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    Horrible Fuel Mileage

    I would check your cat. converter. If thermostat was not working too long, the cat can be damaged.
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    Help! security lockout after new ignition switch

    Try this
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    What kind of MPG do y'all get?

    I track all mileage, mostly as a diagnostic tool to get early warning of something gone wrong. Worst was 12.9, all city, cold & snow. Best was 23.4, 2 lane highway going about 60mph for 150 miles from Laramie to Alcova, WY. Overall average for last 35k miles is 15.4, about 75% city/short trips.
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    ANNOUNCEMENT We need the community's help

    FYI-the donations link returns an error.
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    New headlights need some adjustment.

    If the aim is way off from where it was before, suggest you make sure the headlight assembly is fully seated and the pushdown clamps are fully down before adjusting. I've noticed that the pushdowns can be almost fully down even if the assembly is not fully seated.
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    Reduced power, no codes

    Reporting back to wrap this up, I hope. After getting back from vacation, I went through everything I had looked at again. Eventually found 2 wires in the MAF sensor plug that were barely making connection (yellow and black w/white stipe). I'm guessing they would sometimes make contact and...
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    Reduced power, no codes

    Going on vacation today, so all of this will have to wait for a couple of weeks. I'll get back into this when I get back.
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    Reduced power, no codes

    I'll work on this. The only code I'm getting, when the MAF is plugged in, is P0171, too lean. If I unplug the MAF, I get a P0113 and P0102, which go away if I plugin the MAF.
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    Reduced power, no codes

    Guess I spoke too soon. Today I went out & started up the TB. Started normally, but when I put in gear & drove off, it would barely move. Put it back in neutral and it idled very rough & felt like it was going to die any second. If I unplug the MAF, it runs fine. Figured my new MAF went bad...
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    Reduced power, no codes

    I ended up replacing the MAF. No problems now for 3 weeks. Hope this is the end of this problem.
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    Reduced power, no codes

    Good ideas, I'll report back.
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    Reduced power, no codes

    Filter looks good, cleaned MAF. We'll see what happens. This occurs so infrequently it's hard to tell if anything is helping. I guess if it never happens again, this worked. If not, it may be a month before I know it didn't. I'll let you know.
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    Reduced power, no codes

    Crawled under the truck & gave the cat a few taps. Didn't sound like anything inside was loose, no rattles or clinks. I'll try clean the MAF & check the filter tomorrow.
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    Reduced power, no codes

    Not that I've noticed. I'll give it a closer inspection. If it was a plugged cat, wouldn't the reduced power be more or less constant? This is happening about 1 or 2 times a month on a daily driver. On restart, it runs normally. Seems like a plugged cat would have a pretty constant effect...
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    Reduced power, no codes

    Car Gauge Pro. No current, pending or stored faults, nothing at all. No warning lights, & all appears normal, except will barely go. I'm baffled. I happens immediately when I put in gear & try to drive. Idles normally, around 600rpm. On attempting to drive will not go over 2000 & feels...
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    Reduced power, no codes

    Anyone here?
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    Reduced power, no codes

    Hi everybody, this one has me stumped. Lately I've had a few times when, after a cold start, the truck has no power. Like a reduced engine power mode, but no lights and no codes. If I turn it off & restart, it runs fine. This seems to happen about once a month and the rest of the time it...
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    how to know if your I-6 is running right ?

    dkvasnika, I'm running 3.42 gears. A/C on about 1/2 the time. Tried to quote your post, but it just wouldn't work.
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    Tips on 1st Thermostat replacement on Inline-6

    It can be done through the wheel well, but I'm not sure if it is any easier. PIA anyway you look at it. You'll need really skinny arms or long socket extensions.
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    how to know if your I-6 is running right ?

    19 mpg sounds a little low. I can cruise all day at 75 & get 22 mpg. Stop & go traffic, like metro Denver, 19 sounds about right.
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    Did a 1400 mile trip last week, all interstate at 75-80. Mileage for the trip was 22.4. Mostly flat, across eastern Wyoming & Nebraska & back.
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    Will be changing the battery soon, possible to prevent HVAC actuator issues?

    It's not always a bad thing. A couple of days ago I found that I could only get air to blow out of the defroster vents, regardless of the position of the controls. I figured that if the actuator vents do a "relearn" if the battery is disconnected, why not just do it. Unhooked the battery for a...
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    Small oil leak front differential

    I had the same thing. From what I understand it was caused by the pinion bearing going bad & overheating the seal. Ended up replacing all bearings & seals in the front differential, luckily all under warranty. Total cost just under $2,000 at dealer. Not sure if replacing all this was really...
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    Spark Plug

    Torque specs Spark plugs 13 lb ft Coil bolt 89 lb inches-less than 7.5 lb ft-don't over tighten
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    Looking for gun value info

    You might take a look at, a gun auction web site, to see what things are selling for.
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    EBATES Money back

    I've used ebates for a couple of years. So far, over $1,000 back in cash.:yes:
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    Sway Bar Links Clunking

    I have found that you can get a needle-nose vise grip clamped on the end-link bolt next to the rubber gasket and get the nuts off pretty easily.
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    so who still uses the old site? Tuf Shine OS seeking vendors Security Components I understand that vendors are necessary, it's just not what I was looking for.
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    so who still uses the old site?

    When I open this site & searched for new posts this afternoon, 15 out of 30 post on the first page were social posts or advertising. I am looking for technical/performance posts. While the old site has a lot of stuff I'm not interested in, too, it doesn't seem to have as much. Admittedly they...
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    Veterans check in

    US Army, Vietnam, 1969-1972

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