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  1. smt 59

    14 Years were’d they go, 14 Years I don’t know.

    It wasn’t a Chevy but she was like a rock. After 14 years of amazing ownership of my Envoy I finally decided to move on and sell her to a friend who will take over the responsibility of keeping her in top condition. I now have a new toy in the garage....A 2019 GMC Canyon Denali, she is a black...
  2. smt 59

    What is the torque side of the I6

    Need to know the torque side of the I6 engine, motor mount issues.
  3. smt 59

    Happy Canadian Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving to all the Canadian members.
  4. smt 59

    Service Engine Light

    I have a challenge in regards to the service engine light coming on three times now with a P0480 code for cooling fan relay or fan speed output circuit although the cooling system is working fine. Each time I check and then clear the code, it’s fine for a while then it happens again. Called a...
  5. smt 59

    Happy New Year

    Happy New Year all. A safe and healthy new year for 2017.
  6. smt 59

    Replacement Thottle body Brands

    Looking to replace the throttle body, anyone have any recommendations on brand names? The reviews for Cardone are not very positive and the dealer is expensive.
  7. smt 59

    DS Heated Mirror not working

    So I had to park the truck outside today in the freezing rain, no real issue (normally) so I go to warm her up and let the ice melt off as usual and noticed that the drivers side mirror was not working, noticed it to late as I was entering the highway(I know, not very safe of me) but I did get...
  8. smt 59

    Massive rear suspension parts

    I'm looking at replacing the rear upper and lower control arms as well the hard pan bar with Massive Speed Systems parts, looks like it is all high quality and engineered to our platform, I have done a mild lift front and back so I know it is necessary to have adjustable parts for obvious...
  9. smt 59

    Members locations

    Since the format change members location has been removed, personally I think it was better when you knew what city, town, state, province, country or continent the member is from , it gave you an idea of different climates, cultures and in general it is nice to know where we all are. Any...
  10. smt 59

    So who's watching the Jays/KC game?

    Who's watching..........go Jays
  11. smt 59

    Happy Thanksgiving to the CDN. Members

    Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Canadian members.
  12. smt 59

    How many of us here are Baby Boomers?

    I was just noticing the birhtdays and the over 50 crowd, so just as an FYI I was wondering how many of us are part of the boom. I was born in 1959 as noted in my member name.
  13. smt 59

    still no toolbar on mobile device and now cannot upload pics

    There is still no toolbar on the tablet and now cannot upload pics on mobile or PC. Is this still being worked on and is there an issue with uploading pictures as it tells me the file is to big, I have not had this issue until last night.
  14. smt 59

    disassemble monroe quick strut

    Can the Monroe quick strut be taken apart to replace the strut with Bilstein struts and re use the spring, mount, etc.?
  15. smt 59

    Bilstein rear shocks

    Looking at loosing the Monroe's on the rear and replacing with Bilstein. So my inquiry is on line they are recommending HD's and at the stealership they are saying their info says soft ride OEM with no other info such as dust boot, specs on shaft travel etc. And more money although it would most...
  16. smt 59

    Brembo Brake kits

    Does anyone run Brembo brake kits? I am looking for feed back, good or bad.
  17. smt 59

    Steering Rack Fluids

    Hi Folks, I was at the dealer yesterday having my intermediate steering shaft looked at( they cannot confirm or deny if it needs replacing) and the tech. mentioned to me about the racks power steering fluid in other models being replaced with ATF instead of PS fluid as it eliminates the seal...
  18. smt 59

    Intermediate steering shaft

    Good day all, It's time for me to pick some brains! has anyone had experience with the steering shaft in their Envoys, I have some sort of clunking feeling in the steering wheel even after replacing most of the front steering and suspension, I have read there was or is an issue with the...

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