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  1. Drec

    Vortec 4200 build on Hot Rod Garage

    The guys on Hot Rod Garage are building a couple of 4.2l engines to compare with the Barra (an Aussie) engine. The episode is #40, with an air date of 5/1/2020. Hot Rod Garage is on Motor Trend TV...
  2. Drec

    NEED HELP ATF leaking at radiator coolant line fitting on 2002 Envoy

    I just finished replacing a water pump, alternator, A/C pump and fan clutch. Then I started the car to find a leak at one of the coolant lines. I tightened the fitting and it slowed the leak down a little. What do I replace this with? I never seen a fitting like this before.
  3. Drec

    SOLVED! 2002 Envoy A/C delete belt

    I’m in the middle of a trip and it appears that the A/C pump is bad. The drive belt is broken. So I need to replace the belt to drive back home; which is about 120 miles. Does anyone have a part number for I-6 A/C delete belt?
  4. Drec

    Transfer case stuck in 4-low

    Is there an easy way to shift this back? I was backing a trailer into my driveway and selected 4-low to eliminate the wheel spinning in the gravel, then it wouldn't shift back out. Do I have to troubleshoot the whole system to fix this or what? I saw another similar thread...
  5. Drec

    NEED HELP Electrical Issues?

    A couple of days ago, I went out to get in the Envoy and pressed the button on the FOB and nothing happened. So I used the key to open the door. Stuck the key into the ignition switch, turned it and was completely dead. Then I tried to take the key out of the ignition and the switch wouldn't...
  6. Drec

    GM Tech2 Diagnostic Pathing Cards

    Has anyone heard of these or know where to get them. Are they worth the trouble to find? I tried several links that were mentioned in the attachment, but no cigar. I found this in the Techline News Sept 2004, while doing some other searches.
  7. Drec

    Question regarding monitoring a 4L60E with a GM Tech scanner

    On another thread I mentioned having the transmission rebuilt in my Envoy. The shop asked me to bring it back to check, before we go on a trip, trans fluid and some other checks. So this morning I drove it to the shop. On the way there, I noticed a "Service Light" had set, so I mention it to the...
  8. Drec

    Silverado ignition switch question

    I finished installing the clutch pedal in my truck yesterday. Today changed the oil and was going to move it to hook up my car trailer. Put the ignition key into the lock, and it wouldn't turn. So I played with it for a while and then started taking it apart. Looked at some YouTube videos and...
  9. Drec

    Has anyone thought about converting a TB/Envoy to a manual or stick

    I'm a stick guy and now have a couple of automatics; which look like they will need some attention. Any cars that I've had in the past with automatics, when they developed a problem were converted to a manual shift. Has anyone done this and if they did, what bell housing/flywheel, clutch pedal...
  10. Drec

    Another P1870 code on a 2002 Envoy

    My 2002 Envoy has an issue that started yesterday while shifting into high, the RPM's went high. It through a P1870 code and the “Check Engine Light” appeared. Then it didn't want to shift into high at all. Today I drove it around a little, then it started doing the same thing into 3rd, then...
  11. Drec

    2005 Silverado clutch problem

    Driving home yesterday and was shifting into 5th gear, when I hear a pop sound while depressing the clutch. I'm on the freeway about a 150 miles from home and figured if I don't have to stop I should be able to make it home. Anyway, about 60 miles later, all I can see is tail lights. So I pull...

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