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  1. Maverick6587

    Exhaust Manifold Replacment - input requested

    I plan on gasket matching the exhaust manifold on the 6L. I saw the following youtube video for details, on if it actually increases HP or not (if it's worth it). It seems worth it, even if it's just a stock daily driver.
  2. Maverick6587

    2020 Midwest Group Meetup?

    Michigan is on house arrest until May 28th. It'll probably get extended, again... :whore: (the state leader) Are we still going to be able to do this, or do we need to play it safe?
  3. Maverick6587

    LS2 Rat Rod Build

    Time to revive this thread! So, I sold the 5.3 engine but, after months of research I have a better cheaper and easier plan now! The Junkyard opened last Saturday (5/9/20). They had a smashed 2008 Chevy Express, with a 6.0 L just waiting for me (it's a gen 4 6.0 L)! They open at 8 am, I got...
  4. Maverick6587

    Tool Talk

    Does anyone have any experience with the heat induction guns that heat up stuck bolts? Mini-Ductor Venom seems to be the best, at a cost though... $300-$600. Mini-Ductor and Mini-Ductor II seem to be next and quite a bit cheaper than the Venom at around $220. I'm just curious on the number of...
  5. Maverick6587

    NEED HELP 03 TB - Very Strange Problem with signals

    I agree with mooseman on this! This is 100% a grounding issue, unless you have LED blinkers? Did you switch to LED blinkers?
  6. Maverick6587

    re learn???

    @Mooseman AH. I remember that now that you mention the wide open throttle. I was thinking the Tech2 would just reset it by the click of a button. I've only done one Tech 2 relearn, so it had slipped my mind. Thank you for the correction though.
  7. Maverick6587

    re learn???

    Do you or do you have a friend that has a scanner to read codes? A crank no start should have a live or history code that could point you in the right direction. I'm betting that a CASE relearn would fix the problem. Most shops (in my area) charge $100 or so to do a relearn. You could also...
  8. Maverick6587

    NEED HELP 03 TB - Very Strange Problem with signals

    At this point, after checking the grounds. I would treat this like a parasitic draw test. Remove a fuse one at a time and see when the driver's side headlight goes to full power.
  9. Maverick6587

    Clamping on catalytic converter

    I have a car that I'm currently selling that has a catalytic converter code. I'm about to dump a bottle of the CRC Guaranteed to Pass fluid into the tank to see if that "clears it up." I don't think I would use that in my daily driver but, it's an option. It seems to have pretty good reviews.
  10. Maverick6587

    RAFFLE (WINNER!) You NEED this ratchet!

    Awesome! I actually did need a 1/2 drive ratchet. This was fun and thanks to everyone else who helped fund GMT Nation!
  11. Maverick6587

    Saab 9-7x Struts and RPO Codes

    It's probably a leak in your lines or a valve on the compressor.
  12. Maverick6587

    Saab 9-7x Struts and RPO Codes

    See if you can return them. How low does it drop overnight? I believe that's a one-way valve going into the air bags. It shouldn't be leaking at all and it should only drop an inch or two from a temp drop. I would try to return them stating that they have a slow leak. You could verify where...
  13. Maverick6587

    Need better sound

    I think the maximum wattage for the door speakers is 110 watts. You're barely pushing them at 50 watts per channel. You could unplug the amp but, I would investigate what all it's feeding and being fed electronically from your vehicle first. think you're going to need an amplifier either way...
  14. Maverick6587

    What are you doing today?

    Getting stuff around to go get the roll cage tomorrow. Maybe we can save someone else's data. Here are some hard drive scan tools to check for the health of your hard drives. I've used the first two listed before and they were both great. I had a raid setup and heard one of them clicking (not...
  15. Maverick6587

    NEED HELP Just put $3k into my 2006 54k mile original TB, it will crank and run dies minute, die, repeat

    I agree with budwich. Make sure you have your buddy semi-continuously spray the starting fluid to see if the starting fluid will keep the engine running longer than it would normally, without the starting fluid. If it does, I would say it's a fuel issue and sounds like it is already. A lesson...
  16. Maverick6587

    Intermittent brake grind

    If you only ever heard it the one time. I would say a rock, like Mooseman. I would also check the dust plates. My dad's truck had a hellish grinding that you could hear from a block away. ended up being two horribly rusted dust plates that were about to fall off.
  17. Maverick6587

    NEED HELP 03 TB - Very Strange Problem with signals

    The grounds that the throttle actuator and the left rear tail lamps share are the Lower Left D Pillar (G401) and Lower Right D Pillar (G402). Try cleaning those and see if that fixes it.
  18. Maverick6587

    NEED HELP 03 TB - Very Strange Problem with signals

    I'm guessing a Class 2 data issue. I'm checking the wiring diagrams to see how those two systems could be tied together, other than probably the BCM. Edit: Other grounds that should be checked and cleaned while I try to figure this out. Lower Left B pillar (near the rear fuse box) There should...
  19. Maverick6587

    Need better sound

    If it were me, I would still bypass with an adapter. You might be ok as is but, I don't know where that amp runs all the other wires. Only you know how everything is truly wired in your vehicle. You could check the wiring diagrams from Mooseman's signature to verify if the other wires are...
  20. Maverick6587

    Trailblazer EXT Rear HVAC Issues

    @Tammy2002 I've only seen the replacement gears (without the shaft). If you just need the shaft you could grab one from a local junkyard and just swap the internal parts. Otherwise, you'll have to buy a new actuator.
  21. Maverick6587

    Bad grounds and broken wires

    I would have to agree with Mooseman on that. It's not that they're frequent but, it definitely happens once or twice a year. I would say the frequent ones that go in my experience are the three frame grounds on the driver's side, then the engine grounds, then the odds and ends of the...
  22. Maverick6587

    Need better sound

    There's a pretty specific bypass procedure that you would need to do to bypass the amp and still have everything else functional. I think with that PAC RP5GM11 you lose your steering wheel controls? You are for sure going to have to either bypass the bose amp and install an aftermarket amp...
  23. Maverick6587

    Gas prices

    Filled up this morning at $2.05. That was nice to see this morning. It's been $2.30-$2.60 most of the winter.
  24. Maverick6587

    Bought junkyard front differential..was I robbed?

    JB Weld should be fine. I'd change your oil though before you run it. I'd be worried about that large piece of metal getting tossed around in that oil pan and chancing it getting sucked up in the oil transfer tube. Time involved... I might even think about just grabbing a "new" oil pan from...
  25. Maverick6587

    Front End Work Both Sides

    If that quote is too high, do you plan on doing it yourself or getting a quote from another shop? Is that quote for aftermarket parts or OEM parts?
  26. Maverick6587

    HVAC calibration issue

    I had similar issues. Did you try switching your USB to serial adapter to the Tripp Lite Keyspan High-Speed USB to Serial Adapter, PC & Mac (USA-19HS)?
  27. Maverick6587

    HVAC calibration issue

    Do do you have the Candi module and TIS2000 installed on a Windows xp computer or virtual box for the Tech 2?
  28. Maverick6587

    HVAC calibration issue

    I would say you either have a problem with your BCM or the HVAC control module then. Did you replace the HVAC control module with a new ACD module?
  29. Maverick6587

    SOLVED! Codes p0117, p0172, p0175

    Before we start talking about just swapping out parts. I think it might be time to grab yourself a cheap scanner so we can see some live data and more accurately point to what could be the cause of it running rich. Almost any ELM327 scanner will do. Hopefully you have an Android device handy...
  30. Maverick6587

    SOLVED! 97x 8.6 LSD Is my Rear End Toast?

    Maybe only the limited slip 8 inch differentials have the odd shaped gasket then?

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