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    My 04 ENVOY 4.2 sounds like an old man getting up in the morning

    I just replaced a fuel pressure regulator in an engine that when started fast idled briefly and then died. Pull the vacuum fitting and check if there's fuel in the line........ I also replaced a map sensor in a different vehicle that had exactly the same symptoms.
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    New Lower Control Arm, strut bushing position?

    Measure distance from the strut to the control arm with the OEM bushing and compare it with the new one. If there is a difference that may indicate that something didn't go in right.
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    Difficulty removing clutch fan

    Sure you can remove the thermostat "heat motor" from the housing. I believe it was a push and twist as you suggested. At least with the 4.2 it was...
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    How much oil pressure is enough?

    My electronic gauge occasionally flashes 0, but I think if that were true I would get a low pressure warning light from the switch. There's no change in engine sound when it happens. Lousy accuracy of a fine chinese instrument I guess????
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    Better fuel economy

    Inflate your tires. If you follow the factory recommendation, you will have best ride quality and worst fuel economy. Look at the sidewalls and see what the maximum is and keep it a few psi below that.
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    Any one using this I6 Trailblazer Plug and Play Fan Kit from PCM OF NC?

    I really would like to hear someone do an efan install successfully. I converted an old Pathfinder to efans and drove it for years without any issues. With this platform I'd want to have the pwm variable speed and feedback signal working. I have a set of Ford PWM controlled fans that might...
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    4.2 keeps losing oil pressure

    Same here. Sometimes I notice a faint knock, but it goes away when the engine warms up. What readings would a new 4.2 have?
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    04 trailblazer, brakes dragging after new pads, calipers, master cylinder

    Were the calipers new or newly rebuilt? If they cut corners on the rebuild and reused the original pistons - that could be the source of the problem. The phenolic resin pistons can swell with age at the outer end. When the pistons are pushed back in for new pads they can stick. My cheap brake...
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    XUV Videos that can be helpful..

    Damn! This got me watching XUV porn all night long:helpme:
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    Best seal puller for front differential

    I used a slide hammer with the right angle attachment. Should be included in the kit.
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    4.2 keeps losing oil pressure

    My hot idle is at around 10 psi. I think I'll try draining the oil, and soaking with chem dip (filled through the dipstick tube). Then I'll drain that and pour a gallon of gasoline to rinse out the chem dip. The gas can be recycled in the lawnmower. After seeing the photo of the sludged up...
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    SOLVED! CV axle will not budge

    FYI A 3 pound slide hammer is not heavy enough. You need a 5 pound or heavier one.
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    what causes hub bearings to fail so often ?

    I tested this. With most of the metal parts that retained the bearing cut through, it still took nearly 20 tons of force to push apart the hub. So you would need an industrial duty impact gun and deliberately overtighten it to risk damage. It is a very complex and precise manufacturing...
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    Talk me down from buying a s10 Blazer wheeler project

    The 4 cylinder engine pretty much kills the idea. Really gutless........
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    LED & Other Headlight Upgrades Besides HID Retrofit?

    Are you sure you don't mean "Sealight"?
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    4x4 Help?

    Ordinarily the shift to 4lo is limited to parameters set by the TCCM. But if there is a problem then some of this goes out the window. I had a shift to 4lo happen at 30 mph - that's quite a shock but does not appear to have done any damage. Others have had it happen at highway speeds which...
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    PS pump compatibility

    So the EXT has a quicker ratio to make up for the larger turning circle. But I wonder what the exact difference in the pump is. Probably higher pressure.......
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    PS pump compatibility

    So any pump would fit, but there is something different about the EXT. Although I'm curious what would happen, I'll go with the SWB model. Somewhere I've heard that the SWB has variable ratio and the EXT doesn't.
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    PS pump compatibility

    I thought the Power steering pump for the 4.2 are the same for all models. I see a listing that has a pump specific for the EXT models and v8s. Are there physically different pumps for the long wheelbase versions?
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    How about Differential Fluid Service Intervals?

    When you hit 50k - the recommended interval for the transfer case fluid - you should replace the differential oil. Not absolutely essential, but good preventative maintenance.
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    Transmission Cooler Line Fittings different for 2002?

    When I reattached the lines after a radiator replacement, both fittings leaked:uhno: I pried out the o-rings, replaced them with new ones and then no leaks. You don't need to replace the whole fitting.
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    Donuts in the snow. Harmful?

    Probably what I'll do is slightly reduce the size of disengagement weight so it will unlock at a bit higher speed. No welding needed - just a slight snip.
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    NEED HELP P0017 CPAS replaced. and still have the code

    This is not the official protocol but I drove for an afternoon with the flush in. Just low rpm city driving to give it more time to work. If it doesn't have enough time to work it will be a useless effort. If you have a lot of deposits builtup from the lousy oil you might need to do this. Why...
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    Truck died Need help asap

    When my fuel pump failed the #1 coil went soon after. So I think this is not a simple coincidence. However only one coil failed.
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    Donuts in the snow. Harmful?

    It seems that the g80 can be made fairly bulletproof. Look at these guys drifting: If their mods make it survive that kind of abuse I wonder if I should do it to my g80. On the other hand, I have no intention of drifting in my TB:biggrin:
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    Sway bars links clankin around

    Yep, definitely stock ones. But they don't look rusted so if you do a soak with pb blaster for a few days they should come off. You don't care if you damage them when removing. You'll need the allen wrench for them.
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    Donuts in the snow. Harmful?

    With a regular differential it would be OK since each drive wheel is free to slip. A G80 is designed to fail if one axle shaft has too much load or shock. The official GM promo video shows the truck being driven with a locked G80 and a single traction wheel going uphill. I think that as...
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    NEED HELP 2005 envoy xl bose with amp.with aftermarket headunit

    I used a Scosche box from wallymart. Two years and it's OK. With an aftermarket radio, I typically bypass the bose electronics and replace the 2ohm speakers with normal 4ohm units. Often when there is a problem with the bose system bad enough to replace the head unit there are other problems...
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    Cleaned throttle body - Still misfire (p0300 P0301)

    You'll have to shine a light at the AC pulley and see if the front of it is spinning. I have noticed an odd behavior of the system - the pcm can keep the compressor spinning for a while after "ac off" is pressed. This is what you may be noticing. It does shut off eventually.
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    Horrible Fuel Mileage

    I'm not sure what the average interval is. I don't reset anything after fuelling. The instant fuel economy is amusing - I can make it go to 55+mpg :crackup:

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