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  1. cornchip

    Front passenger side frame rail crack

    This must be a typical thing for GMT360's. Anybody else ever notice? The only web search came back from a Trailvoy post, but the guy never uploaded a picture. My take on this is that it is nothing too major. I can't see any frame rot other than surface rust at the crack. Should be an easy fix...
  2. cornchip

    Amazon Product ACDelco 18A1756A Advantage Non-Coated Front Disc Brake Rotor - 24.07 Canadian

    I got these 2 weeks ago for $20.96 Canadian each. Soon after that they went up to $52.00 CDN. Now they are back down at 24.07 CDN with Prime. BTW...Amazon says these are incorrect for my Trailblazer. They fit and are on the truck. Amazon's just crazy at times. LOL. LINK.
  3. cornchip

    New 2022 GMC Hummer EV

    Who will be first to own one? :dielaugh: LINK
  4. cornchip

    Vortec 4200 coolant flow direction.....

    I relate things I know to things I used to see often. For example, my old 305 TBI V8 had the thermostat in the valley of the intake and flowed coolant thru the thermostat to the upper tank of the radiator (a down flow rad) making the lower hose was the draw to the water pump. The 4200 has...
  5. cornchip

    2021 Tahoe and Suburban to be announced tonight....

    Interesting to see where they go with this SUV considering the direction GM seems to be heading with other offerings.
  6. cornchip

    2020 Supra B58 Engine Teardown

  7. cornchip

    TECH 2 Clone fails to boot

    Went to add a new key fob to my wife's 2006 Equinox today. Connected up and got only to the 'initializing' boot screen. Tried it again on the Trailblazer with the same results. Also works the same with the supplied 12v adapter. I'm trying to imagine what it could be. Has power....could it have...
  8. cornchip

    Ford Pushrod Returns With The New Godzilla 7.3L OHV Big-Block EcoBoost?
  9. cornchip

    Turbo Vortec 4200 swap into a 1963 Studebaker Lark

    Interesting drag car with a long history of engine swaps. Currently making 427hp/419tq. Has a decent build thread over at Grassroots Motorsports. Enjoy. Grassroots Motorsports LINK Youtube Video Channel LINK
  10. cornchip

    Vortec 4200 swap into a Checker cab part 1

    Noticed the interesting attempt to use a BOP turbo 400. Not betting on that being 100 percent reliable.
  11. cornchip

    Confirmed.....GM closing Oshawa assembly plant

    Merry Christmas from GM to the remaining 3000 employees left on Oshawa, the assembly plat that once had 40,000 workers....closing it's doors for good. Working in the machine shop trade, I caught wind of a massive contract cancellation with a company also in Ontario and the immediate layoff of...
  12. cornchip

    SAAB 9-7X at my local Pic'n'Pull

    Was surprised to see a SAAB 9-7X while browsing for fresh inventory. Never seen one in person.
  13. cornchip

    Ontario 'announcement’ on Drive Clean

    Fingers crossed that this program gets the axe. :woohoo: LINK
  14. cornchip

    New GM 2.7 liter 4 cylinder for upcoming Silverado's

    Never thought I'd see the day when a four would be found under the hood of a full size truck.
  15. cornchip

    4l60e PWM mod information

    I see I may have to pursue this and thought I'd see if I got it right. In OD I get P0894 whenever I drive highway and the PCM commands lockup of the converter. I feel that just being in 4th and having no lockup, things would be just fine and the transmission temps would stay down. With the temps...
  16. cornchip

    Canada accidentally bombs the US.

    On behalf of all Canadians, I apologize for the accidental bombing of a home in Miami today. :duh:
  17. cornchip

    Another use for your Trailblazer.

    Hamilton has a crime wave with ATM's being removed from buildings by force. Here's what happens when your truck gets stolen by thieves. So sad to watch.
  18. cornchip

    2007 Engine PCM Harness Compatibility

    With these trucks in the pic'n'pull yards, I am wondering if I can pull a complete 2007 Engine PCM harness at my local yard. My reasoning for this is mostly for my own convenience as it's hard to trouble shoot the vehicle you drive on a daily basis when it comes to the lousy wiring they all...

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