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  1. Mooseman

    Word Association Game II

  2. Mooseman

    Transmission issues please help

    It can but you basically have to take the whole tranny apart to replace the output tail shaft.
  3. Mooseman

    The COVID escape room

  4. Mooseman

    What do you think when you read thread titles??

    Weatherstripping Ohhhh, I just love to see some naked clouds!
  5. Mooseman

    SOLVED! Locked out

    It kinda happened to me. I had two sets of keys, used one to start the Saab and locked the doors to let it warm up. The other set wasn't able to unlock the doors using the fob and the door lock key cylinder was seized. Had to get a tow truck to use the bladder in the door jamb to slip a rod to...
  6. Mooseman

    07 Silverado lifter or spark knock

    Not that I know of. Pretty much all high torque bolts are TTY.
  7. Mooseman

    Transmission issues please help

    Sorry, I missed that. I meant the torque converter.
  8. Mooseman

    Transmission issues please help

    I don't think the TC itself is the problem, looks like the pump got damaged like in the pic.
  9. Mooseman

    Official FedEX UPS USPS Vent Thread!!

    Well that didn't happen... Refresh the page and it now says by end of day today still. If they show up at 11:39PM, they're gonna have an old fat guy in his underwear greeting them. I have two packages from RA.
  10. Mooseman

    Word Association Game II

  11. Mooseman

    Transmission issues please help

    What I'm thinking is the TC wasn't properly engaged with the pump and destroyed the tangs on the pump. Not the first time. This is what happens when the TC isn't in properly: Good point on using the TC from the 4.2. Even if it bolts up to the 4.2 flexplate, the stall speed with the 5.3 TC...
  12. Mooseman

    Transmission issues please help

    Is the pump working? Take the cooler line out of the driver side on the radiator and slip on a hose. Put the other end in a large container. Start the engine. Tranny fluid should start pumping out. If not, the pump was likely damaged during installation.
  13. Mooseman

    Word Association Game II

  14. Mooseman

    anyone in canada loose a wheel ?

    I'm getting this pizza delivered in under 30 minutes dammit! I watched quite a few others off that page. Man there are a lot of stupid people!
  15. Mooseman

    2002 Envoy 4.2 engine noise need help!

    And this post has info regarding the R&R of the tranny.
  16. Mooseman

    2002 Envoy 4.2 engine noise need help!

    And here's a post that indicates that the engine and tranny mounts may be at fault and should be replaced.
  17. Mooseman

    2002 Envoy 4.2 engine noise need help!

    Yes, it does happen and sure looks and sounds like it is that.
  18. Mooseman

    Looking into a 9th Gen Suburban, concerned about AFM

    Yep, as long as AFM is disabled while it's still in good working order, you'll avoid any issues down the road. Check the oil pressure when running hot being reported by the gauge. I didn't notice mine would drop to 20 psi while driving down the highway. An oil change brings it back up but it...
  19. Mooseman

    NEED HELP Wireing diagram

    Try here: Need Full Size Truck Service Manuals? Get them Here!
  20. Mooseman

    What are you doing today? [Part II]

    Installed a black tank rinser in the RV. Hardest part was removing and reinstalling the underbelly cover. Had to clean up a lot of the sloppy work from the factory. They overused foam insulation to seal the edges and some sort of really sticky duct tape. I used EternaBond tape. That stuff...
  21. Mooseman

    What did you do to your GMT today? [Part II]

    One thing I forgot to check was the diff's vent hose and fitting. Apparently that can also cause it to leak out by building pressure inside.
  22. Mooseman

    GMC accessories available for the Envoy?

    That is a nice find. Never seen that before. Wish I could find the hitch cover for my TB.
  23. Mooseman

    Under the hood heat guard question part 2

    Maybe something like this?
  24. Mooseman

    How To: Clean The Camshaft Position Actuator Solenoid (CPAS) Picture Heavy

    You don't have to disconnect the battery for the CPAS cleaning. It's really necessary when cleaning the throttle body.
  25. Mooseman

    What did you do to your GMT today? [Part II]

    Loaded the 6500w genny and the stick welder to take them to the famy farm. The BIL needed to weld on a thumb to his excavator. The slide worked ok with all that weight. Then loaded 3 containers of dirt to.take home for the Mrs garden.
  26. Mooseman

    NEED HELP Which transfer case is used in '04 Envoy XUV, '07 Saab 9-7x?

    They are different internally. The Envoy uses a real 4x4 selectable TC while the Saab uses a part-time AWD non-selectable one. They will physically interchange but will not work in the other truck. For your Envoy, stick with a 4x4 selectable from an Envoy or TB. Although there have been...
  27. Mooseman

    how to diagnose 5.3 low oil pressure

    You'll be fine with the Dorman.
  28. Mooseman

    Word Association Game II

  29. Mooseman

    What did you do to your GMT today? [Part II]

    Didn't do a bloody thing for mine. If anything, made it worse :frown: . Already ordered a pair of seals.
  30. Mooseman

    how to diagnose 5.3 low oil pressure

    Found a couple of numbers. Dorman 917143 and GM 12585328. It's called an Engine Oil Pressure Sensor filter. Had to find it using Google.

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