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    Quick Question - 4WD Disconnect

    Found the outer bearing and outer seal of my 4WD disconnect destroyed. Ordered a new assembly from Amazon. Says it should be here in one day. Truck is a DD so I may have to drive it without the CV shaft for a while if Amazon fails. I've read plenty here that it's perfectly fine to drive...
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    Chicken or Egg (Plug or Coil Pack)

    I started having problems with misfires on cylinder 3 a couple months ago that I outlined here. My main question with that post was which AC-Delco coil pack to buy. As I mentioned there, I ended up buying a Delphi. Well, it failed about a month later. Had to replace it with a Duralast...
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    Which AC Delco Coil Pack?

    I was about an hour into a two hour freeway drive yesterday and the SES light flashed for about 10 seconds and cruise control disengaged. Light did not stay on. Ran terrible for most of the rest of the way but made it home. P0300 was stored (Random misfire- I knew flashing SES was a...
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    ABS Control Module Recommendations

    Anyone have to replace their ABS control module? If so, what brand you use? Any recommendations? The AC Delco is big bucks. I described my ABS issues on another thread. I've got a lot of codes that point to ABS control module replacement.
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    Goop in oil fill cap

    Anyone ever see buildup like this in their oil fill cap? I use Mobil 1 exclusively.
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    High Frequency Vibration

    Hello All. I'm relatively new here. I used to follow the OS pretty regularly. Lost track of it for a few years. When I came back, it was quite evident that the brains of the operation was gone. Took me a while to find this site. Anyways, I have a very high frequency vibration that I...

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