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  1. meerschm

    AC Doesn't Blow Cold Air

    You can also check the gap with a couple index cards or such (or feeler gauges if you have a set) You don't want it too close. I posted a note on where I got a clutch. should be able to search and find it. might be of interest...
  2. meerschm

    AC Doesn't Blow Cold Air

    the clutch has some thin washers that act as shims. some folks have been able to remove one or more and have it work. you would have to remove the belt, and take out the bolt that holds the clutch plate on. then in some cases removing one of the washers lets it stay closer and the weak magnet...
  3. meerschm

    AC Doesn't Blow Cold Air

    Sometimes the clutch coil gets old and weak. you know how to look at it and see if the clutch is engaged or not? sometimes they just quit when it is hot. (and you want it to work the most)
  4. meerschm

    Recharging AC - What pressure?

    manuals posted someplace for download should explain the test conditions. I sold my paper manuals. all the variations is why the real spec is to fill by weight. if you really wanted to check, you would have to use high and low gauges, and check the temperatures in a couple places...
  5. meerschm

    Recharging AC - What pressure? Here is the chart from the manual for the '03. you are on the right track that the test conditions are parked in the shade, windows open, system on max cool and full fan. then wait for five minutes or so for stability. there is a range...
  6. meerschm

    Recharging AC - What pressure?

    you risk too much if you put more in. (and damage to the system, and if you are unlucky, pain for yourself----I watched the guy across the street do a DIY R134a add to his car, and the hose blew. just lucky he was not looking at it when it blew. oil everywhere.) you need at a minimum, a...
  7. meerschm

    Anyone here work for GM or know someone who does?

    why would you think that a vehicle made for export would meet us regulations, instead of those in place for the intended market? My advice would be to sell the car where it is, and buy a US spec car or truck.
  8. meerschm

    Won't stay running

    if you have over 100k and have not changed the spark plugs, or have something other than the specified Delco plugs, that is one item to consider. seems similar to what I had happen a few years ago. these do not like anything else than the ACDelco 41-103...
  9. meerschm

    Fuel leak top of tank, but where?

    You can always have it towed to the dealer, they will do it for a couple grand.
  10. meerschm

    A/C stopped working, excessive pressure on low pressure side found the info I posted before. you can also call airpartsinc at 800-223-7167
  11. meerschm

    A/C stopped working, excessive pressure on low pressure side login with your ebay account, and send a message to airpartsinc, tell them what you are looking for, and they will provide a price and make a lising for you to use to buy it now. just let them know model year and style truck (and if it is an ext with rear...
  12. meerschm

    Transmission Fluid Quantity

    I want to add a couple free hints on the pan. you can screw the tranny pan bolts into the rubber gasket, which will hold it on, without using any gasket sealant (no issue with using some, just not required if you pop a couple bolts into the gasket) and be sure to start all the tranny pan bolts...
  13. meerschm

    A/C stopped working, excessive pressure on low pressure side

    a few photos to help. and...
  14. meerschm

    A/C stopped working, excessive pressure on low pressure side

    agree the compressor clutch coil seems a little weak, and R134a could be a little low. I got my AC clutch repair kit from airpartsinc, on e-bay. process was to contact via e-mail, and they posted a kit for sale on e-bay, very smooth, and the replacement was possible, but a little tricky to...
  15. meerschm

    Inner tie-rod ends

    I actually ordered the lisle 46800 came with a nice plastic case that looks good on the shelf.
  16. meerschm

    Inner tie-rod ends

    You can get a set of tie rod wrenches that work fine, Lisle 45750 for one. the cheapo harbor freight one needs to be modified, but this one does not. They make the job pretty easy, and let you apply the proper torque after.
  17. meerschm

    2002 Trailblazer A/C clutch?

    You can get a clutch kit. 800-223-7167 is where I got mine. call em up and they post a kit for your car. was around $70 a couple years ago.
  18. meerschm

    A/C stopped working, excessive pressure on low pressure side

    You really need high and low side gauges to see what is up. the offer to use the gauges is still open. ( I had them out yesterday to look at my Jetta)
  19. meerschm

    Tranny line fun!! (Phrasing..) Also a tie rod issue?

    I used a lift, and purchased a set of Jiffy tight connector tools Lisle 22710 if you want to look them up, you can use a pick to operate the clip on the lines, but it can be a bit tricky I had access to a lift, and the first time, ended up giving up and coming back a couple weeks later...
  20. meerschm

    Fuel leak top of tank, but where?

    You may want to hose off all the dirt, and then replace the pump. there was a recall on early versions in salty states, (somehow my Virginia did not count) the tubes coming out of the pump corrode and leak. you also could put it all back and wait for it to start pissing fuel all over the...
  21. meerschm

    Can I run my truck without Power Steering Fluid?

    I would not drive it very long without fluid. Without fluid, the pump will eventually jam and that will not be good for the belt or other handy items driven by the belt. But you said you would not drive it. there are a few posts somewhere about using steel brake line, bent to fit, with...
  22. meerschm

    Snow Chain Help

    worn sport tires in winter. you will be lucky to get to where you can use chains at all. try checking out craigs list for a used set of snows. might be more cost-effective.
  23. meerschm

    Snow Chain Help

    you can read between the lines in the owners manual and choose to use some traction devices specified for your vehicle, on the rear. real snows should help a lot. I think the issue is that there is a lot of stuff you want to work, that could break by chains flying around. looks like there are...
  24. meerschm

    Snow Chain Help

    the 2004 trailblazer owners manual includes this: Don’t use tire chains. There’s not enough clearance. Tire chains used on a vehicle without the proper amount of clearance can cause damage to the brakes, suspension or other vehicle parts. The area damaged by the tire chains could cause you to...
  25. meerschm

    Best replacement light bulbs?

    I always liked the stock bulbs. did have a socket smoke, and have to replace (splice in) the socket. this is pretty common if they have recently become dim, you could look closely at the lense, and check the voltage. brighter bulbs will burn out faster, and higher wattage ones will be more...
  26. meerschm

    Electrical Problems...everywhere.

    start with the electrical system. voltage, charging system, battery, and check all the grounds.
  27. meerschm

    What are your best winter traction habits?

    learn to use the neutral tap. they teach this up north, you will find a light push of your gear selector will move it from drive to neutral. this is useful when you find yourself sliding, and drive wheels are fighting with braking. going quickly to neutral can be a lifesaver as you navigate...
  28. meerschm

    Idler pulley stops? something like this? or this...
  29. meerschm

    Power steering fluid ?

    I thought the caution spelled out specifically in the Valvoline pdfs was to never use the PS fluid in the tranny.
  30. meerschm

    Power steering fluid ? beat me to it. that site also has some faq sheets which indicate that the DEX_Merc (spec'd at DEX III) includes a friction modifier.

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