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  1. NelliM60

    NEED HELP Engine Performance Issue

    Hey Guys Been a while since I posted so a very belated happy new year to all the GMT fans! My latest issue is my truck is over 165k miles and recently the engine is underperforming. Specifically when I am in the middle of driving especially on the highways the engine begins to make a low muffled...
  2. NelliM60

    NEED HELP AC not blowing cold

    First, Big Salute and Honor to all VFW, POW Vets out there. Unfortunately all holidays are gassed up as days for spending money shopping, eating and drinking rather then its real purpose which is to reflect on the greatest and in many cases ultimate sacrifices our soldiers made in the name of a...
  3. NelliM60

    NEED HELP Battery and Alternator for Sound System Upgrade

    Hey GMT Fam, For my '03 TB LTZ, I am gearing up to upgrade my sound a little. I've found a sub package that includes two 1500 watt sub speakers, and four 500 watt component speakers for the doors. With that much power, would any of you get a 200 or 250 amp alternator? Or would you just stick to...
  4. NelliM60

    Rear Wheel Hub Assembly Replacement

    Hey guys, Been a while since I've reached out but I lost my '04 TB LS in a bad accident. Loved that truck, put lots of money into her. Well, I recently purchased another one, an '03 TB LTZ, it is nice with a few extra amenities but wow she needs her factory suspension parts, wheel hubs, and...
  5. NelliM60

    Replace Seats

    Okay. So my next two projects are the following: Replace front bumper and right side front fender (damaged by a big jeep wrangler in a parking lot...don't ask). Mostly the bumper requires attention because it's partially detached from the fender. This looks like an easy job that even an amateur...
  6. NelliM60

    A/C Issues

    Hey guys, I am mapping out my plans to replace the blower motor resistor and blend door actuators. Specifically what's going on is the front vents don't work and the ac only comes on on channel 5 (channels 1 thru 4 don't work). This all happened last spring when I replaced the battery. Anyway...
  7. NelliM60

    Blinkers on hyperflash

    I had replaced the original standard light bulbs with Xenon HID lamps on the low and high beam headlamps. No problems. I switched the standard bulbs for dual color LEDs in the parking/flasher compartment and switched standard bulbs in the front yellow corner parking/flasher for LED bulbs...
  8. NelliM60

    New tires?

    I wanted to change my tires but only had 2 new ones at the time. Also I didn't know they were LT type rather than P type and were 75s rather than 70. The mechanic brought it to my attention and informed I couldn't have 2 different type and size tires on a 4WD, though I drive my truck at 2Hi most...
  9. NelliM60

    HVAC Issue - front vents not working

    When I got my '04 TB LS, there were absolutely no issues with the HVAC. Then one day an ignition coil blew. I replaced it myself (thanks MAY03LT) and then I had to recharge a dying battery (took 2hrs, ultimately had it replaced with a new one). This is when the front vents stopped blowing. I...
  10. NelliM60

    Clutch - Pump Replacement

    I have an '04 Chevy TrailBlazer 4.2L I6 with over 128,000 miles. The fan clutch and blades have completely seized and water pump is worn and loose in its housing. Coolant leaked out and spritz everywhere in the hood and serpentine belt slips every time I tapped the accelerator. So I just don't...

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