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  1. Mooseman

    SOLVED! Parasitic Draw

    So the Saab has cost me a few bucks with a new alternator and battery and it keeps dying in a week or so. So I've got a parasitic draw. Using the multimeter to measure amps, I'm getting a 1.27A draw. Quickly found that my ScanGauge II left plugged into the OBD port would draw over 1.1A and it...
  2. Mooseman

    Shop Vac closes shop

    Not exactly auto industry news however, a lot of us use and buy Shop Vac. Well, if you need parts, get them while you can and don't buy a Shop Vac no matter how good the deal is. Parts will become harder to find...
  3. Mooseman

    Massachusetts Right to Repair

    This is very interesting regarding privacy and the data that auto makers collect via the onboard systems and one State trying to do something about it. I raised this issue here a few years ago about OnStar's...
  4. Mooseman

    LF Advice: Diablosport intune i3 I found a new one for $400CAD (It's usually $400USD) and it comes with one vehicle credit included. Since I'm probably getting a "new" truck (an '08 Avalanche 6.0L) and I have a buddy that also has an Avalanche (a '10 5.3), I...
  5. Mooseman

    Decision on new truck

    Looking at adding to the fleet. Went to look at it. It's not perfect but it's not bad. Right at startup, could hear the right manifold leaking that quieted down after warmup. Did see the a missing bolt. Can't tell if it's just that...
  6. Mooseman

    Video: How to repair fuel tank inlet

    I'm subscribed to this guy's channel because he does a lot of stuff on his Caprice PPV however, he also works on his SSR, which we all know has a lot of similarities to the GMT360/370.
  7. Mooseman

    YT: 4200 turbo build

    I know a couple of guys asked about turbos. This one is just the install but not tuned yet but interesting how he does it. Not for keeping it all under the hood though.
  8. Mooseman

    Video: No crank, No start

    As well as a O2 sensor heater code. Guess what the problem was?
  9. Mooseman

    This is something I would buy! And with a 6.2, it would be badass!
  10. Mooseman

    The Random/Funny Pic Thread ver.2.0

    New thread. Reposting my last pic.
  11. Mooseman

    C8 Corvette falls off hoist at dealership

    Ouch! Apparently he is getting a new one. What do you think happened to the tech that was at fault?
  12. Mooseman

    eBay Listing GMT360 related parts

    Happened to look at the ads on this site and happened to see this new complete armrest. And this one also showed up. Basically the shell portion so a good option to keep your...
  13. Mooseman

    Steering controls on Android HU

    So I got a new Android 10 HU for the TB. I never had any luck getting the steering wheel controls on any of my trucks that came with them, even with adapters. However, my 07 LS did not come with them. I recently replaced the entire steering column so that I could have the switches. A...
  14. Mooseman

    Recall: HF Pittburgh jack stands

    I just received an email from HF about this recall because I have bought four of the 6 ton version. And I had just used them recently too. Since we don't have HF in Canada, what am I supposed to do with them? The closest one is in Pottsdam NY and the border is still closed for at least another...
  15. Mooseman

    Working from home? Check your insurance!

    After seeing US TV commercials from some insurance companies giving rebates and discounts because of our current situation, I checked on my insurance's website and, nothing. There have also been complaints that insurance companies are just raking it in because they haven't lowered premiums and...
  16. Mooseman

    Eco friendly oil container

    So why is this ETCG oil change video so special? Just the container that the oil comes in just makes sense. The plastic jugs we're so familiar with are not recyclable and wind up in the landfill. The cardboard is recyclable and the plastic bag inside is much smaller. I can see this becoming...
  17. Mooseman

    Video: What are accessories worth in HP?

    Was YT surfing when this one popped up. Very interesting to see what each accessory on the motor does to HP and torque numbers. The fan may be a bigger power robber, especially the thermal type, and may lend some credence to e-fans but are marginal on the GMT360 platform due to the chintzy...
  18. Mooseman

    What the Lockdown in Paris looks like

    Our friend @trailblazer075 is a Public Safety Officer in Paris (one level lower than armed Police) and he sent me some pictures while he was on patrol on the bike. They are in the eye of the storm with cases and deaths still piling up, they are on a total government ordered lockdown. No...
  19. Mooseman

    The COVID escape room

  20. Mooseman

    Amazon Product Ass cleaner (!)

    Given the current situation with toilet paper, I was looking at bidets when this came up. I guess it's for those that don't know what they're really called.
  21. Mooseman

    General Motors is killing off the Holden brand Well, another one killed off by GM. The list is getting pretty long. I see Buick getting the axe next.
  22. Mooseman

    How to fake a traffic jam on Google Maps

    This Man Created Traffic Jams on Google Maps Using a Red Wagon Full of Phones
  23. Mooseman

    Updated ignition switch info and operation

    Found this video from a new channel through the Caprice forum I'm on and it's very informational on the ignition switch's operation. I didn't even know it was updated. And now we know!
  24. Mooseman

    10 Sports Cars GM Regrets Making (And 10 They Regret Discontinuing) Interesting read although an opinion of the author only. He also flubbed on the 1978 Chevelle SS as there was no such car. There was a 1977 Chevelle Laguna S3 but no SS. Research fail on that one.
  25. Mooseman

    Too bright headlights and not so bright politicians
  26. Mooseman

    Literally a barn find

    Found in an estate sale were these gems. Oh to have some cash, I'd be all over one of them Bonnevilles.
  27. Mooseman

    Is your vehicle spying on you? I remember a few years ago that OnStar was collecting data even when there was no active account on a vehicle and GM had to do an about face to stop it...
  28. Mooseman

    Video: Common 4L60E failures

    Found this nice short and to the point video that explains the common issues and failures of this transmission. A lot of people ask about these same issues so this will be useful.
  29. Mooseman

    Tesla Tru... What?

    I'll just drop this right here....
  30. Mooseman

    First look... 2021 TrailBlazer

    Better have a barf receptacle nearby. The article aptly starts with "Oh look, another crossover".

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