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    What did you do to your GMT today?

    I replaced my water pump yesterday, changed oil today.
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    Reset camshaft crankshaft thingy? I think....

    I know I'm late to this party, but I was experiencing some of the same symptoms. My 2003 TB would hesitate and threaten to stall when in gear (never tested in Park/Neutral). It did stall about 3 times over about a year or so but I got used to backing off the gas so it didn't stall. The first...
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    P0171 code won't go away. Terrible gas mileage

    You should replace with an OEM sensor (AC Delco) if the Bosch is not working correctly.
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    Tip or Tricks for Removing front differential oil fill plug?!?!?!

    I would drive until the diff is warm then raise the vehicle, take off the passenger wheel, and use a breaker bar on the full plug. It is an 18mm socket. This is what I had to do and without the vehicle raised I did not have enough Ron to use the breaker bar. Also, mine took quite a bit of...
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    MPGS and Skyrocketing Gas Prices

    So it made no difference?
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    HAM radi/Scanner guys...I need help

    Haha, sorry for over-explaining, I forgot I had read you have your HAM license. I guess my point was that if he source of the scanner feed is centrally located with a good antenna, that scanner may pick up more of the car traffic (and therefore broadcast it over the internet) than you are able...
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    HAM radi/Scanner guys...I need help

    Often times car frequencies are simplex, meaning not repeated, and therefore you must be in range of the unit that is transmitting. In other words you need a really big antenna or you need to be pretty close to the unit transmitting.
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    Battery Drain Help

    Based on that info, it sounds like you could have a bad battery or alternator. Have you had them tested recently?
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    What did you do to your GMT today?

    Painted some more trim...the front bumper plastic and grill. Also sanded, primed and painted an underbody crossmember that had a bunch of rust spots from rocks chipping the paint. Not the best lighting, but some pics anyway: Oh yeah, also did the door handles:
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    code scanner

    You could also use a free program called wOBD. I posted about it here:
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    How to Read ABS/TCCM/PCM Codes Using a Terminal OBDii Interface

    Summary: How to Read ABS/TCCM/PCM Codes Using a Terminal OBDii Interface Difficulty: Easy (mechanically), but medium computer skills are required Estimated Time: 30 minutes for first time, 10 minutes subsequent times Tools Required: Personal computer with Windows 7 (or ability to adapt...
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    misfire cyl1 and exhaust leak followed by mil light on for pre-cat o2 sensor

    While it is true that the cat may not be cleaning the exhaust effectively, it does not seem that it would cause any of your other symptoms with the O2 or throttle body codes. I suggest you download the service manuals:, then find...
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    What did you do to your GMT today?

    Replaced front sway bar end links and sway bar bushings and rear sway bar bushings. Re-greased rear sway bar end links. And...finally broke loose the front and rear differential fill plugs. I've been working at those for a while in order to check the level and for future drains/fills. I put...
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    What did you do to your GMT today?

    Put in a new upstream O2 sensor today. Got a P0172 (rich) code the other day, which may have a been false (as the early models are known to do without the PCM update) but figured at 116k it wouldn't hurt to replace it.
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    Procedure to check intake manifold torque?

    I was just thinking this the other day and I checked the rear intake manifold bolts on my TB to make sure they were at least more than finger tight. It is hard to get a wrench/socket on them with the PCM/etc. in place. This is what the service manual says about tightening:
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    How To Guide: Reading TCCM Codes

    That may be useful information down the road for me (and others who don't want to pay a dealer to read codes with their high-end scan tool). It is also possible using a terminal program with OBD2 interface to check ABS codes. I will post more information when I have access to it later this...
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    Grinding sound when I put the key in position 1

    Where does the sound seem to come from?
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    My 05 Envoy has no ballz. 0-60 times horrible!

    I sense a scientist or engineer in our midst! That's a great evaluation, hopefully it will be helpful to others. I would imagine if you lost 2-3 hundred pounds in cargo/fuel you time would be closer to 9 sec.
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    Question about tires sizes, changing to 20's

    I'm not sure about equivalent sizes, but you could try searching for a tire calculator online. Also, your odometer and speed will read LOWER than actual if you get larger than stock tires.
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    Question about tires sizes, changing to 20's

    For 2006+ you can get your pcm tuned to change the tire size. For earlier years there is nothing to do that I know of.
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    Question about tires sizes, changing to 20's

    Yes, by the same percentage as your speed for the miles you accrue after the size change.
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    Suggested and Recommended Bluetooth ObdII

    I believe the adapters will work with the iPhone. But unfortunately I think the only iPhone app available is quite expensive compared to the Android options.
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    Suggested and Recommended Bluetooth ObdII

    I have a PLX Kiwi Bluetooth. They cost about 3 times as much as the cheap Chinese adapters, but it has never melted, stopped working,or had any other problem.
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    A/C temperature problems

    Search for drivers side temperature actuator and you should find threads on how to fix what is most likely your problem. As long as the air coming out of the passenger side is still cold, it is most likely the temp actuator on the drivers side.
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    P1133 Upstream O2 Sensor Diagnostics

    My gauge sits about two ticks left of 210 but I have confirmed that my temps are between 190 and 202 when warmed up, depending on acceleration, speed, etc. This is after replacing the thermostat. It seems others have reported the same thing, so maybe some gauges really do read and display the...
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    I don't think it looks great on the North Face EXT but I like it on the your photoshopped SWB.
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    My 05 Envoy has no ballz. 0-60 times horrible!

    Another thing to consider is if you have any floor matt(s) and its thickness, which may prevent complete depression of the pedal.
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    Windshield washer

    My '03 trailblazer has that and it works.
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    Fluttering Butterfly or TCC?

    Torque has a throttle position PID, but I believe it is commanded position, not the actual position of the throttle plate. Still, it may be helpful in diagnosis.
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    hmm what else

    I agree. ^^^ Also, given that you've tried 2 different fuel filters I think a defective one is unlikely to be your issue. So you can probably skip fuel pressure testing, at least for now. The other thing to check would be to make sure the coils are seated properly on the spark plugs. It is...

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