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  1. TerryG

    Stuck VVT solenoid.

    I recently started getting a reoccurring code that pointed to the VVT solenoid so I decided to change it out. After watching a few how to videos, just to get an idea of the steps, I started tearing it down. Everything was going smooth until I got to the actual removal. I tried twisting it...
  2. TerryG

    Envoy Quad Brake/Non-CK Bulb Mod

    I just completed this mod and it all seems to work fine, so I figured I would share it here. Sorry if it's common knowledge. I recently found that Dorman 923-011 has wires inside, instead of the rigid metal pieces, which made doing the quad brake light mod quite a bit easier for me. After...
  3. TerryG

    03 Envoy XL won't move, looking for suggestions.

    My wife's 03 Envoy XL started acting silly yesterday on her way to work. It was going along fine and then just stopped moving. According to her there wasn't any transmission slipping going on, and we were able to nurse it back home by shutting it off, driving it until it acted up again, then...

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