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    Transmission Line leak at the wheel well head clamp... temporary fix?

    So... of course, nice cold weather brings out the "age". Like others (years and vehicles), my 2008 decided to have a leak on the tranny line to the cooler (I think) at the body clamp on the driver side wheel well head. I am not likely going to replace the lines at this point... cold and...
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    How graceful does a catalytic age?

    My 2008 4.2 has 250kkm on it. Things do need to be replaced. Some because of wear / tear or others because they break / broke. I was wondering about the cat. Do they wear out suddenly... no not clog but just stop doing what they are supposed to do ("clean gases")? I recently got a...
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    Downstream O2 sensor on 4.2... tips on disconnecting?

    Since I was under the truck chasing the drone, I thought I would look at replacing the downstream 02 sensor since it throw a p013b code every so often... strange code but it is what it is.... I would think it points more to a sensor issue that an engine / emission problem... I think. There is...
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    watch out... its a drone... not that kind of a drone..

    My truck (2008 4.2 TB) has developed a drone. It becomes noticeable at about 40mph and up. It is coming from the front end. Its not dependent on engine rpm and shifting between D and 3rd causes no difference as does removing the gas. There is no detectable difference in cornering in terms...
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    Fun with MAF's :-(

    My 2008 4.2 has been good but fuel mileage has been reducing. I have change out the front o2 sensor (would have done the back but its tough to get at the harness... maybe next time... probably doesn't matter in terms of fueling but it does throw a "weird code" often). I decided to give a new...
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    TPS replacement?

    dumb question: is the TPS replaceable on a 2008 4.2 without replacing the whole throttle body? Rockauto auto doesn't appear to carry only the TPS for that year. Is the unit some how "bonded" to the body to make replacement "less than easy". ie. riveted / tanged as opposed to bolted. I...
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    What... my truck was talking at startup!!!

    Had my truck in for an AC compressor replacement. Picked up. When I went to start it, it "squawked" a warning about ice or something and to be careful. Of course, there is no ice around here at this time.... thank god. Further the "ding ding" seemed to be very loud. I looked thru the...
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    Parking brake caused wheel to jam.

    So off to do some camping before the weekend rush. First of the camping year issues but that's another story / forum. Anyways, at the camp site, jumped into the TB, go to pull away to go to the store, vehicle moves about 3 feet and stops cold. Brake pedal wasn't being touched, neither was...
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    the exhaust manifold crowd... :-(

    so, my "replaced under extended warranty" exhaust manifold cracked again... basically about 4 years after the replacement. Of course, it is unlikely that GM or the dealer will do much for me. Not sure that I am willing to spend coin on them as opposed to maybe a third party shop. I suspect...
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    Power Steering Fluid... wth!

    well since I was playing around in the "front end" with the replacement of the alternator, I thought perhaps I would continue trying to track down the "noise" up there. Some of the noise may have been contributed by the old alternator and possibly the idle pulley (also replaced). Noise is...
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    throttle body "take up"...

    I thought I would do some general maintenance. I cleaned the throttle body last spring (1.5 years) so I thought it would be good to look at it again. It was a bit dirty but not as bad as the original cleaning (truck previously used, no maintenance details). Anyways, I was lightly checking...
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    alternator time? Tyc?

    Noticed that the radio "wines" from time to time.... and it didn't have any wine with supper ... :-) Checked grounds and in the past have changed out the negative cable because of a somewhat "unexplained" charge voltage that I thought was due to the SARVC module. It appears that helped...
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    STFT... "switching", then nada?

    Well, normally when I travel with the traveler in tow (tranny in 3rd), I am monitoring things with torque app as I know I am up near vehicle limits (ie. GCVW). Anyways, last time out, I was watching STFT. Basically, "normally", I would see it "switching" / moving back and forth to various...
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    water pump, fan or ????

    So out of the trail, pulling a 4300 lb trailer. yep close to limits but have done over 30kkm and things are / were fine. Anyways, this latest trip seems to be an "adventure" in cooling. Travelling at 55-60 mph at normal "load speed" (ie. not pushing a grade or anything to work engine), the...
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    Is a MAP sensor, a MAP sensor, a Map sensor??

    Having fun with replacing my MAP sensor. The replacement (off brand) appears to have issues at 800-1500 rpm with stumbles / dies.... almost like a large vacuum leak... kind of like leaving the vacuum hose off the master brake cylinder :-) Anyways, the question is... are MAPs basically the same...
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    STF level spikes at times... hmmm?

    I happen to connect up my torque android device today for a run to get my trailer. Everything looked the same in terms of expected responses... LTF trim was basically "0" at idle and moved up a bit 2-3 ish during the drive. STF trim was "wagging" back and forth at idle and drive. Vacuum...
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    alternator overhaul... ?

    was wondering if anyone has done an alternator overhaul, more specifically, replaced the brushes. I suspect the diodes are not serviceable as in past vehicles, I have seen that they are "brazened". Not even sure there are replacement kits for brushes available but was wondering in general...
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    rear wiper operation (run versus park)?

    My rear wiper hasn't been functioning well for a while. Previously, during the early summer, it would run "normally" at the various settings but as the summer went along, it basically would move verrrrryyyy sssssllllllooooowwwllllyyy along regardless of the setting. It got to the point where...
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    P013b popped up with check engine ... :-(

    Well... forget the alignment "study" for now ... :-) Driving the other day, check engine light popped up, figured initially was perhaps fuel cap issue as I don't always crank it til I get lots of "clicks".... checked / turned it a few clicks. Anyways, since it wasn't going out after a "few...
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    Alignment... more specifically camber adjustment...

    My 2008 (170kkm) has had the upper and lower ball joints replaced two years ago as it did eat one tire (inside wear) and the joints were done. Took it in for alignment and the tire shop brought everything back in line with no further issues in general. Truck tracks well and runs down the road...
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    front shocks removal / replacement... can't drop enouugh...

    truck got about 160Kkm on it so I thought I would tackle the front shocks. working on the driver's side first as it is the easiest to get at "up top". I can't seem to drop the wheel / axle far enough to get the lower portion of the shock to come out of the "receiver". The shock comes up...
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    Couldn' t select 4w lo, now what?

    I seem to have fallen in a hole... :-( I needed to change my engine oil in prep for a long trip (15% left on dic). Went to engage 4w lo to drive up ramps. Heard what sounded like actuator noises along with 4w lo light flashing (in neutral). Eventually, flashing stops, light status goes back...
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    GVWR? IS this number picked out of the air? :-)

    I was looking at trying understand what or maybe why the GVWR is what it is. I see in 2008 (my year) that a 2W vehicle has a GVWR of 5550 lbs while a 4W has a rating of 5750. I think that the difference is probably that addition of the extra drivetrain stuff. BUT doesn't the GVWR limits...
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    Engine Run-on after stopping from a cold start.

    Recently, I just purchase a 2008 TB (in line 6, 4.2) that sometimes exhibits engine run-on when shutting down from a cold start up (ie. morning start, pull truck out of garage, then shut off -> sometimes result in a second or two of run-on). Engine has 135kkm, don't know any history other than...

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