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    My 04 ENVOY 4.2 sounds like an old man getting up in the morning

    @Mike534x I didn't replace the cannister, just the purge valve near it, and inspected the hoses for holes, abrasion, and gave them a tug test to be sure they were on tight. When I replaced both valves, I was looking for pieces of charcoal and found none. Nice pick up on the hairline crack, I...
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    My 04 ENVOY 4.2 sounds like an old man getting up in the morning

    Just did the same thing with a P0455, the code was intermittent, maybe once a month. Started by tightening, then replacing the fuel cap. Worked for a while, then the code came back. Since it's been warmer, I crawled under the truck (2004 TB) and inspected all the lines to the cannister purge and...
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    AC high side service port

    Maybe when they switched from R12 to R134?
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    ECM B fuse blows instantly

    Sounds to me a component on the harness may be shorted, and since you're putting a new one in plug everything in one ar a time till the fuse blows. @TJ Bakers suggestion is great, I've seen those used. Thinking further, the rodent infestation sounds like there may be a power wire shorted to a...
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    ECM B fuse blows instantly

    I had to read this a few times, but what I'm reading is that all the components on the main harness are disconnected and the fuse blows when you hook up the grounds?
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    What are you doing today? [Part II]

    Finally got my first Covid shot.
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    4.2 keeps losing oil pressure

    If it's done it forever, it's probably piston slap. Synthetic oil will most likely lessen the noise.
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    Cranks but won't start

    That happend to me, too. Wound up buying the J tool (sorry, don't remember the PN) and installed it that way. I do remember there's about 3 for the TB, look it up for your year.
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    Horrible Fuel Mileage

    Beacon, GMCman Yes, I do let it warm up for a minute or two before driving, and am well aware of the loss of mileage in the winter months. I expect a loss of about 2-3 mpg when it's cold (below 40), this winter it just seems to be excessive. It's supposed to go up to 60 today, hopefully won't...
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    NEED HELP P0171 Code causing high idle and poor fuel mileage!

    Sage advise on the ECTS. I was checking mine with a scanner and the coolant temp was around 170, said to myself time for a thermostat. Put one in, scanned it again, still 170. Replaced the coolant sensor, all's good. Just an FYI, use some teflon tape on the sensor, mine leaked, wound up doing...
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    So yea.. About to be a dad again..

    Congratulations and good luck, I'm sure everything will work out.
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    Horrible Fuel Mileage

    I noticed this over the winter, fuel milage went way down. The vehicle is well maintained with all the filters and fluids changed on a maintenance schedule. Around late October, early November, town driving, it was getting 13-14 MPG, which for this car, is poor, even for winter blend gas...
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    03 gmc envoy

    With what?
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    Reprise's 2003 Sierra Build Project - Blue Crush

    Reprise Was a PCM retune required for this cam?
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    Reprise's 2003 Sierra Build Project - Blue Crush

    Forgot to put a drain plug in once on a 12 cyl. Rolls Royce diesel generator once. Luckily I caught it after about a gallon, if I remember correctly, it held 25 gallons of oil. Yes, quite the mess.
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    Reprise's 2003 Sierra Build Project - Blue Crush

    If it's not oil, gotta be coolant, P/S or trans fluid, I'm going with coolant.
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    Reprise's 2003 Sierra Build Project - Blue Crush

    Mixcloud won't work for me, been following this thread and I'm dying to know.
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    Can this be repaired?

    From the looks of the pictures, that's not the only rusty spot on the frame. If you're looking for a project and have the skills to fix it yourself, $25 more than a junkyard would pay.
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    What are you doing today? [Part II]

    Finally got Medicare part B and the Advantage plan. What a fight.
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    New user from Russia

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    NEED HELP Cylinder Head and timing chain headaches.

    Heater hoses. With that milage, they're probably shot.
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    NEED HELP Replace.. Or Simple Repair?

    What Matt said. You could also drop the trans pan and see whats in there, although it won't tell you if a sunshell or pump broke.
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    What are you doing today? [Part II]

    Still fighting with Social Security. Apparently my old workplace has to fill out a form and they screwed it up twice. So far my retirements been nothing but on the phone.
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    Sway bar removal

    Do you mean the Panard bar?
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    Transmission Line leak at the wheel well head clamp... temporary fix?

    There's these fittings, I wish I could remember the name of them, I used several years ago on my PS lines. Cut the rusted part of the line out with a pipe cutter, clean the ends with a piece of emory cloth, and slide them on. There'a a specific tightening (seated, then 1/4 turn), and you're good...
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    What are you doing today? [Part II]

    Today is the day of my retirement. I really tried to make this seamless and put lots of effort into all the details that come with it. Didd'nt happen. First, called the 401k plan last week to have a monthly withdrawal deposited to my checking account. After 3 soilid days on hold, finally found...
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    Transmission job #2

    Pull the pan and look for debris, clutch material, etc. If so, it has to come out. Maybe you'll get lucky and it will be a clogged filter.
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    What are you doing today?

    No, I was a packaging machine mechanic, that was after 20 years as an mechanic at a dealer. Kind of surprises me, I told the company I was going to retire just before Thanksgiving. They tried replacing me from within the company, didn't work. Then they went outside the company, hired a couple of...
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    What are you doing today?

    Getting ready to retire January 1st. 20 years on the job, will be 71 end of January, it's time.
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    NEED HELP 05 trailblazer crank wont start... Help

    Battery cables?

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