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    Drivers door key cylinder problem

    I'm baaack... Been using the key to lock/unlock the Snailblazer recently. this week, turned the key and the cylinder moves, but doesn't work the lock. the rod coming down from the lock cylinder has come loose from the latch. I'm assuming there's supposed to be a plastic clip on the lower end...
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    Intermittent brake grind

    So I take my son's trailblazer to the store last I'm pulling in, apply the brakes and there's a lovely sound like someone dragging a concrete block down the road. Goes away when brakes are off. So I figure time for new pads/rotors. I drove the truck today and brakes are perfectly...
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    Trailblazer remote/alarm issue

    Have an 06 Trailblazer LS that is driven by my son. It has what I'm sure is an aftermarket remote door unlock system (vehicle has a key slot on drivers door, and I found the module for the remote and it's definitely not GM). The thing has always acted sketchy off and on, but for the last month...
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    seat fuse...but no power seats

    checking out the under rear seat fuse box. there's a 30a slot marked "SEAT" in this location. There's a fuse present...but I don't have power seats. am I missing something-is it for something else? or maybe a previous owner thought a fuse was missing and slapped one in there (?)
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    How to clean these wheels

    I've had this Trailblazer for about 8 years now. until a few months ago, the wheels looked great with a simple wash job but lately they just look bad. irregular stains and looks like maybe some flaking going on. I have no clue how these things are finished. any clues on how to clean them up?
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    any torque wrench experts out there?

    I replaced the brackets for the lower control arms on my trailblazer. the torque on the bracket to chassis bolts is crazy high , I think 177 & 190 lbsft (don't have the numbers in front of me right now.) At the time I did the job, I only had a wrench that would go 150, so I got em that tight...
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    removing lower control arm at the knuckle

    I am really missing something here...trying to loosen the lower front control arm so I can replace the bracket. plan is to let the arm pivot on the strut. I have the ball joint stud loose but can't get it all the way out because it's hitting part of the knuckle (see pic) before the stud clears...
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    Does the Trailblazer have a Saginaw type steering rack?

    Looking to buy an inner tie rod removal set found one it looks like it would work but it says not for Saginaw type racks
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    Does the 2006 Trailblazer have variable power steering?

    I'm trying to select the proper inner tie rods and apparently it depends; they look the same to me but I wanted to be sure.
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    wobble after outer tie rod done

    son and I replaced the drivers side outer tie rod today. after getting everything tightened up. I put hands on the tire at 3 and 9 oclock positions and the wheel wobbles pretty significantly. I might have lost count of the revolutions when turning the tie rod back in to the inner....does this...
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    grease outer tie rod?

    I'm replacing the outer tie rods on my 06 TB. Ordered the Delco/OEM rods from Rock Auto. they have grease boots which feel empty to me, but there's no grease fitting to pump grease in them. ok to install this way or is there an invisible zerk I'm missing?
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    key cylinder won't go off/moves to start w/o key

    we left town for a few days and left the Trailblazer in the driveway; drove great as of last week. got in it today and it wouldn't crank. attempted to jump start but didn't work. that's when I discovered two slightly interesting things: the key cylinder won't rotate back to the full "off"...
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    battery tender/maintainer recommendations

    hey guys... my trailblazer is only being driven every few days for the last few months, and for probably the next 6 months or so until my son starts driving it full time. not enough to keep the battery charged up. looking at maintainers/tenders, I see a wide variety of types and prices. any...
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    Trailblazer door locks acting on their own

    Unloaded some stuff from my 06 Trailblazer LS and left the back gate open for an hour or two. went out and noticed that the locks sound like they're locking/unlocking on their own every few seconds. I shut the gate and it stopped. what's the deal? funky door switch maybe?
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    possible vac leak at throttle body/purge hose(?)

    I apparently have a vac leak somewhere that cannot be found. (p0171) . also getting a P0449 code...awaiting the solenoid to fix that. back to the vac leak....almost everything I know of related to this has been checked/replaced except for the hose going from the purge solenoid to the throttle...
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    How are the Acadia's holding up?

    Hey guys. To get to the question: Those of you with older Acadias, how are they holding up? Do ya have to put a lot of money in to keep them running? Going to be getting a new vehicle later this year. Currently in an 06 Trailblazer. Been my experience with this rig and the Blazer that I had...
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    screw in tire tread

    my run of good luck continues. found a screw in the tread of my pass/front tire this evening. will try to get a photo to post but it was in the thick tread part. I unscrewed it out of the tire and the screw is about 3/4" long. Looks like about half of that was in the tread before going into...
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    bumper cover fix?

    so I got tired of the bumper cover on this thing flopping around, so I took it off to see how it attaches, how to fix, etc. long, frustrating story short, I broke off the "box" on the left side upper part that snaps onto the body of the truck. Money's kinda tight, so I hope to avoid buying a...
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    identifying differential?

    I have a GU6 RPO code which tells me what the axle ratio is. I'm not up on this stuff...does that also indicate what differential I have? about to change the fluid out and want to make sure I get the right kind.
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    transmission filter seal...replace or not?

    finally dropped my pan and filter. forgive me as I know there are other posts on this but I want to be sure...sounds like if there is resistance when getting the old filter out, it's probably ok to leave the seal in place. I am 99% sure I left the seal in the last time I did the filter which...
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    trans pan-deep or not?

    how do I know if I have a deep transmission pan or not? I last changed fluid almost four years ago and due for another change....can't remember which filter I need.
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    parts prices

    I'm having to replace the shift cable on my Trailblazer. Local NAPA store is charging my mechanic $249 for a cable. I balked...asked them to hold off on the repair and found the same cable from Rock Auto for $44 . NAPA was selling the cable made by Pioneer while the one I found was AC Delco...
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    trailblazer shift cable question

    06 in the truck at work, tried to shift into reverse and the shift lever moves freely like it's not attached. The brake interlock works normally. Truck in park. This happened once before and it was the cable under the truck that came off at the grommet. me and the tow truck...
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    What would (or did) you replace your Trailblazer with?

    sort of a 'just for fun" thing... So, my story so far...I bought a brand new Blazer in 1997, drove it until 2012 when I bought a 2006 Trailblazer that my father-in-law rebuilt after a previous owner drove down a boat ramp. Been driving it ever since; it has some quirks but has been mostly...
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    Stability weirdness

    Trailblazer LS 2wd. When driving straight, the truck sometimes feels a little unstable-reminds of driving a moving truck when empty,how its a little shaky unless it's loaded,if that makes sense. I can't see anything visibly wrong. Corners fine,just feels weird on the straightaway. Dont know if...
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    Is the tag light controlled by light sensor?

    06 Trailblazer...does the ambient light sensor control the license plate lights?
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    One brake light out

    My drivers side brake light does not work...the center and pass side work fine, and the normal running lights work (same bulb as the brake). I replaced the bulb, didn't help, I replaced the 'board" that the lights sit in, didn't help. I checked the individual wire for the brake light and I'm...
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    Brake light weirdness

    Wife was following me today and informed me that my drivers side brake light was not working. I figure it's no big deal for an '06 so I go by Advance auto and get a bulb (looks like LED's are standard now.) I replace the bulb but I noticed that with the new bulb, the light would come on when I...
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    Original sale price when the Trailblazer was new?

    Just out of bored curiosity, I'm wondering about how much a Trailblazer LS went for back when they were on the 'new' lot. Mine is a 2006 LS (2wd, 6 cyl), I bought it back in 2011. I know my first Blazer LS was purchased new off the lot...sticker was $24k, between trade in and...
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    A/C low pressure switch questions

    I've had this problem for a while. AC compressor makes a loud rattle when turned on and also cycles on/off about every 25 seconds. Blows cold air, almost like new. I haven't checked pressure yet...but someone at work suggested I check the low pressure switch and connector so I did. What I...

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