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  1. meerschm

    electrical system discussion.

    thought it might be useful and helpful to start a discussion on how electrical systems work. point here is to further understanding and have a helpful discussion. the generator includes an alternator, and internal regulator, which controls the field current in response to it's design and...
  2. meerschm

    [SOLD!] scan tool

    I have one more gadget which I would be happy to part with to provide a tool to a good home. I have the following: which comes with obdwiz software I used for some graphs here. also have the scanXL software
  3. meerschm

    SOLD: Thule roof bars

    thought I would start a separate topic. These Thule roof racks and mount should fit any year GMT 360/370 Thule rack that mounts on the TB factory rack rails this part fastens to the rails Oak pollen is pretty heavy this week. this is three days worth. With the square load bar...
  4. meerschm

    last minute P0440 code

    Just wanted to share. I sold my TB, but last Tuesday, I had arranged to drive to my office to meet the then-prospective buyer at lunch time. a few miles from home, the MIL ( or Check engine light) came on. I detoured back to the house to pick up my OBB Link cord, so i could hook up to my...
  5. meerschm

    [SOLD] extra parts 2003 I6

    A few extra parts. I have a new O2 sensor, coolant temperature sensor, and idler pulley. (sale pending 5/04/14) will put a couple photos up later all new, just never got around to installing them. also have a Thule roof rack. square bars which fits the factory track, but much sturdier...
  6. meerschm

    [SOLD] 2003 helm paper service manual Above E-bay listing is not mine. I do have a set, a few minor tears, but quite useable. let me know if you are interested and how much you...
  7. meerschm

    [SOLD] 2003 Chevrolet TrailBlazer LT let me know if you are interested.
  8. meerschm

    OBD Voltage readings

    got a new scangauge II and used it to keep an eye on the TB for a recent trip. must have left something on overningt ( I suspect a dual USB charger). would not start in the near-zero darkness. scangauge read 11.6 volts, which is really pretty much out of juice (was enough for instrument panel...
  9. meerschm

    self driving cars in the future

    this caught my eye in an IEEE article on self driving cars. CMU's Autonomous Car Doesn't Look like a Robot - IEEE Spectrum this might be of interest in the mods section, but I thought it a better fit here. and of course, there will be computer security issues with all the new technology, as...
  10. meerschm

    power steering cooler

    went for a drive, after flushing brake fluid. came back to spots on the back. (plastic and rear window) was not brake fluid, still full. admired my new radiator cap. overflow tank looks full. power steering fluid check. just a bit at bottom of the indicator on the cap. (was warm, should...
  11. meerschm

    ac clutch replacement

    finally decided to get with the program and change my ac compressor clutch. I verified a couple weeks ago that in warm weather, it would work at first than quit, while still being commanded to operate. decided to pull the fan and shroud to make room. that went well after a short burst with an...
  12. meerschm

    smart preventative maintenance items

    What items would you recommend an owner replace after 100,000 miles, or other interval, how you would know it was going bad, and what would happen if it fails?
  13. meerschm

    Happy Mothers Day

    Happy Mothers day to the mothers with time and energy to post and lurk here. hope you have a day free of stress. and to those of us with mothers, it is never too late for a phone call or last minute card from the local gas station or rest stop.
  14. meerschm

    dash removal safety question

    I was inspired from Roadie's last post of the HVAC actuator part numbers, and ordered a drivers side temp actuator, so I can stop wearing sandals in long trips in the snow. I have a fine assortment of removed screws and fasteners, and have pulled various switches, radio, instrument cluster...
  15. meerschm

    could AC cutout be related to thermostat?

    had a brain fart earlier today i want to run past you. last spring I replaced the thermostat, old one was too cold. temp seems ok, but with the new thermostat, the AC got flaky, when very hot (at first when 100 and in traffic, by the end of the summer, would happen on an uphill run to work in...
  16. meerschm

    keeping my pride and joy

    sorry, I could not help myself. had to post this. I used to work with a guy who kept a hard copy in his wallet to show people. hope it makes you smile:rotfl:.
  17. meerschm

    Goodyear gatorback belt 4060905 - SOLD

    Goodyear gatorback belt 4060905 quality belt ordered from Rock Auto last year. would have fit my 2003 Trailblazer if it had the 130 Amp Alternator. Other applications are listed on the back label, and can be searched online. Price includes domestic delivery via US mail or cheapest way...
  18. meerschm

    headlight socket

    Took her for a drive to work, since it was snowing this morning. noticed the right headlight (aka DRL) was out. so picked up a replacement lamp on the way home. could not get the lamp to rotate in the mount, (pretty cold, so did not force it) but noticed the white wire into the socket was...
  19. meerschm

    funny lights
  20. meerschm

    black box saw a facebook car talk post about black boxes. looks like it is identified as from a 2004 ENVOY. where is this black box? what is it called? also, I bet one of us could look up the VIN written in the photo and see if what happened show up in...
  21. meerschm

    door trim

    well, the drivers side rear window is acting flaky, skips and then does not quite close all the way. looks like it is on the agenda for tomorrow, in between setting out lignts. any hints on how to get the inside door panel off? or what to be careful of with the window? Thanks
  22. meerschm

    heater question

    just back from a four hour trip in the low 30s. TB has the automatic digital dual controls. in auto mode, the passenger sets temp a degree or so higher than driver, and then driver is too hot even dropping drivers temp to lower 60's (like make your feet sweat too hot) seem to remember...
  23. meerschm

    scantool software LLC - Scan Tools, PC, iPhone, & Android based OBD-II (OBD2) Interfaces, OBD diagnostic software has have some specials on diagnostic software and OBD wired and wireless adapters/links. (I picked up the OBDlink in Feb after I used OnStar to diagnose my check engine light, which was...
  24. meerschm

    transmission vent ( not the complaining kind)

    Yesterday, I held a length of clear tubing against the end of the Transmission filler tube, and blew into the other end. instead of my breath pushing out the vent, it came back up the hose, when I stopped blowing. has anyone else done something like this? does the vented space connect to the...
  25. meerschm

    how to check transmision fluid level (the hard way)

    started with some frost on the hood this morning. ran through the gears, and level is in the cold range, running in park. after a ten mile or so drive the level is well above full dropped and cleaned up the pan note the full mark on the indicator is right at the bottom of the fill tube
  26. meerschm

    Used front hub/bearings

    I had the dealer replace the hub bearings on my 2003 trailblazer in Feb 2010, the originals were getting noisy after 128k miles I ordered new Timkin bearings from rock auto this summer when I was on a roll replacing parts. I did not look at who made these, but the dealer installed them...
  27. meerschm

    3-4 transmission wander

    Noticed that as she warms up, around 50-55, if I am being easy, the transmission will wander some between 3rd and 4th. might be coming up a slight hill, but not so much you would think it needs to downshift. Not sure if this is new, since I mostly drive at 65 or 70, (ok, perhaps a bit more if...
  28. meerschm

    Battery Testing

    Battery Testing, Maintenance And Myths found this site with helpful info, and learned about conductance testing, which provides CCA measurement without pulling a high load from the battery. decided to order one of these: SOLAR BA7 100-1200 CCA Electronic Battery and System Tester :
  29. meerschm

    transmission cooler line R&R

    I ordered a set of lines from Rock Auto, thought I would do it on a lift before they leak on a ski trip. i can hardly see the e-clips so ordered a tool to remove them. I thought about chasing clips around in the dark, and some sites indicate you should change them if you pull them off the...
  30. meerschm

    corrosion experience

    just wondering what everyone has experienced related to corrosion, especially where it impacts vehicle operation. my fuel pump went, and I note some folks have had trans cooler lines leak. Also had brake disks get pretty nasty. any other rust-belt items to be aware of? Thanks

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