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  1. gpking

    [How to] Switched AHL Delete 1999-2002 Silverado

    How to install a switch to cancel the Automatic Headlight (AHL) feature on some 1999-2002 fullsize GMTs that GM decided didn't need to ever be able to turn off their headlights. Note: Your DRLs will still come on while in gear. Parts: 1x Switch 1x 1.5 kohm resistor Difficulty: Easy Time...
  2. gpking

    SUPPORT Signature BB Code Broken

    I updated my signature today attempting to add a second Fuelly badge, but I found once I click "Toggle BB Code", my code is completely stripped from the text box, leaving just the remaining text. If I just click "Save" after entering my code (IMG block nested inside a URL block), it treats it...
  3. gpking

    Anyone running 265/70R16 (~30.6")?

    (Not a "will it fit?" thread). Background: I'm running MarkMC's 2" lift and on the verge of buying wheel spacers. The TrailBlazer is getting promoted off of primary daily driver duty and my 245/70R16s (~29.5") need replaced (within a month most likely). Asking on GMTNation instead of OffroadTB...
  4. gpking

    Check Gages OCD

    I apologize in advance for anyone who is made uncomfortable starting their vehicle while looking at the cluster after reading this topic. I've never really noticed this dash light in my TrailBlazer, but during the light check of a '94 'Burban, I noticed that the CHECK GAGES light illuminates...
  5. gpking

    NEED HELP HELP - Towing with Rental Truck

    I'm planning a multi-state move next month and this time I don't have the luxury of a second driver to come with me. I ran through getting quotes with the big 3; Budget, Penske, and UHaul, and only UHaul doesn't specifically forbid a TrailBlazer on the vehicle trailer. Budget and Penske say a...
  6. gpking

    4L60E - What's Next to Go?

    I've got 130k miles on the clock and my trans has been a minor PITA since 84k with little gremlins appearing here and there. I'm at my wits end trying to connect the dots. What should I replace next? Things I have replaced: - Spacer plate - Accumulator pistons (pinless) - TCC valve (fixed TCC...
  7. gpking

    FOR SALE '03 SWB Manual Cloth Seats (in N. Alabama)

    Almost uglier than the XUV seats in the following post. They're wasting precious indoor space in my new garage. Time to go! Note: The sensor wires broke and pulled out of the driver's seat belt buckle. Buckle is included. I replaced these seats with power leather and have no need for them...
  8. gpking

    Intermittent Electrical Issues - Ignition Switch?

    I have been having random intermittent electronic issues. Most frequently: 1) the a/c (brand new compressor, correct R-134a charge) will cut out while driving and the snowflake stays illuminated. Pressure is "normal", permission becomes "withheld". Toggling the snowflake off/on turns the a/c...
  9. gpking

    Why won't my a/c work?!

    Uhh, guys... Friday I noticed my a/c was blowing hot, so I decided to do some troubleshooting. I didn't have to look far before I noticed my compressor clutch wasn't engaging because it is completely gone. I had to do a double take because I couldn't believe my eyes. It is really just gone. I...
  10. gpking

    WANTED Good Quality GM Hats

    My TrailBlazer hat is starting to show its age and it's the nicest hat I have so I want another one. I've given up ever finding it embroidered with the TrailBlazer text, but I just want the same decent quality type of hat (preferably with a bowtie still). My hat was from Raceway Distributors...
  11. gpking

    Is this the OE brush guard?

    I've seen the OE center guard on an Envoy and a Yukon, and I've even seen the one on the Diamond Edition Jimmy, but I've never seen the one for the TrailBlazer. Is this it? Just based on how goofy it looks, this seems like GM. This is sitting at a pick-a-part 20 minutes away, so I'm half...
  12. gpking

    FOR SALE York, PA; 2006 TrailBlazer, Lifted, etc

    York, PA $2250 obo Not my vehicle, but I see potential for the mechanically inclined Nation member looking to do an engine swap into an otherwise ready-to-go offroad rig. It needs a new engine (assuming the diagnosis is correct), but has the...
  13. gpking

    How To: Convert Power Memory Seats to Power Seats

    In this write-up I am going to figure my way through re-wiring the power memory seats from an LTZ to work in my LS. (If anyone needs the memory modules, I have extras lying around). Parts/Tools: 2x Power memory seats from an '02 LTZ 1x Inline 30A fuse 1x Male power seat connector (for the...
  14. gpking

    SOLVED-All HVAC Actuators Dead, Electronic Issue

    If you are already looking up the P/Ns for the blend door actuators, read on first. I made the mistake of buying a new battery from Walmart about 4 months ago. I got home only to find the thing was DOA when I installed it. Some electronics would work, but no radio and no crank. I couldn't jump...
  15. gpking

    Cold Startup Issues, Loud Rumble At Idle (<1000RPM)

    Within the past two days the TB has started behaving oddly following a cold start-up. Last night I cranked it and the gauges came on 1/2 brightness and the volt meter dipped below 9V for about 10 seconds, then the volt meter went back up above 14 like usual and the gauges returned to full...
  16. gpking

    Is there any way to access the speaker holes in the dash?

    My '03 TB LS has these fake speaker holes in the dash (where the Bose tweeters would go I guess?): I have some spare tweeters lying around and this grille got me thinking I could put them in there, but I have no idea how to access the underside. In the S-10/Blazer the dash grilles came off...
  17. gpking

    Dim Map/Reading Lights

    I've seen this issue complained about a bit online but I was never able to find a solution for my specific truck. Anyway, having an '03, I have the horrendous dome/map lights that don't put out any light. I swapped all the bulbs to LED and the dome lights are bright enough to read by, the only...
  18. gpking

    Is there any way to retain headlight on unlock w/ DRL killer?

    I'm did the DIY DRL killer using a 4-pin relay and would like to know if there is any way to retain the function where the headlights come on when you unlock the vehicle? It looks weird when I hit unlock and the parking lights flash and only the reverse lights stay on. I've read on various...
  19. gpking

    Fuel Needle Misbehaving- Stepper Failing or Something Else?

    Last week I put about 900 miles on the TB over a period of four days. A majority of that distance was accumulated driving almost non-stop from Maryland to North Carolina and back. On the way back home on Sunday it was a miserable 100 degrees on the Interstate according to the TB. At one point...
  20. gpking

    Two random HVAC questions

    First of all, cabin air filters. I have the part number for the filters from the OS and I have an '03 to put them in, but before I buy, I want to know if they will solve my problem: Whenever I run the a/c dust/debris is blown out of the vents. I keep my phone in the "big gulp" cup holder and...
  21. gpking

    Anyone else have trouble with their wiper blades staying on?

    I've had this problem for a while now and it's extremely unsafe. While driving with my wipers on, occasionally a blade will detach itself from the wiper arm and I have to shut them off to prevent from ruining my windshield. My wipers snap in securely to the wiper arm, but they always come off...
  22. gpking

    Assorted 2000 ZR2 Blazer parts for sale!

    *this is not our specific Blazer but a picture to show you a blue 2000 LS Blazer ZR2 Rather than sell it for scrap, I'm helping a friend part out his 2000 Blazer ZR2. The Blazer ran, but we used the engine, drivetrain, and various other components to put in a dead S-10 ZR2 (to make it un-dead)...
  23. gpking

    Auxiliary Running Lights

    I'm looking to add some LED DRLs to the front and wanted to know if there was any key-switched source I could tap in the dash or if I would be better off with just proceeding with an add-a-fuse?
  24. gpking

    Compressor isn't engaging

    My A/C hasn't worked reliably since I picked up my TB this past July. It would work occasionally, but usually kicked off or blew lukewarm air leading me to believe it needed freon. Defrosting has worked fine all winter. With spring quickly approaching, I decided I'd refill the freon and make...
  25. gpking

    Painting between the windows black?

    What do you think of painting the area between the windows black? Like it/dislike it? Personally, I like it. It seems like a simple and inexpensive DIY mod to make the vehicle look more modern. I've seen this done on another TB and I think it looks cool, but before I commit, I want to get...
  26. gpking

    Does anyone recommend this compact sub box?

    I currently have an upgraded audio system in My TB, but it's lacking in its powerful low-end. I have Kicker speakers all the way around and the system sounds just fine for it's specs and price, but I'm lacking that real deep powerful bass only a sub can deliver. I'm not a huge audiophile (nor a...
  27. gpking

    What has your GMT hauled?

    The only towing thread is for the GMT360/370/305 platform, so I figured I'd start one for the other platforms on this site. I'll start: My neighbor's 24' Peterbilt 337 was having an especially rough time with the subzero temps we had a week ago. As he was pulling out of the driveway to start...
  28. gpking

    2003 Trailblazer OEM LH & RH Mirrors (Heated, Manual Folding) $45.00

    I'm selling my OEM mirrors, $45.00 each, U.S. only. See eBay listing for all details. :thumbsup: Chevy Trailblazer Passenger Side Mirror Heated Manual Folding | eBay Chevy Trailblazer Driver's Side Mirror Heated Manual Folding | eBay
  29. gpking

    Trailblazer needs a replacement map light button!

    A few days ago I decided to swap all of my interior light bulbs for LED, and lucky me, just as I was finishing up the last map light, the push-button broke off and flew inside the ceiling. I reached around as far as my hand could feel, and the button is nowhere to be found. The button is mainly...

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