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  1. MRRSM

    Using After-Market Shackles to LEVEL the Silverado Truck Bed

    This is just the "Opening Salvo" on the Procedures and After-Market Parts needed to "unhinge" the Tail End Leaf Springs from their OEM Mounts and attempt to lower them either 2" or 4" so that the "Guppy Pond" that has been flourishing ..."Rain or Shine"...(Mostly RAIN) towards the Cabin side...
  2. MRRSM

    Tips & Tricks for the R&R of the 2WD 4L60E in Full Size Trucks

    Yeah... I know..."If You've Seen One...You've Seen them ALL.." What Nonsense... In this pair of Videos... Eric O" from SMA (South Main Auto) performs an R&R of a 4L60E Transmission appropriate for 2WD Full Size Trucks... But the Owners of 4WD would be Mistaken to just 'Shine this One on..."...
  3. MRRSM

    "Where in The World... is South Main Auto...?"

    "Where In The WORLD… is South Main Auto?” This first Video features Eric “O” and his Niece Hanna working to R&R a Hydro-Boost Brake Booster on a 2002 GMC Sierra 2500HD that ends with a Visit from the Lovely Mrs. “O” ...and… A Local Test Drive that takes us all around the Local City and...
  4. MRRSM

    In Memory of a Grand Old Chevrolet...

    There are only a handful of Movies that have ever gotten to me emotionally, each and every time I watch them. The Most Memorable of these is the Final Scene from the 1939 B&W Movie… “Gunga Din” with Sam Jaffee, Victor Mclaglen, Douglas Fairbanks, Jr, and Cary Grant: From Rudyard Kipling’s Poem...
  5. MRRSM

    "Building... a Building" Time Lapse Construction

    Having done something very similar...albeit on a much less Grand Scale... I thought that seeing this Video so closely matched what was within my own experience that it will be well worth comparing the outcome of constructing my Arrow Shed Project (the ONLY Way to Do This RIGHT) to what can be...
  6. MRRSM

    eBay Listing RARE 2006-2007 GM 4.2L Motor: Low Mileage ($1,500 + $220 Flate Rate Feight)

    GM 4.2L 2006-2007 Low Mileage (67,444 Miles) $1.500.00 + $220.00 Flat Rate Freight out of Orlando, Florida: Caveat Emptor (Buyer BEWARE) Do your Due Diligence and call to get...
  7. MRRSM

    SAE TO METRIC "Close Enough" Socket Conversion Chart

    When I recently ran across "The Garage Sanctum" site... ... I immediately thought of @xavierny25 and his Brother up in NY, NY and the work they've accomplished over time with setting up their Professional Garage. One of the resources I downloaded from "The Garage...
  8. MRRSM

    ACC Pedal Sensors 101: Why You Should NOT Drive Using BOTH Feet on the Pedals

    This is an Automotive Training University segment covering The ACC Pedal Sensors and how they play a role in conjunction with many other system sensors... and remains SAFE to Actuate Acceleration:
  9. MRRSM

    Earthquake Measures in at 5.1 on the Richter Scale in North Carolina Areas of North Carolina just experienced the Strongest Earthquake on Record in 104 years going back to 1916...
  10. MRRSM

    Did GMC Install Basic Bilstein Coil Over Shocks in Envoys?

    A Suspension Question for Envoy Owners… Did the Envoys or TBSS SUVs come with Bilstein Coil Over Shocks from the Factory? The reason I’m asking is that I recently bought a Pair of of Envoy Coil-Over- Shocks that seem to be in fairly decent shape... just so I could “Monkee” around...
  11. MRRSM

    How to Build a "Franken-Cranker" Crankshaft 'Work Station'

    Pictorial Overview: A few years back, I made this Youtube Video roughly describing How to Use the GM Atlas 4.2L LL8 Engine Cradle and Three Inverted Mains Caps along with the (6) GM OEM Long M10 X 1.50 Mains Bolts and the...
  12. MRRSM

    eBay Listing For Audiophiles: DBWERX Qty (10) GRND & PWR Copper Lugs $17.00 FREE S&H

    This is a Set of (10) Copper Lugs for Heavy Duty Powers & Grounds Cables with Black for Ground and Red for Power Heat Shrink Coverings Included. Good for Welder's Grade Heavy Copper Cable...
  13. MRRSM

    TIME-SERT 101: How to Install Threaded Steel Inserts into the GM Atlas 4.2L LL8 Mains Bolt Holes

    Pictorial Overview: Part 1 of 3 Parts: Abstract: This is a Repair Guide for using a Modified Technique vs. the Classic“The TIME-SERT Method” to more precisely install (14) M10 X 1.50 X 40MM Threaded Steel Cylinders inside...
  14. MRRSM

    A Rare Live Performance of "Spaghetti Western" Movie Themes

    These are contemporary, live Orchestral Reproductions in front of an Audience of the "Master of the Spaghetti Western Movie Themes" created by Ennio Morricone and performed by The Danish National Symphony Orchestra with AMAZING accuracy and clarity: A Fist Full of Dollars Main Theme For a Few...
  15. MRRSM

    Amazon Product $26.35 Limited Time: COSCO 2-Step Folding Ladder

    Found this at my door at 5:00 AM Today... It is Sturdy, VERY Stable and Very Well Made. The Rubberized Wide Foot Steps and Handle are worth the price alone! Lift the back of the Top Step and it folds flatter than a Tortilla. The Wife could not have ordered it at a better time. For those of us...
  16. MRRSM

    eBay Listing $8.95 per 4 Meters of Engine Hood Weather Stripping

    As an adjunct repair option to the replacement of the AIP Hood Cowling Seal mentioned in this Thread: ...and covered in this linked (and attached) TSB Repair PDF...
  17. MRRSM

    Best PDF Instructions EVER! "How To Use a Cylinder Bore Hone"

    For anyone involved with "freshening up" their GM Atlas 4.2L Engine Blocks...and ALL of the GM LS Motors, it is Very Important to understand that they should ONLY use the Ball Hone Style devices on their Tired Cylinders and avoid ever using anything involving "Stones" in those Bores ...unless...
  18. MRRSM

    The "Archimedes Method" for an Off Road Rescue...

    So should you ever find yourself “Out in The Boonies” and your Electric Winch suddenly goes sideways just around the same time your 2WD or 4WD Truck gets bogged down and stuck... if you happened to bring along a decent "Strength & Length" of decent Rope and a Cutting Implement...THIS Clever Idea...
  19. MRRSM

    Another Source for Hard2-Find-Under Body & Panels AND Fasteners

    Looking for New Fasteners and Replacement Front End and Under Body Mounting “Tin” for your Full Size Trucks?… Check Out THIS site for the “Very Hard To Find Stuff” that seems reasonably priced as OEM replacement quality components... Here...
  20. MRRSM

    FULL Performance Makeover of a "Senior Silverado"

    There is much more than mere entertainment here in watching this "Elder Chevy" Pick Up Truck going through a complete transformation into an Updated and Powerful Road Machine. This Video is KEEPER because it has implications for anyone living in the arid states where they often park 60 year old...
  21. MRRSM

    GM & GMC Full Size Truck Rusted Out Brake Line R&R Videos

    Video Tips & Tricks for the R&R of Brake Lines on a 2005 GMC Yukon: Video information on the R&R of Totally Rusted Out Brake lines on a 2005 Chevrolet Avalanche: Working Stainless Steel Lines in place can become One BIG PITA... but seeing the problems that "Rust Belt" Road Salt, Mud and...
  22. MRRSM

    Amazon Product After Market OE Transmission Cooler Lines Set: $79.50

    With the remaining summer time grace period still ahead… If your Transmission Cooler lines of your 2002-2009 Chevrolet Trailblazers and Envoys have Rusted Out will want to replace them before the Cold Season arrives. If for any reasons you cannot locate any replacement GM OEM...
  23. MRRSM

    eBay Listing K&M SPX - R&R Tool Kit for GM Atlas, 4,5 & 6 Cylinder Sleeves

    These Cylinder Sleeve Puller & Installer Kits from Kent-Moore SPX have almost completely disappeared and the few that ARE available are Double and Triple the price of THIS One for $325.00... with a "MAKE AN OFFER" Option: Kent Moore EN-45680-400 Cylinder Liner Repair Kit SPX EN45680-400...
  24. MRRSM

    TSB# #100601008G : Excessive Oil Consumption in AFM V-8 Engines 2007-2011

    Attached TSB PDF: TSB# #100601008G : Excessive Oil Consumption in 2007-2011 Full Size Truck V-8 Engines Subject: Engine Oil Consumption on Aluminum Block/Iron Block Engines with Active Fuel Management (AFM) (Install AFM Oil Deflector and Clean Carbon from Cylinder and/or Install Updated Valve...
  25. MRRSM

    Comparison & Use of ACDelco HVAC Dash Controllers for 00'-02' Silverados

    When I started out with having a problem with my HVAC on my “BLUE Y2K Silverado”, I simply accepted the idea that I’d just have to replace a bunch of these 20 Year Old BDAs. The next Link will take you to my “Flickr-Bucket” showing ALL of the hidden HVAC Under-Dash Modules WITH OEM Part Numbers...
  26. MRRSM

    “Whole Hog" - Rust Belt - Rear Wheel Brake Job R&R Rip-Outs

    I thought that this Two Part, One Point Seven Five Hour *** “Whole Hog - Rust Belt Rear Wheels Rip Outs” Technique from Eric “O” at South Main Auto is awesome information for SERIOUSLY Rusted and Barnacled Up Rear Brake and Axle E- Brake Brackets and Dust Shields, Emergency Brakes & E-Cables R&R...
  27. MRRSM

    Under-Hood Vermin Infestation Issues

    An off shoot of the many problems that the COVID-19 Corona Virus Pandemic brought along is the fact that many of our vehicles… NOT just the GMT-360s and GMT-400-800 Vehicles have had to be parked for longer than ordinary time frames. For some of us, depending upon the region of the countries...
  28. MRRSM

    U-Joints & Drive Line Diagnostics: EVERYTHING "U" Ever Wanted to Know About Them...

    This Seven Part Video Series from the Weber State University Department of Automotive Technology covers Everything you EVER wanted to know about Universal Joints and On The Vehicle - Hands On Drive-Line Vibration Problem Diagnostics, Measurements and Repairs… But were Afraid to Ask. "Hell...
  29. MRRSM

    Amazon Product ZUMIMALL GXS1 Security WIFI Webcam: $96.00 w/ FREE S&H

    Ordinarily… my Wife sleeps without disturbance… but within the last week or so, she has heard sounds like somebody has been prowling around in our back yard. I chalked it up to being either Bad Dreams or perhaps some Feral Animal activities… That is, until I later found out that someone had...

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