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    NEED HELP TPMS Stem Replacement - Possible?

    Hi all. I recently had some new shoes put on the truck and after many (3) hours of waiting I was told that one of my valve stems is corroded and it was "difficult" to put air back in hence the 3 hours it took to mount 4 new tires. What my mechanic should have said was: "your valve stem is...
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    Random Reduced Power, Low Oil Pressure & P0335

    Woowee. What a little event I had with my '07 4.2 on the way home from the beach yesterday. Driving on the highway about 60 mph suddenly I felt the engine lose power, followed the Check Gauges light and CEL coming on (could have been more but again, was driving 60 on a highway and was in a...
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    Misfire Diagnosis

    Hey all. I'm in the process of looking into a persistent CEL that appeared to be related to outside temps (usually appeared under 40 and went away over 40) but now I am getting is consistently and am observing significant misfires (car shaking side to side on cold start). The misfire usually...
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    NEED HELP P0443 and P0449 After Remote Start Install

    Howdy everyone. Well after my 9 hour battle to install, troubleshoot, finally figure out the problem and get my R/S running last weekend, I am left with a nicely functioning R/S just in time for abnormally warm temps, and a CEL with P0443 and P0449 being reported. The R/S install had me turn...
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    Need guidance on new electrical gremlins

    My 07 TB is currently at 110k miles. It has recently started to show some electrical issues and I am looking for guidance on what modules I might need to start checking into. The first issue is when the front passenger door opens. The cabin lights turn on but immediately dim and turn off...
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    Transmission Fluid - Where do you buy?

    Hey guys, I'm coming up on the 100k mile mark so I've been preparing to get my ducks in a row for a fun day of fluid exchange! I'll be doing the Transmission fluid/filter, adding an aux cooler, transfer case, front and rear diff as well as the oil since I'll be close to needing a replacement...
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    Intermittent CEL when weather warms-up

    Hey all. I've been getting a CEL that from what I can tell, typically occurs on the first day of weather where temperatures break into the 40's or higher. I haven't been able to get the code read yet because the CEL tends to disappear in 2 or 3 start cycles or when the temperatures drop back...
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    Part Number for 2007 I6 Thermostat

    Hi all, First post for me here after discovering the mass exodus at trailvoy. Posted there but am doubtful the info will be forthcoming. Looking for the correct part number for my thermostat replacement. RockAuto gives me 2 options: ACDELCO Part # 1510715 {#12579972, 12605785, 1510590}...

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