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    NEED HELP Just put $3k into my 2006 54k mile original TB, it will crank and run dies minute, die, repeat

    I had awful problems where my Trailblazer would not start. It would crank over, no fire, just crank, then finally, nothing at all- it would turn over but no fire. I finally broke down and took it to a dealer. The dealer could not diagnose it, and then it was $2,750 to get the pcm, body computer...
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    NEED HELP 2006 4.2/AT 4x4 Trailblazer: Programming failure at 50%

    After getting a physical dongle and the 3 disc set of discs for Tech2 for $20, I got it installed on an IBM T61 with TUS9B USB to RS232 connector. Well, I got everything loaded on the Tech 2, said it was downloaded- I had to use a 120v wall adapter to keep the Tech 2 on for successful download...
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    Need some ECM help 2006 TB 4.2 AT

    I made the mistake of taking my Trailblazer to the the local GM dealership to get the driver side door harness fixed. Got home ok, went to start it next day, no love. Checked battery, checked everything I knew of, then thought- hey, had a Jeep once where the shifter cable was beeped up. So...
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    NEED HELP 97 Cheyenne: 4 wire trailer brake stolen, truck will not start 5.0 w/700R4

    Quick back history: 1997 Cheyenne 5.0 Chevrolet, factory 5 speed, 4x4. Got the truck for my dad, his Parkinsons got bad and he did not have the coordination to shift and clutch. Installed a 700R4 and t-case out of a non-electronic vehicle. I towed with it a little, mostly my hay roller or farm...

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