said he wouldn't even touch it and the other wanted like $600 or so to rebuild it. 1...
  21. Maverick6587

    97x Linear - Powder Coating Suspension

    I decided to go with the oem bilstein 4600s for the struts. Has anyone found a better strut/shock that rides better than the bilsteins? I decided that I wanted to powder coat all of the suspension parts before/while I change the struts. The 97x is the light silver color. I think I'm going to go...
  22. Maverick6587

    97x Engine Swap/Body Remove

    I talked myself into rebuilding a junkyard engine, initial cost $175-$225 (with or without accessories). I want to rebuild the junkyard engine, then swap the accessories from my current engine (they're all basically brand new in the last 3 months), then swap the engines out. Maybe eventually I'd...
  23. Maverick6587

    What Sensor/Connector is This?

    When I first bought the vehicle it was just hanging where the arrow is pointing. I plugged it on the SAIS cover/plate/bracket empty hole, because it's the only place that I could see that the plastic rivet clip fit into.
  24. Maverick6587

    Oil Leak Stop - Rear Main

    I just wanted to make a quick note on a product that worked wonders for my rear main seal leak I had. I'm not a sponsor and not getting paid to say this, I just like to point out good products that actually worked for me. ATP AT-205 re-seal - It's around $10-$15 for a bottle. 1 bottle per 6 qts...
  25. Maverick6587

    In and out rear wheel play

    I started hearing a click while driving over bumps tonight, on my way home. I jacked it up and I have about a 1/4inch of play in and out (pushing and pulling the entire rear wheels). Top/bottom, left/right play does not exist). The sway bar links look good. I forgot to spin the wheel for noise...
  26. Maverick6587

    97x Vibration Issue

    The repair saga continues with the 97x... I am currently getting the following codes- P0014: Camshaft Position B - Timing Over-Advanced or System Performance (Bank 1) P0017: Crankshaft Position - Camshaft Position Correlation P0305: Cylinder 5 misfire P0300: Random/multiple cylinder misfire...
  27. Maverick6587

    Harmonic Balancer Wobble

    2006 Saab 97x: I had a very quiet noise coming from a pulley. It ended up being the power steering pump. That took care of the majority of the vibration I was feeling in the gas pedal. There is still a very slight vibration, that is almost not noticeable. After further inspection, I found that...
  28. Maverick6587

    Underneath vehicle camera mount for troubleshooting noises

    I've been trying to find a decent (cheap) go pro-like camera to be able to mount underneath the vehicle. I'd like to be able to quickly mount and move around for tracking noises coming from underneath the vehicle. The camera itself shouldn't be too hard to find, it just needs to be water...
  29. Maverick6587

    No power to the PCM B fuse and fuel pump relay.

    You guys have the best posts I've seen online for trailblazers! You've saved me a few times. Than you all! Initial issue was that my vehicle would crank but, not start. I almost pulled the fuel pump, but went through electrical testing. I'm getting no power to the pcm b fuse for those 2...

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