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  1. Capote

    Anyone run 255/60/18 tires before? Any upper ball-joint clearance issues?

    I still need a set of tires to put on the 18" gloss black stockers I bought a few months ago. I have ran 2 other sets of 255/55/18 on my Verde wheels, but 18's look so awkward even on a lowered TB, mostly because of the tire profile. Figured i'd go up a tad. Was just wondering if anyone who has...
  2. Capote

    SOLVED! Persistent P0171 & P0340 and corresponding/related issues:

    Need some input here from you gents concerning the problems I've had coinciding, whilst having both codes. Bear with me, as I might go different directions explaining issues and my thoughts... Truck has had a high idle and lean issue for a while, that I've sadly procrastinated on...
  3. Capote

    Dealerships the only ones to have Tech II's?

    ..or do I need to go to a stealership and have them do a CASE Relearn? Have had a P0340 for a minute, started to occur a month or so after the swap. I was going to replace the CPS, but realized that i'd need to do a relearn anyway even if I did that. Just don't trust any shops or dealerships...
  4. Capote

    SUPPORT "Site not Secure" message on Chrome Browser

    Just out of nowhere today, Chrome claims this site is unsafe and has potential hackers, etc. etc.
  5. Capote

    Excellent product for extreme window oxidation

    *I couldn't get comparison pictures before it got too dark, so i'll add some tomorrow, sorry in advance* My windows have been heavily oxidized and water spot stained for quite a few years and nothing I have tried over the years has made a dent in trying to reverse this. Not even "Barkeepers...
  6. Capote

    SOLVED! Rough idle, possibly thermostat

    EDIT: Changed to solved, bad thermostat for sure Truck was idling rough again, so I checked for any codes to see if anything can help me further troubleshoot this current issue (replacing spark plugs because I could not find any vacuum leaks) Instead of getting a misfire code or etc. I see a...
  7. Capote

    Oil leaking at end of Oil Pressure Sending Unit

    I just was out at my truck and I noticed a 1 sq foot oil spot on the ground. Popped the hood and I see a droplet of oil dripping out of the end of the oil pressure sending unit about every 3 seconds. The green clip is broken at the part where it secures around the stub on the end of the sending...
  8. Capote

    This is a long shot, but anyone wanna meet up?

    Only member I've ever met on GMTN in the South East was BlazingTrails (former member) back in 2014. We became very close friends and still are to this day, hanging out quite often (25min away). Lived with him and his family almost a year after I ETS'd from the Army in 2016. One of the few people...
  9. Capote

    WANTED A/C Accumulator strap on Coolant Overflow Tank

    Mines been missing since I've had the TB. The accumulator sits there tilted over without this piece holding it in place. I don't want to have to have to buy a new overflow tank just to have this piece (the new ones seem to have a leak issue). Anyone have a GMT360 they're parting out or a spare...
  10. Capote

    eBay Listing BMR Adjustable Lower Control Arms

    BMR recently came out with some adjustable LCA's, similar to that of Spohn's
  11. Capote

    Truck took a few tries to start, now have knock/tapping noise?

    Went to start my truck after it sat a day, turned key and got nothing. Similar to as if you had a low battery. On some tries though it felt like the starter was getting caught up possibly. Well several tries later I heard and felt a loud thud noise and it started, idled roughly with gray smoke...
  12. Capote

    Capote's 4.2L Turbo Build (ᴩʀᴏᴊᴇᴄᴛ ᴀʙᴀɴᴅᴏɴᴇᴅ)

    The regulars are aware of this already, but i'm planning a Turbo build with the aid of an experienced friend. Decided to go the unconventional route and go for a rear-mount setup for a few reasons: to keep engine bay temps down, retain A/C, utilize airflow underneath the vehicle to aid the...
  13. Capote

    Is there really no readily-available source for Tri-metal forged bearings?

    Other than having them custom made? Best I could come up with was Mahle/Clevite bearings that are Bi-metal and have .001% more clearance for oil. Just happens most of the parts I've chosen for the '05 engine refurbishing that i'm using for the Turbo project, are Mahle/Clevite because I know they...
  14. Capote

    WANTED 2006 or 2007 PCM for TB

    Need one for my Turbo build, figured I'd ask here before scowering EBay and pull-a-part yards.
  15. Capote

    o2 sensor & o2 sensor heat "not ready" status?

    I've had a misfire recently occurring that I've been trying to diagnose. I check Dash Command throughout the week to see if a misfire code will ever show up. Nothing has so far. Now to the point: Today when I check for a possible hidden misfire code (zero), I happened to noticed that only 5...
  16. Capote

    eBay Listing Maximizer High Performance™ 304 Grade Sand Blast Finished Stainless Steel Header

    I present to you another Kooks headers clone, I guess you can consider it a clone of a clone? Since they look like the OBX ones me and @Mooseman have posted before...
  17. Capote

    eBay Listing 8in. GM 10-Bolt Steel Rear Diff. Cover

    Yukon Gear & Axle part number - YP C5-GM8.0: - Steel 10 bolt rear differential cover for GM 8" Differential:
  18. Capote

    eBay Listing Air Check Valve delete parts: GM 2574378 & GM 24577193

    These are used when deleting the Air Pump Check Valve, which is part of the SAIS: Air Check Valve: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Check Valve Gasket - GM 24577193 & AC Delco 219-351: -$4.94 - Free Shipping...
  19. Capote

    Share some tunes ♪♫♬♩

    Figured i'd create a thread here to share some of our favorite music with each other. Perhaps you'll be introduced to some music you never heard before and find yourself enjoying new song or genre? Who knows? :cool::tiphat: I'll start us off, maybe somebody here will take an interest in...
  20. Capote

    Rear Differential Cover Bolt Size

    Anyone happen to know the size & thread pitch of the rear diff cover bolts? I am wanting to replace the fluid. Might as well clean up the diff cover and paint it while its off. So I figured I'd get some zinc-coated shiny bolts to put with it.
  21. Capote

    "Water Wetter" coolant additive?

    Does this stuff actually make a difference in coolant temps? Randomly came across a few different car forums talking about it when I was looking into induction hoods, hood propping with washers, etc., etc. I never heard of such a thing before, have you guys...
  22. Capote

    eBay Listing Tridon LM486 Flasher Relay (corrects Hyperflash)

    This isn't anything new of course, but I figured i'd post it here so people can stumble upon it and for the cheapest price. Although it's much cheaper to just use load resistors for LED hyperflash, but some people don't solder/deal with wiring at all...
  23. Capote

    Should I re-do brake pad bedding procedure?

    So I tried bedding in my new brake pads, did I think 2 45mph-15mph's, followed by 7 60mph-15mph's. I wasn't as hard on the brakes as I probably should of been, but it was for sure a bit more than moderate. I was then able to cruise for 15min without using the brakes. Got back and only the...
  24. Capote

    Key points for 4l60E removal/installation on 4.2L GMT360's

    There seems to of been an unfortunate trend lately with people having transmission related issues, causing them to have to drop theirs. I've installed and removed the 4L60E a handful of times now on several GMT360's. During my times spent doing so, I've learned a few key things to look out for...
  25. Capote

    Rear clunking noise when making left turns

    I wasn't 100% whether or not to post this under the Brakes & Suspension section or in Drivetrain. Mods, feel free to put this in what section you feel is appropriate please @HARDTRAILZ @Mooseman I'd say for about a month I've had a single, distinguishable clunk noise when making left hand...
  26. Capote

    Amazon Product Cheapest priced OEM motor mount

    $75.76 - free shipping, cheapest as of this post
  27. Capote

    Brake warning light flashing intermittently (bad hub or speed sensor?)

    Hey people, had a strange occurrence tonight while driving home. I stopped on the way back from work at Mcdonalds tonight. And while I was sitting in the drive-thru my Brake Light flashed and dinged for less than a second out of nowhere. I was very surprised and cautious. Then about 2 or 3min...
  28. Capote

    Most reliable & quality brand for 250 amp alternator?

    This is for future reference. I know a few of you have 250 amp alternators.
  29. Capote

    Online Dorman HELP! isle

    Not sure where to post this at mods, so if there's a better place for this thread, by all means move it :biggrin: Stumbled across this and I had to share because I thought it was neat. We've all been in this isle i'm sure at various auto part stores. It's come in handy for me a few times. Well...
  30. Capote

    Article on GM Performance Division front brake cooling kit (discontinued)

    Surprised that GM didn't develop something like this from the factory for the TBSS, or that nobody else made kits like it after the GM Performance Division ceased to exist. Cost a whopping $399 MSRP, yet it was made of cheap enough parts and could be fabbed up by a clever handy person. Old...

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