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  1. Mike534x

    How firm are the Bilstein HDs?

    Hello everyone! I'm planning on swapping out my front struts soon. Well, looking into it. My only experience with them was on my Avalanche and my dads Yukon but they were pretty well worn by that point. I've got the Moog 81112 springs, which I think fell between the middle of firm and soft out...
  2. Mike534x

    FOR SALE 04 NF Trailblazer - Chicago

    Not mine, but came across it a bit ago. Doesn't look too bad, its a SWB with the 4.2. Pricing has me questioning if there are other hidden gremlins.....but damn is this not tempting though!
  3. Mike534x

    Pulling trigger on Transgo kit, thoughts on VB Separator Plate?

    Feel free to merge this with the Valve Body/Codebuster thread if this seems like it would be better merged with that one! I'll be ordering everything needed to work on the valve body. But I have a few final thoughts on a few things needed, before making the plunge and purchasing everything...
  4. Mike534x

    Cat Replacement?

    Hey everyone! Since work hours are crap right now, I'm looking at tackling the next job on my to-do list. So, when I bought my Envoy back in 2017 its had a bit of metallic "buzzing" sound coming from the passenger side of the truck underneath. Didn't think too much of it, until I was underneath...
  5. Mike534x

    Best way of tackling this rust?

    Hey everyone! This spot on the driver side rear panel where it meets the bumper is starting to bubble. I remembered from my last thread of the Chrisfix video for DIY rust repair, do you guys think it would work for this? Or is there a better way of handling it? The outside doesn't look all that...
  6. Mike534x

    Replacing pillar post trim?

    Hey everyone! The pillar post trim for the passenger side rear door needs to be replaced, it started to slowly come off and I tried using a thin layer of weather strip adhesive which works for about a year before the same thing happens again. Last year while on the highway the adhesive failed...
  7. Mike534x

    Any differences with alternators?

    I'm going to attempt replacing my alternator one more time, but I do have a question since this pertains to the 5.3. Why I'm looking to replace; My current one seems to be overcharging the battery, as I found out last week where I discovered battery acid was coating my inner fender and the...
  8. Mike534x

    Coolant smell coming through vents, engine not coming up to operating temp

    Hey everyone! Trying to get some ideas of where to start. On Sunday I began to start smelling antifreeze through the air vents, passenger side floor board is dry/not showing signs of a leaking heater core . Windows aren't fogging up either when the heat is running, and I'm smelling a burning...
  9. Mike534x

    Is this what a bad dust shield typically sounds like?

    So I've been chasing this rattling sound down for the past few weeks, it comes and goes and some days it doesn't even make the noise. There are times it'll make the sound while turning to the left but it was making it while driving straight. So today I was able to catch the sound, for the...
  10. Mike534x

    Accumulator covered entirely in frost without A/C running

    So this just happened minutes ago. Drove to the store, so about a 30 min trip. I ran the A/C yesterday, got in today and shut it off since its nice out. Pulled back into the drive way and popped the hood open to top off washer fluid and oil.....annnddd I see this. So the accumulator is covered...
  11. Mike534x

    Suggestions for steady drop in MPG?

    Hello everyone! I've been having an issue with my Avalanche for the past year or so. When I purchased it originally with 79k in 2013, I would average roughly 14-15 around town/city driving and 18-19 on the highway. As of late, within the last 2-3 years the fuel economy has tanked so I average...
  12. Mike534x

    How-To: Safely enable & disable airbags

    I wasn't sure where the best place to post this would be, so I'll put it in here. Saw May03LT (can't seem to tag him in the post?) uploaded a video with two different methods for enabling, and disabling the airbag to do work on the steering wheel and what not. Figured this could be useful to...
  13. Mike534x

    Tips for at home rust repair?

    Hey guys! I'm thinking of starting a project this summer involving my Avalanche. Like most I see on the road in the Chicago/NWI area, most of the 02-06 Avalanches are riddled with rust cancer on the wheel wells. About 4 years ago, my paint above the passenger side rear wheel well bubbled up and...
  14. Mike534x

    [RUMOR] Trailblazer coming back as a Trax

    Yikes...if this is true. So if the Trax does indeed become a Trailblazer, then it's not far off if the Envoy returns and replaces the Terrain.
  15. Mike534x

    Did my ignition switch bite the dust?

    Hello all, so I'm wondering if my ignition switch is shot. I haven't driven the Envoy in about 5 days. Got in yesterday to swap out the front brake lines and noticed the truck had a slow crank but started. Drove fine for most of the day, left it overnight and got in this morning and it wouldn't...
  16. Mike534x

    Back pressure in coolant system?

    After seeing a post made by Tollkeeper, it reminded me to ask about this. I've been having issues with my upper radiator hose backing off where it connects up top. I tried replacing the radiator cap, upper and lower hoses with ones made by Gates. The upper one was "fudged" in the sense the...
  17. Mike534x

    Replaced LCA and balljoints, truck pulls to the right when braking

    Hi all, having an issue that I can't seem to figure out. I couldn't get the lower ballpoints out of the lower control arms, so I bought a new set from Advanced (Moog), and had a shop down the street replace them. Took it to Firestone Friday for a new alignment, noticed that when I'm braking the...
  18. Mike534x

    P0332 - Knock Sensor 2 Circuit Low Input (Bank 2)

    Hello all! My dad is having some issues with his truck, and trying to gauge what the best way to tackle this is. The truck has 112k miles and is an 06 Yukon SLT with the 5.3. We recently just finished work on it about 2 weeks ago. The water pump (bad coolant leak) went out so we replaced that...
  19. Mike534x

    RUMOR - GMC Envoy returning?

    Sorry first time posting in the news section but got an alert from Google about this. GM filed a patent for what could be the return of the Envoy. Thoughts? I wouldn't mind getting a newer model, but would be nice to see it built on the same platform as the Colorado/Sierra...
  20. Mike534x

    Stuck on rear camera install

    Hello everyone! I'm finally installing a back up camera into the Envoy, but I've hit a bit of a snag. Currently, the camera is mounted/installed within the license plate holder between the two lamps. I have the video wiring somewhat routed, not perfectly but will back at another time to make...
  21. Mike534x

    Removing pin strip/accent running across body panels

    Hey everyone! Does anyone have advice on how to remove aftermarket pin stripping/accents? I assume this was done aftermarket by the dealer, but there is this lone silver strip that starts at the front fender and goes across the door panels and ends at the rear (it covers both sides of the...
  22. Mike534x

    Weird voltage fluctuations

    Hi all! I'm trying to track down a gremlin in the Envoy. Past few months since summer decided to show itself I've been experiencing intermittent voltage drops, usually drops to the 11.5-12 range give or take. Usually only happens for a second or too regardless if I'm at idle or driving. This...
  23. Mike534x

    Rear end squeak/creek

    I've been chasing this problem down for months, and nobody seems to be able to know what the issue is. Basically, when going over bumps there will be a light squeak/creek coming from the rear end somewhere. The sound is way more prominent when there are passengers in the rear, as in, every...
  24. Mike534x

    Did I just kill my BCM?

    Just as the title says. I replaced the battery on my truck, however, I bought one of those memory saver adapters that plug into the cigarette lighter. In my hast to get to the store before they closed, I plugged it into the 12V outlet thinking it was the standard one (yeah......). I hooked...
  25. Mike534x

    Lazy Lifter?

    Well this is a new one, so yesterday was the first time I have heard anything abnormal coming from the engine bay and I'm trying to see if anyone has any guesses as to what it could be. I was out and about, upon starting up the Envoy (after it was already warmed up) I was greeted with this...
  26. Mike534x

    Exhaust Recommendations?

    So I'm getting the mod itch again, and I've done some searching on here and it seems to be a toss up between Magnaflow and Flowmaster. I plan on keeping the factory setup and resonator, just swapping out the muffler. Seems a little counter intuitive, but I'm looking for noise, while keeping it...
  27. Mike534x

    Disconnected battery, blowing cold air when heat is on

    I've got another problem, it feels like I've entered a domino effect with the repairs being done to the Envoy so far. My latest issue is that my heat isn't working properly, and it was fine up until I had the battery disconnected. Long story short, PCM was sent out for a tune and had DoD...
  28. Mike534x

    Bad gas cap or Purge Solenoid?

    Hi everyone back with another problem this time. Got a message on my DIC about 3 weeks ago saying I need to tighten my gas cap, after doing some searching and calling a few dealerships they said it was the gas cap. We'll I bought a new AC Delco gas cap from rockauto and changed out the old one...
  29. Mike534x

    FOR SALE Trailblazer Part Out (various years)

    Hopefully I'm doing this right, I came across this CL ad while hunting down a new rear hatch glass. Looks like the parts are from various trim and model year Trailblazers, not my ad but I wanted to pass this along here to see if it benefits anyone! :biggrin...
  30. Mike534x

    ABS Code C0040?

    Alright, I've been trying to solve this problem for the past week and a half and need some help. The Envoy suffers from the infamous "ABS shutter" when doing 5 MPH or less coming to a stop, hooking up the code reader revealed that it was the front right side speed sensor. I went in and took...

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