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  1. Grimor

    No 4 lo

    So, other than trying a few times to switch to 4-lo in neutral and park i haven't done any other trouble shooting. Just posting this so i don't forget lol. 4 hi works, switching to low the light flashes but never engages, it goes into 4-hi instead.
  2. Grimor

    Chasing the banshee...

    I don't really need advice, but i figured I'd start a thread about the annoying squealing from the engine. Had an occasional chirp before the oil change, after i decreased the engine it started squealing constantly. replaced the basics first, idler and tensioner pulley. no good. power...
  3. Grimor

    Truck Awning, would you want one?

    So, I was looking around for a decent awning that I could just pull out the side of the truck and stow just as easily. I didn't really find anything I liked for a decent price. So I'm working with a (Chinese) company to make a custom size one that should look right on our trucks. would be 6' x...
  4. Grimor

    B Pillar connector, what is it

    Another one of those, what is this connector threads. This is the B Pillar between the drivers front and rear doors. Any ideas what it would normally go to? I'm assuming it's for a feature I don't have on my vehicle.
  5. Grimor

    Doing "Big 3" but not sure which HO Alt

    Ok, so my TB is an 06 4.2L that has an engine from an 07. All the accessories are from my 06 but here is my question.. Did they change the alt in 05? 06? or 07? I see some listed as 2003-05, 2003-06, 2006, 2006-09, 2007-09... So is the 06 some weird stand alone beast or will the earlier or...
  6. Grimor

    Ready to give up...

    ok, so I did a mock up a while ago on what I wanted to do for the grille of the TB. I've done measurements, cardboard mockups, 3d rendering, and I just can't come up with anything that won't look like a barrel of ass. The problem is, that despite the image making it look like that area is...
  7. Grimor

    Relays for headlights

    I've been looking at various lighting options and plan on completely replacing the stock headlights and housings. I've read about the misc DRL killer and quad beams, etc... but maybe it's just late and I'm distracted but I would like to end up with 3 relays for DRL, Low, and High. Is there a...
  8. Grimor

    More work in the near future

    Well, it's time to start planning my spring truck maintenance. I am planning on servicing the rear axle when i add the massive adjustable parts. bearings, seals, fluid, and ebrake pads. there's a good walk through on the old site that doesn't seem too hard, but i still have reservations...
  9. Grimor

    Rear defroster not working

    The button for my defroster lights up, fuse 3 in the rear box tests ok. I cleaned the contacts on the glass, but not getting any power to the wires. Does anyone know which side is the + on the glass? and is there a plug in the harness between the fuse and the glass?
  10. Grimor

    Winter rims and like new tires

    I have the stock rims off my TB with Hankook dynapro ATM p245/75r16 on stock 6x5 rims with center caps. Only a few thousand miles on the tires before they were swapped out for bigger ones. $500 in Elkhart, Indiana. one rim is new. these were very quiet on the road and still had good traction...
  11. Grimor

    LED Headlights, JW Speaker

    Ok, so I've been looking for some different lights for my TB. Thought about projectors, Cree LED, etc etc etc... And then I saw some JW Speaker LEDs. I am very impressed BUT they make mostly Jeep round retrofits. They do make a bracket to put them on just about anything with a flat surface...
  12. Grimor

    Before the snow anyone free this weekend

    I need to get my rear axle swapped this weekend. seems like the weather won't be too horrible but not great either. In Elkhart, if anyone is free to help drag some axles around Saturday or Sunday, i have beer and booze, just need bodies lol.
  13. Grimor

    Grims build thread

    Current Original (Purchased Mar 27, 2013) MOD LIST Interior Cup Holder in Armrest Husky front and rear Floor Mats Exterior MDB Fab Custom Front Bumper Fluidic washer nozzles and larger ID hose Westin Side Steps Curt front hitch Pin stripe removed. Vinyl to hide scratches Suspension...
  14. Grimor

    18" 6x5.5 Chevy rims and tires (Indiana)

    Guys at work got new silvarados and lifted them with bigger tires. They are selling the stock rims and tires. Told em I'd post a link. You would need adapters to run these on you TB/Envoy but a lot or people have those already.
  15. Grimor

    Trade LS for LT front end.

    Before I go buy a set of LT headlights, does anyone with an LT want to swap for LS headlights and grill? I'm going to fab a grill and would be easier without the grill covering the headlights. For no reason, here's a picture of my truck
  16. Grimor

    fender trimming

    Well, one of my fenders was rubbing. just one. yeah my front alignment is wack but that's a different topic. i didn't have a big rubber mallet to do it right, but my work has always been a careful balance of getting it done right and just getting it done. small plastic hammer didn't...
  17. Grimor

    How much is too much for trans pump

    Ok, so I know we all like to add trans coolers. And since i live in the the frigid north, I would like to add a thermo bypass so I'm not pushing cold fluid back into the trans in the winter. I also have an external filter I can add...
  18. Grimor

    Engine Swap, now need engine run...

    I figured I'd start a new thread in the right section to get some help on getting the truck going after the engine swap. I turn the key and it clicks but no crank. No codes showing. Brand new battery, but I'm not sure if this is how the computer acts when it needs a relearn. this is a video of...
  19. Grimor

    Canadian cars

    There's a car in Canada I'd like to purchase, deals pretty much done. But I'm wondering about getting it back home, duties, fees, etc... Seems I need a letter from the MFG stating it meets DOT and EPA standards, or it can be listed as compliant already. I have seen their list, and it's not...
  20. Grimor


    I saw an older post asking the same things, but does anyone have a CarFax sub they can run the VIN from my engine with? I know it's been in an accident. just wanna see if the mileage was listed with it.
  21. Grimor

    engine differences

    I've been looking for a new engine and I see cheaper ones from 03 04 05, but a lot of places aren't listing these as working with the 06. I see some listed as working with 06-07 but the price jumps up. is there an actual difference with the engines?
  22. Grimor

    Might need a new engine...

    Ok, so there is a possibility that I may need to swap an engine in my truck. If that is the case, is there anything I should do while it's out, anything I should look for as far as an upgrade to the engine, etc... I see a lot of engines listing an "s" for the 8th digit in the VIN, I assume this...
  23. Grimor

    Latest Body Modification

    I call it the Never let someone else drive your truck mod... So, the story is that a semi decided to occupy the same lane as her at the same time so she (yes I let a girl drive my truck) had to leave the road and bounced off a telephone pole. No one hurt, air bags didn't pop, I think the...
  24. Grimor

    son of a...

    I'll post more later is that image even readable?
  25. Grimor

    Cardone CV Shafts

    ok, I went to and I did a lot of different searches, I just can't find the CV shafts. Does anyone have a direct link? I just got my 2.5" lift and from what I've read you should swap in new CV shafts with the Cardone ones being proffered.
  26. Grimor

    Can't get the key out

    I've had a shit day today. CEL after pulling the boat (hoping it's just a MAF sensor that needs cleaned from the new filter) then an engine tap after sitting at an angle on the launch that didn't go away. No trailer lights on the way home, and now the key won't turn back far enough to even turn...
  27. Grimor

    New and improved washer nozzles

    My washers stopped working soon after I got the truck, and it seems to be a somewhat common issue. So I swapped in some ford/mazda "fluidic" nozzles Part number EC01-67-50YA They are a little smaller so I just JB welded them in and made sure I had them pointed where I wanted...
  28. Grimor

    New front end Idea...

    Someone tell me why this wouldn't work? remove all the front end junk, grille, headlight housings, and just run the front bumper up to the hood... some HIDs and balistic glass headlight cover, LED lights... there's enough cut out steel for the grille and air box that it shouldn't weigh that...
  29. Grimor

    Show your LED workshop

    There might be a better sections for this, but I kinda think of it as a tie in with the LED thread. Having just cleaned up my work area some over the weekend, I was wondering what other people are working with in their soldering stations. Here's where I try to shove enough stuff aside to work...
  30. Grimor

    Bad Car Day...

    Ok, I'm sure you've seen the posts about my various TB issues, that's only one vehicle out of many. I got the TB because my cavalier died, someone ran it out of oil and that killed the engine. Then my 97 Town and Country died, starts for a second then dies, won't restart without waiting a...

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