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  1. Capote

    Guess The Next Poster II

  2. Capote

    What are you doing today?

    They were on 2007-2009 LT models if I recall.
  3. Capote

    What are you doing today?

    Scored some free 18" slicks, we'll be putting a line lock in soon. Already know what tires I'm using for the fronts to match the slick's diameter. @xavierny25 you'll be happy to know, your wheels will be my dedicated drag pack 🆒
  4. Capote

    What did you do to your GMT today?

    Replaced coil pack #3, removed a screw in my back tire and plugged the hole.
  5. Capote

    FOR SALE Low mile, well equipped 97x at Ebay Motors

    Look at the dealer page in "see full item description". Rear end is sagging like it's a hoopty Lincoln Towncar :laugh:
  6. Capote

    4200 cams - Bullet cams

    If only I had some money saved up :frown:
  7. Capote

    Abandoned, 2007 Envoy 4.2 Turbo Build

    Lol, guess everyone will have to wait for both of us to get back on the horse in the future.
  8. Capote

    Power Steering

    You said you were getting a small press soon, good time to get one lol. You'd need it for the pulley.
  9. Capote

    Power Steering

    You can replace just the pump, they don't sell a complete unit. You could, get on from a pull-a-part if you didn't want to go about the trouble of removing the pump,, but that's a gamble as always with stuff from a yard.
  10. Capote

    Truck Night in America

    Too bad I can't find any vids online, i'd like too see this.
  11. Capote

    The Garbage Truck

    That's the IAT sensor, '04 didn't have a MAF.
  12. Capote

    What are you doing today?

    Spent the day at @RevHardGarage 's shop 🆒 Always good to see you buddy! 2-step ftw I can tell you what hasn't arrived. That damn Delphi knock sensor from Rockauto. Expected arrival was the 14 th and the tracking number link is a dead url. Tomorrow I will ensure it was not forwarded to the...
  13. Capote

    Word Association Game II

  14. Capote

    Pics from the Eyes of the Driver

    You know what I meant 360/370.
  15. Capote

    Pics from the Eyes of the Driver

    LWB Isuzu Ascender, seems there's more of these than SWB models. The LWB Ascender wins the ugliest GMT360 award in my book.
  16. Capote

    Boosted I-5 info

    Awesome man! Post some more vids when you can!
  17. Capote

    Post A Pic Of Your GMT RIGHT NOW!!!

    Isolated and alone at work, just how I prefer it to be lol.
  18. Capote

    My H O N E Y is F A T and needs to loose weight!

    BeaSSt!👍 "Driver seat: 66.8lbs Pass seat: 57.2lbs"
  19. Capote

    What are you doing today?

    (Yesterday) Was doing some Deathcore vocals and I guess I worried the contractor working on the unit next door. I came outside at one point and he was like: "dude everything okay?" Me: "Yeah what's up brother?". Him: "Sounded like someone was dying in there". I was embarrassed he heard me over...
  20. Capote

    My H O N E Y is F A T and needs to loose weight!

    Lose the rear seats, that's 100Ibs right there.
  21. Capote

    Pics from the Eyes of the Driver

    An H1 is totally different from a soft shell HMMWV.
  22. Capote

    What are you doing today?

    Now that my neighbor has moved out, I can finally practice my metal vocals anytime I want! That is until they finish remodeling and someone else moves in....
  23. Capote

    Pics from the Eyes of the Driver

    Saw an H1 at RaceTrac yesterday. Haven't seen one well over a decade. Last time I saw one, was at the New York Auto Show at the Jacob Javits center when I was a kid.
  24. Capote

    Someone's been updating site software, eh?

    All this makes me miss TapaTalk lol. The whore thread was on fire back then.
  25. Capote

    Vortec 4200 swap into a Checker cab part 1

    I gotta say, this is one of the most haggared approaches to a 4200 swap & 4200 turbo build I've seen... Now that I've seen his most recent vid. I was excited at first, but he's pretty much setting himself up for failure. I mean, my God, they "eyeballed" the drilled holes for the torque converter...
  26. Capote

    You know you're a GMT owner when...

    G80 got me out of a ditch last year in the snow. When you get excited to see a Rainier or Bravada rolling by.
  27. Capote

    Someone's been updating site software, eh?

    Not a fan of the updates... too mainstream-ish. And I don't see the point of the push notifications. Those kind of things on sites I find highly annoying and I've now blocked the site from doing-so.
  28. Capote

    Limp mode

    It's just soot from the exhaust pipe is all.
  29. Capote

    Liwa UAE 2019 Sand Hill Climb

    I'm digging it! Let's everyone go balls to th wall with their builds! It's incredible how fast they make it up such a Sandy incline!

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