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  1. oldog

    2008 9-7x no crank, starter and battery good. Security?

    I've loaned my 4.2L out and they ran into some starting issues. Apparently the car doesn't crank but with some messing around, may start and run intermittently. The mechanic has it now and said they can bypass the ignition to start the truck , that the battery and starter are both good, but...
  2. oldog

    FOR SALE 2008 Saab 9-7x -$4950 - Richmond, VA

    4.2 inline 6, 124,000 mi., engine and trans strong. $4950 OBO Black exterior with a black leather interior. Moon-roof. Pioneer touch screen Apple car play with backup camera! Ice Cold A/C. Auto-climate control. Sunroof. Towing package. Burns Zero oil. Accident Free. Mechanically Sound...
  3. oldog

    Preparing for a long haul tow

    I have a couple of specific questions on this topic. I have an 08 9-7x I6 with air springs and plan to tow a 3000 lb 98 ford ranger RWD, manual transmission 600 miles this spring. I have zero experience towing. Question 1: I was thinking a tow dolly would work fine vs a car carrier. This...
  4. oldog

    TPMS Sensor Relearn Procedure

    Hi All Happy New Year, I can't get my new tires sensors to be recognized by my 08 9-7x 4.2 Purchased new VDO-branded sensors and just had them installed (but not relearned) I am following the owners manual to relearn the new sensors and am unable to get the front drivers side sensor to be...
  5. oldog

    Front Windshield Distortion

    Since purchasing my 2008 9-7x last year I've cleaned my windshield in every way possible, including polishing, razor blade, various chemicals, baking soda, etc. This includes both exterior and interior. Still have a pattern/distortion that drives me nuts. I am guessing the plastic sandwiched...
  6. oldog

    KBB values 9-7x vs Envoy vs Trailblazer

    Has anybody noticed the discrepancy between the Saab and it's counterparts? According to KBB my 2008 Saab 9-7x 4.2 w/ 115K mi in good condition is valued (private party) at $4091 A 4wd Trailblazer LT w/leather is $5176 An Envoy SLT is $5,500 I get it that Saab as a company doesn't exist...
  7. oldog

    Backup Lamps Wiring for Backup Cam 08 9-7x

    Installed my back up cam and was unsuccessful with the wiring. My '08 97x has 3 wires running to the backup lamps (see picture.) When I connect the camera positive to the yellow wire the backup light stays permanently on and drains the battery. The trailblazer FSM doesn't show 3 wires in...

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