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    Engine mount heat shield

    All I'm hoping someone can help me out. In a week or two, new motor mounts are going in the TB, and am searching for a motor mount heat shield. Several sites have it as a discontinued number (15875691), and the ones that don't (GM parts giant), canceled the order. There's also a superceded...
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    One of my rear upper control arms rusted through, and being cautious, I ordered a kit with all 4 arms. They came without bolts, so I'm hoping one of the learned people on this list knows the size. Further hoping it will be a Home Depot, or a hardware store item.
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    Differential cover

    All I tried to change the rear end fluid on my 2004 Trailblazer LS 4WD. Luckily the first thing I did was try to get the filler plug out which was STUCK. Hammered a 3/8 extension into the plug, used lots of PB Blaster, breaker bar, heat (plumbers torch, don't have a oxy/acetaline) then a half...
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    Motor mount heat shield

    Does anyone know what the heat shield on the passenger get side motor mount is called, or better yet have a part number? Spent some time googling with no results. I'm going to replace the mounts soon and looking to cover all the bases.
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    Suspension question

    My 2004 Trailblazer has 145,000 miles on it and is ready for new lower control arms, struts, and upper control arms. I wanted to go with AC Delco parts, but they're dammed expensive. Probably will go with AC Delco uni struts as I would like the spring rate to be the same, aren't sure about...
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    NJ Inspection

    My TB was due for state inspection last week, and for me it was a very interesting trip. In the old days, they used to check the headlights, brakes, emissions (with a tailpipe sniffer), etc. The last time I went, 2 years ago, they did some of this stuff (tailpipe sniffer, brakes) but this time...
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    SOLVED! A/C Permission Withheld

    Hi, all. My 2004 TB with manual air works very intermittently. I know there's a charge in it ( maybe a little overcharged, added a can of dye to it), and all the buttons and switches work, it was tested with a Tech 2. So here's my problem. While running through all the tests the Tech 2 has one...
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    SOLVED! Noob Tech2 Help

    Got a tech 2 to find the code on a service 4wd light. Spent some time setting it up, and a few days figuring out how it works. If I'm not mistaken, 4wd codes are 'c xxx'. I can't get this thing to list any c codes. There is a screen that you can put in specific codes, but the tech2 will only...
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    Tech2 Questions

    I bought a clone tech2, and followed the instructions on installing the TIS2000 software, which turned out to be a biblical pain in the ass. Realizing it was beyond my computer skill level, I took it to my son, and he created a 'virtual machine'. Went through the USB to serial ordeal, but...
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    Service 4WD Service Bulletin

    All I haven't seen this SB before, thought I'd share it.
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    Service 4WD Bulletin

    All I haven't seen this SB before, thought I'd share it.
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    No A/C

    Hope you guys can help me out. AC stopped blowing cold. PIA part is the clutch cycles for about 5-10 seconds when the car is first started, then won't cycle anymore. Jumped the connector on the low pressure switch, no joy. So far, I've checked for voltage on the low pressure switch (5v-low?)...
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    P 0171

    Anybody have the GM troubleshooting guide for a code P 0171? Checked the search function here but didn't find the solution. I did check what was mentioned (vacuum leaks, fuel pressure, etc.). There was even one member that fixed it with an SAIS valve. So I'm stuck and hoping to get the page from...
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    Horn don't work

    All; I searched the threads on this and can't find the answer. Horn stopped working, but does work with the key fob. Spent some time in the garage today, and checked the fuse, not the relay because the key fob works. Popped the air bag off and removed the white plastic piece with the 2 red...
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    Fuel Pump lock ring tool

    All I recently replaced the fuel pump in my 04 TB due to rotted fuel lines, and soon after a P440 code appeared. Crawled back under the car to check the lines, etc. to make sure I didn't leave something off or loose (I didn't), but the 440 persists. I think the code is caused by the seal around...
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    Leaking fuel line at pump (a gripe)

    Just got done replacing the fuel pump and the plastic fuel lines, due to them rusting out. Both steel lines broke as I was trying to get the clip out, so I needed new ones NOW. The dealer is brutally expensive on parts, even though I get a discount. Of course, I broke some damn valve in the...
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    PS line leak

    Here's the deal. The metal power steering line on the drivers side sprung a leak. My plan is to cut the line (s), use some brake line and double flare the fittings, if I can. I figure the double flare is used on brake lines that work under approximately the same pressures. I'm hoping this is a...
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    Oil drainback question

    The other day I changed my oil, and when I poured it in noticed it seemed to take a long time to drain back to where it started reading on the dipstick. I'm thinking maybe 2 minutes or a little more, then went right up to full. In the old days, (chevy 350) when the oil was poured in, it...
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    Exhaust manifold bolts

    Recently I chased down an exhaust leak on my 04 LS. It turned out to be a cracked manifold, and I took it off. Luckily only one bolt broke and I managed to remove it with a minor struggle. After I was done with the removal, I came inside and checked all the posts on the aforementioned problem...
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    4WD screw up

    Well, I did it this time. Before I took it apart, I knew the axle disconnect had a broken shift fork. The good news is, that was correct (thank you all here). The bad news is when I was removing it, it was stuck so bad I broke it. As far a breaks go, this one is beautiful. When I first tried to...
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    Idles at 900

    I have a 2004 I6 Trailblazer, 80xxx miles. About 6 months ago it decided it wanted to idle at 900 rpm. When this first happened, I disconnected the battery for 1/2 hour, the idle came down to 600, I thought it was fixed. Well, since then it's happened several times, disconnected the battery...
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    New guy here. I lurked for a while and joined today. I have an 04 TB, thing runs great EXCEPT for all those intermittent crazy electrical problems, so I'll be asking plenty of questions. Nice to be here.

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