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  1. ChrisinVictoria

    Testing the I6 oil pressure without the J-42907?

    When I wanted an accurate reading I(like most people) initially bought a new sender. I took the old one and ripped all the plastic off and got it to bare metal. I then tapped it so a hose for a grease gun would fit and attached a gauge to the other end of the hose. Why not use the already...
  2. ChrisinVictoria

    NEED HELP Engine swap problems

    Did you swap over fuel rail and injectors? How old is the fuel in both the donor and the 07? Maybe old fuel wouldn't light and just got the plugs wet.
  3. ChrisinVictoria

    Envoy engine removal

    When I did mine I did not take the nuts off and I left the cv's. Just swing everything out and yes leave the diff. on.
  4. ChrisinVictoria

    NEED HELP Engine removal

    As I recall I used a combination of extensions and wobbles (both 3/8 and 1/2). I got the socket on up top and held it while a friend did the turning underneath. You need to know where it is so use a mirror to locate it. It's been over 2 years but as I recall I fished the socket in with mechanics...
  5. ChrisinVictoria

    issue 4.3 gmc sierra

    Most common is moisture in the distributor cap. Try drying it out or replace the cap. Use an ac delco cap.
  6. ChrisinVictoria

    2002 TB ext 4wd transmission swaps?

    I used one from a 2003 in my 2002 with no issues.
  7. ChrisinVictoria

    So is my engine toast?

    Check what the codes are, but it sounds like an O2 sensor to me.
  8. ChrisinVictoria

    NEED HELP 2002 chevy trailblazer 4.2 weird problem

    Most common reason for a random misfire would be a plug or coil. #4 cylinder is the one that gets wet from cowl overflow. You need codes to properly diagnose, but I would pop off #4 coil and look for water. Given no history, I would put plugs in it.
  9. ChrisinVictoria

    ABS and tires

    Thanks Sparky! That's what I wanted to hear.
  10. ChrisinVictoria

    ABS and tires

    My concern is with increased stopping distance or less effective ABS.I am not worried about the speedo.
  11. ChrisinVictoria

    ABS and tires

    I have chased a lot of threads and have not seen a conclusive answer. I want to install used tires (great shape) 245/70/r17 on my 2002 LTZ Trailblazer. Sticker says 245/65/r17.I know they will fit and the speedo will be off. The sites I have visited say anything over 3 % increase in diameter is...
  12. ChrisinVictoria

    NEED HELP Need to replace 2006 4.2L

    I have had luck with
  13. ChrisinVictoria

    Engine Removal Tips (4.2 i6)

    a/c lines stayed connected to the compressor and the compressor came out with the engine when I did it.
  14. ChrisinVictoria

    Engine Removal Tips (4.2 i6)

    I replaced the engine in my 02 about a year and a half ago. To get the engine out you remove the radiator and a/c condenser so yes, the a/c has to be drained. I left the head, oil pan on the engine. I think I left the line to the compressor connected. Take lots of digital pictures with your...
  15. ChrisinVictoria

    well I'm at a loss

    I found a good used engine on . They seem to have a lot of them for$8-$900 with low mileage.
  16. ChrisinVictoria

    Engine stall low oil now cyl 5 misfire

    Maybe the rain got the coil wet when you were parked on an angle? Maybe not so random.
  17. ChrisinVictoria

    Have tranny rebuilt or buy rebuilt & have it installed?

    Good Morning, Buying a rebuilt vs. getting yours rebuilt should yield the same quality results. You said a rebuilt would be more likely to be properly done, I don't think so. You have several options . Get your trans. properly diagnosed first. Find a shop (not AAMCO) that will give you a...
  18. ChrisinVictoria

    TBSS Rear

    Just checked paperwork-112,000 kilometeres
  19. ChrisinVictoria

    TBSS Rear

    If you are interested. OK if you aren't. When I bought a used engine it came with a 4.10 frt. diff.(according to the VIN) I removed it and used my 3.73. I think it's still out in the shed. I will check if you have an interest. I wouldn't want much for it but shipping heavy stuff from Canada is...
  20. ChrisinVictoria

    Changed water pump, engine now overheats.

    So let it cool, remove the rad cap and check the fluid level. Fill it up. turn heater on high and run it with the cap off for a while. As the fluid goes down keep adding. when it starts to overflow then stop and put the cap on, leave it running and check the temp. , if it is still overheating...
  21. ChrisinVictoria

    2005 Chevy TB LS I6 4.2 starts but stalls 2-3 seconds later

    I did a used engine in my driveway over 2 weekends.It may not be a lot of fun but it's been great for a year.There are lots of posts on how to do it and it sounds like you are up to the task. I paid $800 for an engine with 70,000 kilo. on it.Good Luck.
  22. ChrisinVictoria

    Differential Liquid, Throttle Body Cleaning, and Broken HEATER!

    Try smacking the blower motor while it is in the on position. If it starts blowing again then the motor is heading south.
  23. ChrisinVictoria

    All research and searches exhausted. 02 TB LTZ

    As crazy as it sounds,if you unplug the oil pressure switch the warnings will go away. Doesn't fix anything but may relieve a bit of anxiety if you are going to continue driving it. The readings will be false but might make you feel better.
  24. ChrisinVictoria

    Sway Bar Links Clunking

    I had phantom clicking and popping noises from my suspension. After trying many things I retorqued the trans, crossmember bolts -all of them. It fixed the noise and it was free.
  25. ChrisinVictoria

    All research and searches exhausted. 02 TB LTZ

    Any chance that exact spot for the rpm drop off is uphill? Maybe your Cat is failing? Has it ever been done? Has your mechanic done a back pressure check? It may not give you codes.
  26. ChrisinVictoria

    Lime Green Connector - Where does is connect to?

    Sounds like the oil pressure switch connector. Look above your oil filter for connection.
  27. ChrisinVictoria

    Slight hesitation or bucking in 4th gear.

    If it is your tcc it is inside the torque converter. There is not a magic additive or service that will fix it. Typically if it is failing you will get a bad smell from your fluid. If you ignore it, you may experience catastrophic failure. The converter failst internally and sends shrapnel...
  28. ChrisinVictoria

    Catalytic Converter - replace CA with 'none' or 'Universal'?

    Sorry, I've been busy lately. It does have exhaust smell but not sulphur. Smells pretty bad when cold. I didn't notice any change in MPG but the wife drives it mostly.
  29. ChrisinVictoria

    Catalytic Converter - replace CA with 'none' or 'Universal'?

    I had a plugged converter a year ago. I had a straight pipe welded in and used the spacer on the rear o2 sensor. It does not throw codes and works fine. If I could have purchased a bolt on converter for a hundred bucks I would have gone that route. No inspections where I live.

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