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  1. denaliguy

    FS: OEM GM Air Compressor Hose Kit

    Sale includes the following: - Black case for hose and accessories - Hose with PSI gauge - 3 adaptors for hose This is OEM GM quality, I have used this to put air in tires and inflatable rafts. Works with any air compressor but was designed for the built in air compressors for the rear air...
  2. denaliguy

    SOLD: Ascender Tail Lights with LED Bulbs

    Had these on my Envoy. Everything has been wired and includes bulbs in every socket. All bulbs are LED accept for turn signals. These look great on an Envoy, no yellow/amber top third like on the oem tail lights. I am throwing in an extra set of LED bulbs for free and the bottom painted panels...
  3. denaliguy

    [SOLD] OEM TBSS Rims and Goodyear Eagle GTII Tires

    Sale includes the following: - 4 OEM polished TBSS rims - 4 Goodyear Eagle GTII tires with 9/32 remaining tread (15k-20k miles driven on them) - 4 TPMS Sensors - 4 blank center caps - 4 trailblazer bowtie center caps - Complete set of black locking lugnuts with locking lug key Tires and sensors...
  4. denaliguy

    ALT and PS Pump Bearings - Belt Chirp

    Trying to eliminate a cold start chirp of the belt on a 2008 Escalade 6.2L V8. Changed main drive belt and AC belts as well as both tensioner pulleys. Didn't eliminate but needed to happen anyway. I think I have it narrowed down to the alternator bearings and/or power steering pump bearings. The...
  5. denaliguy

    Thump Bump Clunk When Accelerating While Coasting

    I've searched in a lot of forums trying to find an answer for my scenario. While coasting (typically above 40mph), if I accelerate hard there is a very noticeable thump then the car accelerates as normal. The harder I accelerate the harder the thump. If I'm easy on the gas pedal is doesn't...
  6. denaliguy

    Debating Purchase of 2009 Tahoe Hybrid with 90k Miles

    I'm test-driving a 2009 Tahoe Hybrid tomorrow and have been doing as much research as I possibly can on them. I currently have a 2007 GMC Envoy Denali with 124,500 miles and nothing wrong with it. I just want something bigger and a couple years newer. The 2009 HyHoe has 90k miles and the...
  7. denaliguy

    Engine Noise

    Looking for help on this noise I'm getting from behind the radiator. I have no codes flashing or performance issues. Everything is functioning fine, but the engine noise has definitely changed and sounds worse. I drive a 2007 Envoy Denali with 120k miles. Recently changed all fluids at 100k...
  8. denaliguy

    Air Compressor Hose Kit

    Hey everyone! I hope everybody has had a great holiday season. I am looking for an Air Compressor Kit for my 2007 GMC Envoy Denali. Attached are two photos of the kit I am looking for. I would like the hose with gauge, 3 connectors/adapters, and bag. I found 2 on ebay, one for $45 including...
  9. denaliguy

    Nav Radio Issue From PAC GM2 Module

    Hi, I've got a problem that I couldn't find in any other forum. The previous owner of my 2007 GMC Envoy Denali installed a PAC GM2 module so they could hook-up an iPod through the navigation/radio unit. It's accessed through the XM/Satellite input where the dial gets turned to "aux" instead of...

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