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    Auto-Trak II fluid on sale at! Not sure where else to put this.... found Auto-Trak II fluid on sale at for $8.30 / liter.
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    Transmission Dipstick Tube Seal difficulties

    TL:DR, just a question at the bottom. After replacing my exhaust manifold, exhaust manifold gasket, firering, valve cover gasket, intake gasket, and throttlebody gasket I was certain that my days of finding puddles of fluids under the car were over.... alas, they were not. Copious fluids began...
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    Exhaust Manifold Replacment - input requested

    I've finally had enough of the ticking noise from my multiple exhaust leaks. The noise, coupled with some performance concerns (mainly mileage related) have finally driven me to replace the exhaust manifold. I have a 2002 Olds Bravada - so it's the first design of the manifold and downpipe. I've...
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    E15 gasoline - has anyone run it?

    Yesterday, I noticed our local gas stations have started to carry e15 at a lower price than even "regular" 87. I've seen conflicting information on running e15, mostly from industry groups arguing back and forth about whether it harms engines. So, my question is this: Has anyone run e15? Were...
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    Motor Oil Spilled on Serpentine Belt

    While finishing up my oil change yesterday I got lazy and tried to add oil to the crankcase from the 5-quart jug without a funnel. Big mistake. I ended up missing the fill hole and poured probably 3 to 4 ounces of oil onto the serpentine belt, down the front of the engine and onto the pulleys...
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    Replacing Pads & Rotors, Front & Rear

    It's come time for me to replace my front rotors as they are cracking badly. I started noticing a vibration above 80mph a few weeks ago but didn't think much of it. Turns out that my drilled & slotted rotors are cracking at every drilled hole. When I first noticed the cracks I was a bit...
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    Severe Miss after driving through water - possibly plugged cat?

    So, it rained like heck yesterday afternoon and I ended up screwing around a little too much in it. I drove through a little less than a foot of water without issue. I shut the car off after getting back to the office and went inside - at this point the car had been running fine as usual. Less...
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    Forums for Ford Escape (2011m/y)

    Does anyone know of a good forum for the Ford Escape - specifically one that includes the 2011 model year. I've found forums for the newer generations, but nothing that old. My wife's Escape has less than 75,000 miles on it and I'd like to keep it up as best we can. I'm adding DVD headrests this...
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    Fan removal - holding water pump pulley while removing fan nut

    I found this trick some time ago and never took a photo of it. I'm posting it now since I got to use it again this weekend. I've seen various tools mentioned (chains, too). I found this to be easier for me, and doesn't require any extra tools or chains - just a single 13mm wrench. Basically, put...
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    Bolt trouble

    How can you tell if you've begun to pull the threads out of a bolt hole? Backstory: My water pump went out on me on Friday (1/4/19). I picked up a new WP, belt, & coolant and installed them on Saturday. The book I have is well.... not in the greatest shape. I couldn't find the bolt torque...
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    Suspension Squeak

    I have a 2002 Bravada AWD, completely stock. It has aftermarket Moog lower Ball Joints (before I bought the car), new generic upper ball joints, duralast outer tie rods (about 2 years old - greased and in good condition), and new generic sway bar end links. The SBELs and Upper BJs were recently...
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    CV Shaft and Wheel Hub Replacement advice

    So, I'm 99% sure that the passenger side wheel bearing is shot (technician's report said so when I got tires put on 6 months ago and the noise has just gotten worse since). My passenger side outer CV boot is shot (grease everywhere and it makes noise). Here's my question: Since I have to change...
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    No brake lights - CHMSL works, though. Fuses ok.

    So, my wife got a driver's award the other day - 49 in a 35 with warnings for seat belt and brake lights. BRAKE LIGHTS? We just had this thing inspected (PA)! I checked and replaced (for good measure) the underseat fuse for (BRAKE) and the underhood fuse for STP/LP with no effect. Turn signals...
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    P1484 - Caused by loose wire in fan clutch pigtail - fixed by soldering

    Just so others can find it and attempt the repair on the cheap like I did, I wanted to post what happened to me: I started getting random "Reduced Engine Power" lights and was setting code P1484. After struggling to/from work for a couple of weeks with it like this, I did some digging and found...
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    Knock and crunch from front of engine

    On my drive home from work I started hearing some strange noises coming from the front end.... almost like gravel being spit up under the hood. Upon closer inspection I notice an inconsistent but rhythmic knock coming from the front of the engine with an occasional "crunch". Reminds me of...
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    Intermittent starting problem. All but gas gauge works, no fuel pump, no crank.

    So, I'm hoping some of the more informed on this forum can help with this. I can only hope it's possibly the ignition switch. Intermittently, I'll get a no start condition in the Bravada. All gauges function except the gas gauage. Fuel pump does not start. Sometimes the "Avg Fuel Economy" reads...
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    Yet another A/C thread- clutch seriously worn.

    So - at roadie's suggestion i took a close look at my a/c. It's been flaky for a while. I found thw coil would pull the clutch in, but the clutch would just slip. It spins nice and easy by hand though. I tried to measure the air gap but couldnt and upon closer inspection found a lip at the edge...
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    AWD weirdness in 02 Bravada - or "Stupid Questions, part 1."

    So, I have (2) 2002 Bravadas. Both with AWD. If I jack up one front tire on "mine" I can not spin the wheel (truck in park). If I jack up one front tire on "hers", I can spin that wheel with ease. Both drive perfectly fine. "Mine" squeels tires in turns but doesn't "crow hop" hers doesn't squeel...
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    ECAS operation questions

    Hello all. I'm hoping to get some feedback on the ECAS in my '02 Bravada. My wife and I have identical '02 Bravadas (same trim, color, etc). We both have I6, etc... When her ECAS engages the rear lifts at a noticeable pace, when it reaches height, the compressor shuts off with a "pachissss"...

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