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    Word Association Game II

  2. Mooseman

    4.2 Oil Prime

  3. Mooseman

    4.2 Oil Prime

    Although not the same engine but the same principle. When I replaced the oil pump on my 5.3, I removed the plug from the oil gallery in front, shoved an appropriately sized tight fitting 3-4 foot long hose in it, put a funnel on the end and let gravity fill the pump with oil.
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    Word Association Game II

  5. Mooseman

    Word Association Game II

  6. Mooseman

    Word Association Game II

  7. Mooseman

    Old Ascender, Whats worth fixing?

    If the tranny fluid is really burnt, it will smell like it. If that's the case, I wouldn't drive it out of town. If you want to be sure, you should replace the fluid using this method. Transmission Fluid Exchange (Flush) If it is truly on its last leg, the old fluid is just keeping it going...
  8. Mooseman

    Old Ascender, Whats worth fixing?

    I can't see what the mech saw but I'll try and dissect it a bit to possibly call BS: Were they actually loose and/or making noise? Unless they are making noise, you replace them when needed. Did he actually open the fill plug to check or something? Never heard of that before. Surprising...
  9. Mooseman

    Do envoy headlights fit the Isuzu Ascender

    According to this statement, they do: And this thread at TV:
  10. Mooseman

    What are you doing today?

    Received from Florida the special lower door brackets that I needed to finish the garage door install. Was able to hook up the opener and do some final adjustments. The ceiling is so low that the door rubs on the opener's track. Received a new foam mattress for the new trailer. Much better...
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    Word Association Game II

  12. Mooseman

    Tesla Tru... What?

    Is the windshield tinted? Geez, I guess you really don't want to be seen in it!
  13. Mooseman

    Does anyone have the Sonnax reamer and fixture?

    According to this, modulated TCC's started in 1991...
  14. Mooseman

    Coolant system failure spiral.

    Maybe not a quality control issue but a "good enough for most people" issue, which is unfortunately the norm nowadays. Now I wonder if that's why my Saab was getting warm (>230f) while towing with the thermal clutch, also a Hayden.
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    Word Association Game II

  16. Mooseman

    Word Association Game II

  17. Mooseman

    RPM Drop On Acceleration.

    Don't forget to disconnect the battery or pull the two PCM fuses while cleaning the throttle body.
  18. Mooseman

    Radiator draincock?

    My 02 had one. All others after that didn't get one. Most aftermarket rads come with them. Add it to the list of things that were deleted to save a few pennies: - radiator drain petcock - engine low oil level sensor - rear diff drain plug - plastic radiator cover Although not really deleted...
  19. Mooseman

    PCM of NC Transmission oil cooler kit. Disappointing to say the least

    Some do, some don't (how's that for an answer? :biggrin: ) None of mine had it however have seen some with it in scrap yards. I think it's an off-road package option. From what I noticed, it would come with a protective plate for the transfer case.
  20. Mooseman

    Red light on rearview mirror

    Which red light? Can you take a pic? Some were for OnStar and others for the passenger side airbag.
  21. Mooseman

    Coolant system failure spiral.

    Interesting findings. I would have tested the original clutch my TB but my son is using it as his daily ride and is difficult to nail down.
  22. Mooseman

    Word Association Game II

  23. Mooseman

    Rear diff vent tube has a rough hole in it

    If it's just black sludge, it's fine. That's normal wear. If there are silvery metal chunks, that's not normal.
  24. Mooseman

    What did you do to your GMT today?

    Just say "sure you can change your tires. Let me show you how..."
  25. Mooseman

    No Air from HVAC - might be multiple problems

    No. As soon as you cut power to the HVAC, battery or fuse, it will do a full reset and do the relearn, which means the possibility of losing an actuator from being swept from one end to the other of its travel.
  26. Mooseman

    Coolant system failure spiral.

    If the wires were broken, why didn't it throw any codes for it? Maybe because it was intermittent? But you would think that it would give a pending code? Stop leaks are evil. BIL had used some in his car once and complained that he had no heat. Heater core was plugged. Flushed it all out...
  27. Mooseman

    The COVID escape room

  28. Mooseman

    NEED HELP Front wheel bearing or CV?

    If you're getting a screeching kind of sound, it could be the dust shield rubbing on the brake rotor. Check those out as well. Most guys just remove them.
  29. Mooseman

    Rear diff vent tube has a rough hole in it

    I wouldn't put it right on the ring gear hump. Off to one side of it or the other would probably work fine. I'd probably go just to the right where there is a void/ However, I just happen to find this post that explains that apparently you CAN use the 8.6 cover on the 8.0 diff. You'll just...
  30. Mooseman

    Tesla Tru... What?

    Now that is interesting just as long as I can turn off those side LEDs (looks ricer to me). It has a towing capacity of 8000# but no numbers for how far you can tow, which is always the problem with any EV.

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