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    2014 silverado aftermarket remote start

    I have a 2014 Chevrolet Silverado LT that came from the factory with the remote start option however I don't like the range of the factory remote and having to keep extending the timer after 10 minutes so I was going to put in the aftermarket remote start I had in my previous vehicle (2004 GMC...
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    FOR SALE XS Power D3100 battery

    I have a single XS Power D3100 battery up for sale. The battery will NOT fit under the hood of the Envoy without modifying a lot for space however I used it in the rear of my truck to support the sound system I used to have. It works great and has a resting voltage at 12.65v after sitting for a...
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    FOR SALE GMC Envoy high output alternator

    Up for sale is the 250A Mechman High output alternator I had in my 4.2l I6 2004 Envoy. It is only a year and a half old and works perfect. It has a smaller diameter pulley so it helps boost your output power at idle as opposed to the OEM size pulley. If interested I have a used 1" shorter GATES...
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    FOR SALE GMC Envoy HID fog and headlight assembly

    Since I recently traded in my 2004 Envoy for a 2014 Silverado I have some parts that I removed from the Envoy prior to the trade in for sale. 1.) Futurevision HID 35w bulb with relay harness, 2 ballasts and 2 bulbs. The kit will have the 2 35w 4300k bulbs, 2 35w HID ballasts, and one relay...
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    2014 silverado service manual?

    Hey everyone! It's officially been a week since I bought my 2014 Silverado after getting rid of the Envoy and I love it! I downloaded a digital copy of the owners manual just because it's easier to search with and I found the electrical wiring schematics for my truck online as well but I could...
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    parking brake cable snapped

    Well lucky me, before i plan to get rid of my Envoy the parking brake cable in the front snapped at the equalizer. I looked online and the part # for it is 15183180 however i am not wanting to spend $90+ to replace the cable just to trade the truck in. Does anyone know of an alternative for...
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    it's sadly around the time to say goodbye

    I hate to say it but my days of owning my 2004 GMC Envoy are getting numbered. The salt up here in the north is destroying the frame of my truck and rotting out the panels I had body work done on to try and slow down the rusting. I had the frame welded once where the steering rack bolts to the...
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    FOR SALE dc audio 5k, AA SMD 18, xs power d3100's

    Welcome everyone, I am looking to sell part, well more like most of my system so I can downsize it and get back to having an actual SUV instead of just using the rear seat for cargo when I go on trips. I'm selling my DC Audio 5.0k, Ascendant Audio SMD 18 (dual 1 ohm) and 3 of my 4 xs power...
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    envoy power steering flush

    Hi all! It's been awhile since I posted a new topic. I wanted to see if anyone could help provide some insight on flushing the power steering fluid on the trailvoy. Mine is a bit dirty but doesn't have any whine on the pump but as a good measure I want to drain the fluid and flush it totally out...
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    removing stuck oil filter

    Hey all, I got myself into another big pinch. I have a 2013 Kawasaki Ultra300LX jet ski and went to change my oil but stupid me put the oil filter on with the socket and wrench so now I can't break the oil filter loose. I tried with the socket and ratchet I used the first time to install it and...
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    correct 4wd operation?

    Hey all, I just want to double check with everyone on whether or not my 4wd is operating properly. I have my truck up on 4 jack stands in the driveway since I have been cleaning up the frame and I put POR15 on it to try and slow down the rusting on it so I can get hopefully 6 more years out of...
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    2002 impala security light

    Hey everyone! I know this forum is geared toward the GMT platform but I wanted to ask on here if anyone has experience or knowledge to share on an issue my mom's lovely heap of a car is facing. With her car, she has an aftermarket remote start installed with a vats2/passlock bypass module...
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    rust near where steering rack is bolted to the frame

    Hey all, I recently was working on my truck and noticed part of my frame that was a lot lighter colored than the rest of the rust on my truck. I poked it with my finger and it crumbled like it was made of bread crumbs. I then went for my flat head screw driver and used it to see how much bigger...
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    reverse mirror tilt mod?

    Hi everyone! So I recently did the mod where you switch from a non-DIC cluster to a DIC cluster and I added 4 momentary switches that have blue LED rings on them. Looks really nice but is very bright at night and lights up my face a little. oops. haha. Anyway, I was looking through the...
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    clunk when engaging/disengaging 4 wheel drive

    Hey all. So my dad has a 1997 Chevy Tahoe with the 5.3l V8 engine in it. He is having problems where when he engages and disengages the 4 wheel drive, there is a clunking noise. We looked at it today on the ground and found that if I grab the rear drive shaft and hold it, it doesn't make the...
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    transfer case switch refurbishment/repair

    Hello again everyone! I just wanted to post this and let everyone know of what I discovered on my envoy when I was doing my LED upgrade for the entire truck. The other day I finished my door switches and had to repair a burned wire for my HVAC system and decided that why the hell not do the 4...
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    cluster gauge/other switch bulb #'s

    Hey guys. So I need your help since I am coming up with no results. I know there was a thread on here that gave the bulb part #'s for the little bulbs we have on the cluster, window switches, headlight switch, etc. I have my truck where it is slowly starting to get bulbs in the cluster and HVAC...
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    vacuum/dispenser pump & accessories

    I figured this would be best in off topic as it is more of a question about a "tool" I purchased recently. I just bought myself a Mighty Vac MV7201 plus vacuum & dispenser pump. I bought it mainly for use on my jet ski so I can easily drain the oil out through the dipstick tube as well as clean...
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    Envoy headlight horizontal adjustment mod

    Mods: Feel free to move this if this is not the appropriate section but I feel it is as it is a guide on how to add horizontal adjustment to the Envoy's as they only have vertical adjustment from the factory. Tools you will need: T27 Torx screw driver tip Magnetic screw driver (also have the...
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    fluid extractor pump suggestions

    Hello everyone, I hope this is the right place to post this as I didn't think it classified under any particular section of this site. I have a jet ski and at the end of the season you need to drain the oil out of the engine through the dipstick and then put in a new filter and put in new oil. I...
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    1997 Chevy Tahoe front CV half shaft replacement

    Okay so lets see if anyone here can shed some light on this. Today me and my Dad both replaced his front passenger CV Half Shaft out of his 97 Tahoe. This is the 3rd replacement we are putting in on the passenger side. The first one was the OEM one that had a hole in the boot from when we cut...
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    Replace front shocks without removing upper ball joint

    Okay everyone, so this past weekend I tackled the job of replacing the front shocks on my envoy. The rears were done in the fall last year and were super easy but the fronts were OEM as well and the ride was still bouncy so I replaced them. Estimated time to completion: 1-1.5 hours each side...
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    yet another lovely 4.2l valve tick

    I know there are like 100 of these on here but I figured mine is a little different and I love troubleshooting so here is my issue. the description of my problem: The past few weeks my 4.2 has been making the typical complaint of sounding like a diesel engine when at idle all the way up to...
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    fasten seat belt light not lighting up

    I think my truck loves to have random issues. So it is very minor and I myself couldn't care about the idiot light at all but don't know if it can cause me to fail an inspection or not. My dash's fasten seat belt light isn't flashing at all or even lighting when I first start the truck or when I...
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    yet another p0128 thread but hopefully with more troubleshooting

    Okay guys, now before we get started I know this has been discussed several different areas on here but no real diagnostic steps were noted so thats why I wanted to start this in hopes of pinning down what can be bad. On that note... I have an 04 GMC Envoy, 4.2l I6 that threw a p0128 code...
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    Front stabilizer bar bushing replacement

    Hey guys, so as usual another lovely design by my friends at GM.... :hissyfit: the front sway bar bushings on my truck are in one hell of a spot to try and get replaced. I have looked at several videos and pictures online and even the GM repair manual I downloaded from here and none look like...
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    yet another blower motor question

    So my lovely Envoy (I am really getting fed up with this thing) has a blower motor problem. On my way to work I had it on speed 3 and then noticed it was getting cool in my truck. I tried to put the fan on all 5 speeds with no fan engagement at all. I in the past lengthened the wires going to...
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    shock topping out?

    Okay I will admit I tried searching for it on here and on google and can't find anything that seems to help. In the fall last year I upgraded my shocks in the back to bilstein and springs to z71 springs. I know people have talked about the stock shock length's topping out on extension with the...
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    fuel smell from under hood

    Hey GMT members, as usual I have another fun one. For the past 2 days my truck has been smelling of gasoline in the cabin. The exhaust smells like normal and there is pressure that builds up if I were to cover the exhaust with my hand for a second or 2 and then release it so it doesn't seem to...
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    gmc envoy headlight reflector bowl removal

    Hello GMT members. I am taking a second stab at putting HID projectors in my envoy. The first time I did them I did a really shitty job and didn't get the projector installed all the way or aligned properly so the cutoff line was like a u shape and the light was pretty dim on one and bright on...

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