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  1. jeffro312

    NEED HELP Can p0171 be related to sais

    Hi guys long time since I posted. History. Had p0171 intermittent issues for over a year now never bothered to fix it have to pass emissions this month so am forced to fix it. Symptoms. No code will show at first but will be pending with a hike in rpm at idle 900 or so. Clear code rpm...
  2. jeffro312

    Engine stall low oil now cyl 5 misfire

    I pulled in buddy's driveway kind of downhill and truck stalled said low oil pressure Started truck back up and was shaking a lot Started torque and showed a lot of current misfires on cylinder 5 Previous to this only issue was a random code p0171 I think bank one lean would come on go off...
  3. jeffro312

    Sais issues with the plastic clamp for hose

    While under my truck changing encoder motor. I noticed the vacuum sounding pump when u start truck bad a hose loose Plastic ring connector is broke. So I go to dealer and there telling me to fix that I have to buy the entire hose assembly from the air pump thing to valvles for 135 dollars...
  4. jeffro312

    Battery not charging .... Sometimes??

    So other day start my truck light comes on says battery not charging. Then soon went off. So I connected torque app to keep eye on voltage. While truck is on and it is charging at the obd2 it's reading 13.5-13.8. Later while driving I hit gas to pass it down shifted and bam voltage...
  5. jeffro312

    P0171 to lean high idle

    So every once in a while I get this code p0171 as soon as light comes in engine idle revs to 950-1000 if I clear code in torque engine idle drops instantly to normal 600 or so. I though vacuum leak checked around. The cap on the plastic intake manifold box thing as cracked replaced it...
  6. jeffro312

    No heat

    04 rainier was 9 degrees out started truck was rough and sounded weird battery gauge went out of wack past 19 is now stuck burried to the right. Let it warm up some Drove for a good 10 miles and heat was blowing cold. Shut off did some errands got back in punched it hard then heat started...
  7. jeffro312

    Speedometer not working

    So Friday it was fine sat was parked all day now Sunday my speedometer won't go above 20 cruising at 60 reads 5-10. Anyone have any ideas is this a dirty sensor kind of thing where is sensor In park stopped I see 10mph Any help I'd appreciate it tried a search didn't see anything
  8. jeffro312

    Heat smells like gasoline

    In the morning when I start truck up turn heat on I notice a somewhat strong overpowering smell of gas fumes. I smoke in my car nothing ignited lol but just curious if the source of this could be many things or is there something specific to check for. Under the hood I don't really smell...
  9. jeffro312

    Air suspension issue

    I have a 04 rainier. Bags or compressor seem to leak as it drops quickly. Anyway I've managed to just go and they fill up again minimal pump running while driving. So today if blows fuse one but I didn't know was fuse assumed comoressir finally crapped out. So drove home from work 20...
  10. jeffro312

    What Does Your 4.2 Engine Sound Like?

    Purpose of this thread is to post a sound clip or a video of the sound of your 4.2 engine May be useful to some or you can just show off to others thought it would be a fun idea Rev away!!!!!
  11. jeffro312

    Is this engine sound normal

    I have 04 rainier engine sounds worse and worse to me 185k on the dash. Is this normal You'll hear air compresses kicking in ignore that I'm talking about the wha wha wha wha wha noise
  12. jeffro312

    Is my squishy pedal normal

    My brake pedal feels squishy. I recently test drove an 07 Yukon denali and the brake pedal on that was very very firm which was comforting Now I know my 04 rainier is no Yukon denali but should my pedal be this squishy. Here's a video...
  13. jeffro312

    homemade trailer question

    i am buying a small 6x8 trailer that was converted to a utility trailer from a pop up camper. my lovely state of ct requires receipts and vins of parts used to make such trailer... i have none so my question to yall is have any of you heard of or used this site to register a trailer...
  14. jeffro312

    Cruise control down hill jerk help needed

    So this has happened since I purchased truck never really cared to figure it out. As title says if I'm cruising usually around 65-75 (don't think speed is a factor). And a downhill comes up to where I guess speeds rolling would be greater then set speed on cruise control. The truck jerks until...
  15. jeffro312

    Can you explain this tick

    Got this tick coming from drivers side top of engine sounds like. Recently had intake Mani gasket replaced tick was there before and after You'll hear it quite distinctive. This is taken inside driver side wheel well...
  16. jeffro312

    Need some Advice new Timkin Wheel hubs on there way

    so i just purchesed two timken wheel hub assemblys because on the way home from my trip to sc i started to hear sort of a droning noise coming from front end. so i got off highway and turned left and right see if i could def pinpoint it was the bearings and indeed turning left made it worse but...
  17. jeffro312

    Need some good quick Repair advice

    hi i own a 2004 buick rainier i have previously posted some issues ive had on here. so recently my car got hit while parked in a parking lot getting to be 3k in damage. this 3k of damage doesnt look all that bad so i may use atleast 1k of it to repair some of my issues. anyone have an idea...
  18. jeffro312

    Need some opinions from the expierienced on nav units

    Ive been looking for a indash nav/dvd unit plays music and video from usb and has bluetooth built in with 4v preouts. looking on crutchfield i decided to ask a chat rep for his advice and this is what he recommended on what i said above. Alpin-INE-s920HD Please let me know your opinions and...
  19. jeffro312

    So my Rainer got herself Into an accident

    Today while at work I was about to close up. Then I hear a screaching and a loud bang and another bang... I turn look out window see a car heading straight for my car. So they hit a gaurdrail which my car was 2 inches from which hit and pushed my car So I need some pro's advice.... Besides...
  20. jeffro312

    New Springs or bags or what?

    So recently ive noticed my rainier is a litte rough over the bumps. Small bumps at that here in ct we have regular paved roads wich obviously will crack with age...small cracks 1/4 or less thick cracks wich my truck shouldnt really hit as hard as it seems too.. So i posted a video of this...
  21. jeffro312

    What is considered a normal idle

    My Buick Rainier idles at what I think is a funny idle. Some days its smooth and nice next day rough and irradic Here's a chart of rough idles . Add some revs
  22. jeffro312

    RAINIER OWNERS what have you put in the "eyebrow" above headlight?

    So i own a buick rainier. and noticed there is a space above headlights that orignally came with 2 yellow bulbs on each side. Curious what you all have changed yours too??? Post your Pics
  23. jeffro312

    What Should I Replace at 175k

    Hi I have a 04 Buick Rainier. 175k and am trying to get a list together of things i should replace. to enusre a long buick life. Some history. just bought the car this past feb with 161k. Had a cracked exhaust manifold wich dealer fixed but in return snapped a bolt in the head and refused to...
  24. jeffro312

    04 Rainier noise from intake manifold

    So when engine idle I hear this odd noise just curious if normal. Louder when its cold. Heres video
  25. jeffro312

    04 Rainier Binding/Vibration during slow speed turns

    Ok i am new to this site. My names Jeff. I own a 04 Rainier awd. Otherday i got in my car to go home from work. Upon turning out of the parking spot, the truck started to shake alot. Sort of like i was driving over a grate of some sort or the wake up grid on side of highways. i am no...

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