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    New member

    Welcome :tiphat:
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    Happy Thanksgiving!!

    Happy Thanksgiving to all.
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    What are you doing today?

    Back to the driving thing again. 1050 miles back home. :crazy:
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    The Random/Funny Pic Thread.

    Couldn't get a good shot. Says "LET US FILL YOUR HOLE".
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    5th annual Pinellas Park meet - 10/26/2013

    :iagree: Thanks to everyone who showed. :tiphat: A big thanks to Jimmy for the refreshments and to Carlton for catching the pix. :thumbsup: :thumbsup: And...of course...GO BUCKS!!!! 63-14 win over Penn State. :wootwoot: :dance:
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    The Shed

    Or mine. He he he... :wink: Chevy TrailBlazer, TrailBlazer SS and GMC Envoy Forum - View Single Post - BO TIE SS Mancave
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    Happy Birthday BO TIE SS!!

    Thanks everyone! Had a great day. :thumbsup:
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    5th annual Pinellas Park meet - 10/26/2013

    Just an FYI... The next day (Sunday 10/27) is the 10 year anniversary for this Q S & L. It sounds like they have alot planned. :undecided:
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    Meet - Duluth, GA - 10/17/2013

    A big thanks to Kevin (and family) and John for meeting up. :grouphug: Unfortunately the visit was shortened due to uncooperative traffic. :mad: Sorry, no pictures of this one.
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    Meet - Duluth, GA - 10/17/2013

    The day has arrived! See everyone later. :thumbsup:
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    What are you doing today?

    Driving, driving and more driving... This morning I am departing on my ~1050 mile journey. :wootwoot:
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    Columbus, OH Tilted Kilt meet Saturday October 12

    Damn. I just realized that I loaded pics in Photobucket, but forgot to post them here. :crazy:
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    What are you doing today?

    Friday. Hopefully I'll be down early enough to stop at Cuso's for a couple of beers. I told my mom that I'd be at her house around dinner time. I'll send you and Jimmy a text when I get an idea what time I'll arrive. (in case you happen to be over that way) :biggrin:
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    Meet - Duluth, GA - 10/17/2013

    I can't stay very late either. I usually try to make it South of Macon before stopping for the night. Head count - just me.
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    What are you doing today?

    Today, I'm getting my "box-o-mods" together for my trip. I'll try to get some things done in Florida that I haven't had time to do here. (and maybe get a little help from my friends) :biggrin:
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    Official 2013 mid atlantic fall meet

    They must not have had it...there are no pictures. :undecided:
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    Columbus, OH Tilted Kilt meet Saturday October 12

    I'll be sportin' the 'Hoe today.
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    Hello from SW Ohio

    Always nice to see another Ohioan. :thumbsup:
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    Meet - Duluth, GA - 10/17/2013

    That's Great! Larry, you still in?
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    Columbus, OH Tilted Kilt meet Saturday October 12

    I am "highly probable" now. :rotfl:
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    GM is now REIMBURSING $$

    :iagree: That's the number on mine, too. The only difference is, my dealership calls it "Special Coverage 10054".
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    Random GMT Picture Thread

    Reminds me of the ultra-rare Suburban SS that was at Carlisle last year. (with the upside down badges) :biggrin: In all seriousness, I do like the front clip mod. :twocents:
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    Meet - Duluth, GA - 10/17/2013

    It's the one-week countdown. :wootwoot: Hope everyone can still make it!
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    Keep up the good work-good community here

    Any particular reason why you don't want another Envoy? I know if anything ever happened to my SS, I would get another SS or possibly a 9-7 Aero. (newer, of course)
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    Random Videos

    If that's true, whatever they come up with would be a joke and *probably* easily defeated in court. :twocents: If you run out of ammo, you still have a two ton projectile to take out a few more. :yes:
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    hello from central n.y.

    We're glad you found us. :yes:
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    so who still uses the old site?

    Better yet, do this... Free credit report :thumbsup: (except you'd have to use tiny url or something)
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    Unable to insert images using the "insert image" button

    Big Ed was having a problem too. We haven't resolved the issue yet.
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    Custom DIC Intro Displays

    That's Great! My only question...Will it take symbols (like an apostrophe)? Could I do "SAM'S TBSS", or would it have to be "SAMS TBSS"?
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    howdy from texas

    Welcome aboard. :tiphat:

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