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  1. northcreek

    Did you want salt on that XUV ?

    A couple of miles from my home is this once nice V8 XUV...
  2. northcreek


  3. northcreek

    Any Jonathan W followers ?

    I've been watching this guy's videos for a while now. He has a ton of projects going on and most are done with whatever he can find lying around. I don't think he ever threw anything away because it was too far gone.
  4. northcreek

    Good LS mods info

  5. northcreek

    Goodyear Fortera.

    I had Forteras (OEM) on my Envoy Denali and I now have them (OEM) on my JGC. As I will soon be replacing these 20" tires I would appreciate some input on what you would replace these with. I find the Forteras okay but, a little noisy, they do seem to last long but, that could be a bad thing in...
  6. northcreek

    Wrecking yard owners...

    After a lifetime of dealing with these people, I swear, these guys are all the same. I search on for a windshield for my 30 year old G30 van and find a guy in Pa. (150mi) who has a new one on the shelf. Guy has a great web site but, doesn't respond to emails call his phone several...
  7. northcreek

    Proprietary nature of German products

    My son called today saying that their BMW would not crank. Well the battery is 5yrs. old so that would be the likely culprit, right?...but here's the thing,even though my son knows his way around a tool box he cannot just put a new battery in. Oh no.... BMW has to send a flat bed to take the car...
  8. northcreek

    Cargo covers

    Does anyone see the logic behind a cargo cover. If I'm a thief looking into your vehicle and I see a cargo cover pulled, I'm thinking, they must have something nice under there...I'm going in to have a look. Am I missing something? 😷
  9. northcreek

    What day/month is it ?

    Woke up to this, suddenly it's December :jawdrop2: ... Sam has the right idea...
  10. northcreek

    FOR SALE 60k XUV Notice the Freudian slip in the ad, "avoid this vehicle"
  11. northcreek

    XUV mods...

    This Steelhead fisherman parked in front of my house today(as many do) with his trusty XUV. Not sure what look he was going for but, that front end is pretty busy, eh?
  12. northcreek

    FOR SALE 8K mile SS but, it's gonna cost Ya....
  13. northcreek

    GM''s new Hummer ?...

    After the disappointing releases of the new Blazer and Trailblazer I'm kinda speculating on how they might screw up the new Hummer.
  14. northcreek

    Amazing man...

    This guy has several videos out and I suggest that you watch one when you think that you've got it rough.
  15. northcreek


    I had this exact same car awhile back but, it never ran like this....
  16. northcreek

    Predictable outcome....

    This is what happens when an average driver pilots an SUV with over 700 HP....
  17. northcreek

    5.3 little known fact...

    Well, little known to me. I was surprised to read that the 5.3 was never offered with manual shift in any application but, there are a few 4.8 engines that were fitted to manual transmissions. Seems odd that with the wide spread use of the 5.3 in trucks, all were automatics.
  18. northcreek

    Mobil 1 vs Shell Truck syn.

    I've been a Mobil 1 guy but, may switch after seeing this, plus $18 for 5 qts. at Tractor supply... :undecided: .
  19. northcreek

    Strange accident...

    This is weird for several reasons, first the name Antonio Brown (NFL ?) and that the black box has to go to Italy and read somewhere else then to Germany. Sadly two people in the other car did not make it. BUFFALO, N.Y. (WKBW) — Weeks after a deadly crash in South Buffalo, that killed Kristin...
  20. northcreek

    GM sues FCA
  21. northcreek

    A rare bird.....

    I had a 97, 2 dr. Tahoe Sport and heard that they could be had with a 5 spd. but, never did actually see one....until now.
  22. northcreek

    Global auto manufacturer rankings

    Man, how the world has changed, GM is now(2017) 4th ?... This is a list of the 15 largest manufacturers by production volume in 2017, according to OICA.[38] Rank Group Country Vehicles 1 Toyota Japan 10,466,051 2 Volkswagen Group Germany 10,382,334 3 Hyundai South Korea 7,218,391...
  23. northcreek

    Trail Camera advise needed...

    My wife has been on me to get a trail camera to see what lurks around here at night (animals not thugs). My research has me ready to buy this Browning Special Ops Advantage because of it's good reviews and it's so easy that a Caveman can do it (me). Any input from this diverse group would be...
  24. northcreek

    New "Pseudo" Blazer to get SS badge

    Kind of old news but, I didn't see it posted here so.....
  25. northcreek

    FOR SALE TB /SS parts car

    Just passing this along...
  26. northcreek

    FOR SALE Something for the ladies....
  27. northcreek

    Jesse Combs crash..

    The unfortunate death of Jesse Combs brought to mind a quote from Three time land speed record holder Art Arfons after he aborted a come back attempt to break his old record, I think he was in his 70s and couldn't complete the run. To paraphrase what he said was: "When I was young and had my...
  28. northcreek

    FOR SALE V8 Envoy parts truck $500

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