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  1. aaserv

    Radiators V8-I6

    I6 Part number 21505---15196385 V8--21506 ---15196386 Ive got 1 of each, hold them side by side and I dont see a difference......Am I missing something or ?????
  2. aaserv

    WoW....Very Nice

    This may be a repost since the vid is 5 yrs old but it deserves a repost if it is. Makes me realize how much work I still have to do on mine..... Not a lowering fan but the attention to detail is A+ !
  3. aaserv

    FOR SALE Canadian 04...117k miles

  4. aaserv

    The Original Envoy

  5. aaserv

    DEAL Rotella t full synthetic

    Cant say this is everywhere but I went to Advanced Auto parts today and the new Truck Rotella in the red jug was $10.55 for 5 quart jug........
  6. aaserv

    eBay Listing 2 Lower control arms

    Helluva deal..........
  7. aaserv

    NEED HELP Door not closing tight

    Ive been saying ever since I got this car that when I hit a bump it sounds like a door is open. Ive searched this that and the other. Had a mechanic give it a once over. No results. Last night Im outside and I walk around to ck all the doors make sure their locked and I feel it... The...
  8. aaserv

    Front Spring Question

    I found this set of shocks and springs at a reasonable price. But they have a 3" lift that Im not particularly interested in. The set up is only 3 years old and for the price I could use just the shocks and be fine. Question I have is these are Moog springs (I think)....Would these...
  9. aaserv

    Want to reduce the heat under the hood

    Im no engineer and Im sure the factory guys know better than I do but the amount of heat generated under the hood just seems to me it cant be an ideal situation. Im looking to reduce it with various ideas. Ive got 2 Im considering and would love any input on the subject. #1...Hood vent of...
  10. aaserv

    Leak detection on the Cheap

  11. aaserv

    Broken Antenna

    Been getting poor reception. Ck out the antenna and apparently I have the mast type on the passenger side cowl. Looks like its broken off clean. I drill it out and put an ease out in it and now have a 1/8" antenna as the ease out broke clean off in the hole i drilled. Am I wrong and the...
  12. aaserv

    V-8 Intake Air Temp Sensor

    Cant find where this is located on the V-8. All the breakdowns I find show a sensor going into the intake airduct. I see it on the 6cyl but Ive got 2 intake setups for 03+04 V-8 and I dont see it on either. Built into the mass airflow sensor maybe? Just got a scan tool and notice this...
  13. aaserv

    FOR SALE Saab 9-7x $1200 seems high..but I could use a few of the parts. 18" wheels, leather interior, maybe the trans... Any opinions on the actual value ??
  14. aaserv

    Plug Wire Preference??

    Im usually ACDelco all the way but even being $100 cheaper than the Big 3 local auto parts stores ( and yes they are $90 to $105 cheaper ) these seem heavily overpriced for 8 pieces of wire and boots. Anybody have any experience with the others that would allow them to recommend them over the...
  15. aaserv

    NEED HELP Overheating 5.3L

    I bought an 03 Envoy with close to 185K on it. Paid to much and it wasnt long until I realized it had been poorly maintained. Got it March of 19. Drove it sparingly but 1 thing was obvious, it leaked oil from virtually every gasket on it. Started making plans to fix it but got busy during...
  16. aaserv

    NEED HELP Where does this go? Thread

    Tore my 03 Envoy V-8 down last August and now Im putting it back together. Naturally (for me) I cant remember where half the stuff goes this will hopefully be my official WTF thread. If you are familiar with this model please ck this thread often as Im sure there will be many posts to...

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